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The average Patent Lawyer Salary is $155,040

patent lawyer salary

The average IP lawyer salary or an IP attorney salary is around $155,040 and some of the experienced intellectual property attorneys can make up to $200,000 annually.

Patent Lawyer Salary 2022:

Less than 2 years$75,315
More than 2 years$132,500
More than 5 years$210,500

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What Is An Intellectual Property Lawyer?

Intellectual property lawyers or intellectual property attorneys are the lawyers that provide clients guidance and counseling on establishing and then protecting their intellectual property. The following categories are included and looked over by an intellectual property lawyer:

  • Patents
  • Copyrights
  • Trademarks
  • Technology transfers
  • Licensing
  • Franchising etc.

The job description of an intellectual property lawyer:

The job description of an intellectual property lawyer tells us that the intellectual property lawyer must be able to give advice related to the domains mentioned above. Some lawyers specialize in the categories that fall under intellectual property.

How To Become An IP Lawyer?

After finishing your high school diploma, you need to get a bachelor’s degree after completing your high school diploma requirements. There is no way you can get into a law school without a bachelor’s degree. After that, you take the LSAT test to enroll in a law school.

This takes typically about 3 years. Once you are done with these requirements you need to apply for a license that allows you to practice your profession. This will help you gain experience and allow you to apply for high-paying jobs in the field. It will take you about 7 years to become an intellectual property lawyer, but you will soon realize the worth of the hard work of those seven years. Since the entry-level, intellectual property law salary is also an attractive package offered by companies.

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How Much Do Intellectual Property Lawyers Make?

These sorts of tasks require a lot of research and technical skills. Indeed, it is not an easy job and not a simple career to be pursued. A question that rises in everyones’ head is how much do intellectual property lawyers make? The average IP lawyer salary or an IP attorney salary is around $130,000 and some of the experienced intellectual property attorneys can make up to $200,000 annually.

Moving on to the most important category in intellectual property law; patent law as the demand for patent lawyers is increasing each day.

Salary Comparison in the United States by City:

City Annual Salary
Sunnyvale, CA $167,415
Santa Rosa, CA $161,828
Cambridge, MA $156,925
Vacaville, CA $153,909
New York City, NY $152,193
Fairfield, CA $152,044
San Mateo, CA $151,166
Lynn, MA $149,851
Anchorage, AK $149,618
Baltimore, MD $147,322

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What Is a Patent Lawyer?

Just like any other lawyer that helps in a specific legal process, patent lawyers are people who help with the patent registration process. They fall under the category of intellectual property lawyers. They are specialized in the field of patents, intellectual property, trademarks, copyrights, and design rights. A patent lawyer is also eligible to advise on all the topics mentioned here.

What Does a Patent Lawyer Do?

 The patent lawyer job description tells us that the job of a patent lawyer is to:

  • Research various legal, technical, and scientific topics and gather related evidence.
  • Be able to give advice related to the patent right to the inventors
  • Be able to write descriptions on technical inventions using legal terms

Be it an entry-level patent agent job or an expert one, there is no compromise on the skills and quality of the work delivered. Filing a patent registration is a critical procedure and there is no room for anything going wrong.

What Does a Day In The Life of a Patent Lawyer Look Like?

A regular day in the life of a patent lawyer begins early in the morning where they head to their offices. You can expect work from home for the ones who work privately. Their day is spent going through documents, assessing and analyzing every single piece of paper that comes in hand, cross-questioning the originality, and deciding whether a patent can be filed or not. Indeed a patent lawyer has a hectic and tiring schedule.

What Is The Average Patent Attorney’s Salary Across The Globe?

Being a patent lawyer is one of the highest-paying jobs across the world. Before you proceed, make a wild guess about how much would be a patent lawyer salary? If you guess it is somewhere between $50000 and $60000; you are wrong. On average the patent lawyer salary is much more than that. The amount of work that they do in a single day is much more than other professionals and therefore they are paid higher than other professions.

A patent lawyer’s salary depends upon various factors. These include qualifications, experience, and domain. There is no fixed figure for how much does a patent lawyer make. It varies from country to country, state to state, city to city as well as company to company. 

To answer the question, how much do patent attorneys make, the simple answer is above a

How much is the average patent lawyer’s salary in the United States?

Intellectual property and patent lawyers’ salaries differ from industry to industry. However, by calculating the average salaries of different kinds of patent lawyers, we have found out that the average patent attorney salary is around $134,000 annually. Sounds like an impressive figure? Even the patent agent starting salary in the United States is $114,000 per annum.

Which State Pays The Highest Patent Attorney Salary?

The scope of becoming a patent attorney in California is terrific. You will get wonderful opportunities in California if you pursue this field. Patent lawyer’s salaries vary from state to state and California is one of the states that give great salary packages to its patent lawyers.

Comparing and contrasting the states in America for patent lawyer salary; the state which gives the highest patent agent salary is the state of California which pays patent lawyers about $137,000 to $ 177,115 per year. Sounds like a huge amount right? Their work does justice to their pay.

Which State Gives The Lowest Patent Agent Salary?

While California pays the highest salaries to its patent attorneys, states such as Indiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas provide the lowest patent salaries to their agents. The average patent agent salary in Indiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas is $ 93,495, $125,942, and $ 88,130 respectively. That is low compared to the state of California.

How Much Does a Patent Lawyer Make in California?

If you are a United States resident and looking for a job as a patent lawyer, your best option in California. In California, the average patent lawyer salary in California is $ 137,000 to $ 177,115 per year. One can live a peaceful life while being a patent attorney in California.

Salary of a Patent lawyer in NYC:

 The patent attorney starting salary in New York is around $150,000 and the highest one can earn there is almost $172,000 per month. The average patent lawyer salary is $154,076 per year. Almost equal to that of California, it is a very great amount for any human being.

Patent lawyer wage Chicago

The average salary of a patent lawyer is $ 101,522 per annum. This typically ranges from $75,663 to $132,933. These variations in salaries occur due to differences in education, certain additional skills, and work experience.

Patent attorney salary Texas

The largest state of the United States by its size, Texas also provides great opportunities for patent lawyers. A patent lawyer earns almost $ 86 per hour on average. And the average annual salary of patent lawyers in Texas is $179,785 per year.

How much does a patent lawyer get paid in San Francisco:

San Francisco is one of the cities that pay highly to its patent lawyers. An average patent lawyer in San Francisco earns $ 321,323 a year. The patent lawyer starting salary in San Francisco usually is around $269,000 and the maximum one can earn there is almost $370,000 annually.

The yearly wage of a Patent Lawyer in DC: 

A patent lawyer living in Washington DC earns almost the same amount as a person living in San Francisco. The average starting salary there is $ 240,307 and the highest one can earn there is $329,430. The average patent lawyer there earns is almost $286,157 per annum.

How Much Do Patent Lawyers Make in Different Industries?

As we have discussed that there is a great amount of variation in the patent lawyer salary package within different industries. An engineering patent lawyer salary will not be the same as an art lawyer salary. Even the trademark attorney salary and a patent litigator’s salary differ greatly. 

For most industries, the salary ranges between $71,000 and $148,000 annually. Amongst these, the highest-paying patent lawyer industries are the pharmaceutical and technological industries. It is recommended to vouch for these fields as they pay better salaries than the health care and manufacturing industries.

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How Much do Pharmaceutical Patent Lawyers Earn?

The salary for a pharmaceutical patent lawyer ranges between $98,000 and $142,000 annually. The average salary for a patent lawyer in the pharmaceutical field is around $119,000 yearly. This is the field in which patent lawyers earn a great amount of money. Filing a patent in the pharmaceutical field is also equally costly as the salaries of these attorneys are.

What Is The Salary of a Technology Patent Lawyer?

The second highest-paying industry for patent lawyers is the technological industry. The technology patent lawyer salary ranges between $93,000 and $132,000 per annum. On average, patent lawyers make $112,000 yearly. The engineering patent lawyers fall into this category.

Professional patent agent salary:

A professional patent lawyer earns about $111,000 per annum which is a decent figure. The lowest in this industry is $83,000 annually, however, the highest-paid professional patent lawyers earn up to $150,000 per annum.

Healthcare patent attorney salary:

Healthcare patent lawyers may earn anywhere between $74,000 and $103,000 per annum. Their average salary is $88,000 per year on average. This is not one of the high-paying industries for a patent lawyer, so one must think well before they step in.

Manufacturing patent lawyers’ income:

The salary of a manufacturing patent lawyer is lesser than what patent lawyers usually make. The average salary for a manufacturing patent lawyer is $86,000 per annum. Their salary can be as low as $71,000 per year and as high as $104,000 per annum. This falls short of the average salary statistics for patent lawyers.

Art lawyer salary:

The lowest that the art lawyers earn is $2,750 monthly which makes roughly around $33,000 annually. The highest that art lawyers make is $8,250 which sums up to a yearly total of around $99,000. Their average pay is around $56,000 per annum.

Property lawyer salary:

The average property lawyers’ salary is roughly $119,000 per annum. At the entry-level, you will be earning less, but with time and your increasing experience, you’re likely to earn more than the average figures.

Patent engineer salary

Patent engineers work with patent lawyers in the background. The average patent engineer’s salary is $112,000. The average hourly salary of a patent engineer is calculated to be around $54, which is not too high but not too low either.

How Much Does a Patent Lawyer Cost? 

Most of you may now think about how costly it would be to file a patent. Keeping in mind that the patent clerk salary is reaching the heights of the sky, the cost or fee of registering a patent and the overall process would cost you your life. And that is true; it will cost you a fortune. An experienced patent attorney working in a reputable firm will have hourly rates starting from $275 an hour and going all the way up to $800 in the metropolitan area. Of course, the cost of filing a patent and the patent lawyer fee varies from company to company, city to city, state to state, industry to industry all around the world.


With all the statistics being discussed in the entire article, we know how much do patent attorneys make on average. It is one of the highest-paying professions throughout the United States, as well as across the globe. However, the salaries vary, just like they do in any other profession. All the hard work and efforts put into becoming a patent lawyer are worth it in the end. By looking at the bigger picture, we have come to the conclusion that choosing to become a patent lawyer will be one of the greatest decisions in your life if you wish to earn a handsome amount of money. After all, no one refuses that!