Average Nanny Salary in New Jersey, USA

The average nanny salary in New Jersey is $36,704 per year. That is equivalent to $705 per week.

Are you wanting to become a nanny? Or maybe you are already a nanny but are looking to relocate your services to New Jersey, USA. Whatever the case maybe, one big questions that always pops in your mind is how much is the average nanny salary in New Jersey.

How to Determine the Average Nanny Salary in New Jersey

The average salary for a nanny job is very broad and depends on a few different factors and these should be discussed at the interview stage or pre-interview if not already noted on the job description:

  • Are you live with them or do you need to find your own accommodations?
  • Are you 24/7 on the clock or do you have set hours?
  • How many kids are you going to be looking after?
  • Is cooking and cleaning apart of the job?
  • Do you need to have a car or is one provided?
  • Do you need to take the kids to appointments, school, activities etc.

Depending on the answers to the questions above will likely determine if your salary will be on the higher end or the lower end.

Ex of the higher end:

You will need to care for 2-3 kids, you are to find your own accommodations, cooking and cleaning is apart of the job and your hours are 7am-9pm.

Ex of lower end:

You will take care of one child, accommodations are included and you will be provided a car in order to take the kids too activities.

Average Nanny Salary in New Jersey, USA

The average salary again depends on location, experience and whats required of the job but when conducting research and looking at over 100 nanny job postings in New Jersey, a rough average would be about $36,704 per year. That is equivalent to $705 per week.

This is below the national average nanny salary of $55,946, which would be about $1,075 per week.

However, if you are living in one of the top 10 cities in New Jersey you may be able to find a higher salary than if you were in the suburbs. Below is a list of the top 10 cities in New Jersey and the average salary for being a nanny.

CityAverage Salary
Surf City$62,487
Collings Lakes$62,288
Jersey City$61,727
Port Norris$59,654
Beach Haven$58,203

Nanny Jobs in New Jersey, USA

There are quite a few ways you can find nanny jobs in New Jersey. Here are a few different job boards you can look at:

More and more popular people are using social media in order to find job opportunities. One tactic could be to go onto Facebook and look up local facebook groups in New Jersey and post an ad in the group about wanting to be a nanny. You would then list your skills, experience and anything else you might think they would want to know. You can also search on facebook using some of these terms:

  • Nannies in New Jersey
  • Daycare in New Jersey
  • Moms of New Jersey
  • Nanny Share in New Jersey

Looking for these types of groups on Facebook will help you to find moms of New Jersey who may be looking for a nanny.

Other Nanny Type Jobs to Consider in New Jersey

There are a few other types of Nanny jobs listed on job boards that you could consider if you are wanting to make a higher salary than a regular nanny. Here are 5 alternatives and their average salary.

Job TitleAnnual Salary
Travel Babysitter$88,571
Travel Nanny$87,161
Nanny High Profile$84,362
Live in Domestic Nanny$79,204
High Profile Family Nanny$72,278

As always, when you are looking at new jobs be diligent and make sure you are asking the right questions to ensure the job is right for you!