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Average Salary In Argentina for 2022 is around 542,000 ARS yearly

A person working in Argentina typically earns around 542,000 ARS per year. Salaries range from 111,400 ARS (lowest average) to 2,420,000 ARS (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher).

Average Salary In Argentina 2022:

Less than 2 years111,400 ARS
More than 2 years542,000 ARS
More than 5 years2,420,000 ARS

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Average Salary In Argentina 2022 by job titles:

Job Title Average Salary
Accounting and Finance
Accountant 398,000 ARS
Accounting Assistant 314,000 ARS
Accounting Manager 806,000 ARS
Bookkeeper 268,000 ARS
Chartered Accountant 499,000 ARS
Corporate Treasurer 786,000 ARS
Financial Analyst 700,000 ARS
Financial Manager 1,130,000 ARS
Internal Auditor 534,000 ARS
Administration / Reception / Secretarial
Administrative Assistant 288,000 ARS
Office Manager 492,000 ARS
Receptionist 280,000 ARS
Secretary 239,000 ARS
Advertising / Grapic Design / Events
Art Director 538,000 ARS
Creative Director 577,000 ARS
Graphic Designer 349,000 ARS
Photographer 314,000 ARS
Airlines / Aviation / Aerospace / Defense
Aerospace Engineer 693,000 ARS
Air Traffic Controller 601,000 ARS
Flight Attendant 386,000 ARS
Pilot 918,000 ARS
Architect 679,000 ARS
CAD Drafter 271,000 ARS
Mechanic 218,000 ARS
Service Advisor 371,000 ARS
Bank Branch Manager 1,030,000 ARS
Teller 212,000 ARS
Teacher 418,000 ARS
Translator 499,000 ARS
Business Planning
Business Analyst 669,000 ARS
Business Development Manager 917,000 ARS
Project Manager 678,000 ARS
Care Giving and Child Care
Nanny 223,000 ARS
Nursery Teacher 204,000 ARS
Construction / Building / Installation
Civil Engineer 531,000 ARS
Construction Project Manager 961,000 ARS
Health and Safety Officer 239,000 ARS
Customer Service and Call Center
Call Center Representative 204,000 ARS
Customer Service Manager 726,000 ARS
Customer Service Representative 204,000 ARS
Civil Engineer 518,000 ARS
Electrical Engineer 568,000 ARS
Engineer 504,000 ARS
Mechanical Engineer 534,000 ARS
Executive and Management
Chief Executive Officer 1,310,000 ARS
Chief Financial Officer 1,170,000 ARS
General Manager 941,000 ARS
Project Manager 636,000 ARS
Food / Hospitality / Tourism / Catering
Chef 331,000 ARS
Executive Chef 391,000 ARS
Hotel Manager 1,010,000 ARS
Receptionist 206,000 ARS
Travel Agent 356,000 ARS
Waiter / Waitress 180,000 ARS
Health and Medical
Dentist 1,320,000 ARS
Dietitian 1,120,000 ARS
Laboratory Technician 424,000 ARS
Nurse 437,000 ARS
Human Resources
Human Resources Manager 806,000 ARS
Human Resources Officer 336,000 ARS
Information Technology
Computer Technician 444,000 ARS
Database Administrator 542,000 ARS
Developer / Programmer 535,000 ARS
Information Technology Manager 952,000 ARS
Network Engineer 483,000 ARS
Law Enforcement / Security / Fire
Police Officer 333,000 ARS
Attorney 1,070,000 ARS
Legal Assistant 291,000 ARS
Media / Broadcasting / Arts / Entertainment
Journalist 655,000 ARS
Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology
Biomedical Engineer 462,000 ARS
Pharmacist 700,000 ARS
Sales Retail and Wholesale
Cashier 218,000 ARS
Sales Manager 956,000 ARS
Sales Representative 364,000 ARS
Teaching / Education
Elementary School Teacher 373,000 ARS
Secondary School Teacher 446,000 ARS

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