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The Average Aviation Lawyer Salary is $109,000 USD

aviation lawyer salary

The aviation lawyer salary may be as low as $19,000 per year and as high as $496,000. The huge difference is the result of expertise, skills, and experience. The better you are at your work, the more you get paid.

Aviation Lawyer Salary 2022:

Starting Salary$22,0000
More than 3 years$223,000
More than 6 years$495,000

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From the job description of the aviation lawyer, it seems as if aviation law is one of the most exciting and thrilling law fields. What’s better about this law field is that the aviation lawyer salary is also an impressive figure. One of the main factors on which the salary of the lawyer depends is his subject of law. Luckily aviation attorneys do not face this setback. The average aviation attorney salary in the United States is $109,800 per annum. Doesn’t it sound great for a living?

The main factors on which the salary of an aviation lawyer depends are:

  •       Experience
  •       The size of their law firm
  •       State or city

The aviation lawyer salary may be as low as $19,000 per year and as high as $496,000. The huge difference is the result of expertise, skills, and experience. The better you are at your work, the more you get paid. Beginners who are interning before passing the bar are paid less; however, a lawyer that has enough experience will be given high salaries. FAA attorneys who are also a kind of aviation lawyer earn more on average than a regular aviation lawyer. The faa attorney salary ranges between $104,000 and $186,000 annually, with an average of $140,000 per year.

The size of the law firm plays a great role in determining an aviation lawyer’s salary. The bigger the firm the more the aviation lawyer salary and the smaller the firm the less it is. Most aviation lawyers try to connect themselves to large firms so that they can earn competitive salaries, however, some would like to practice their law separately. Even though most of the lawyers that practice individually make less money than the ones who are connected to big firms, the skills and experience can change your game.

From state to state and city to city, you will observe the graph going high and low in terms of an aviation attorney salary. The highest paying state is the state of California, followed by DC, Texas, and Georgia. The aviation attorney salary Los Angeles has been found to be giving out the highest average of aviation lawyer salaries in the United States. In the city of Los Angeles, the average aviation lawyer salary is $162,000. The average salary of an aviation attorney in San Francisco falls short only by $2,000 per year. Aviation lawyers in Washington, DC are paid an average of $158,000. These are the top three cities that pay the highest aviation lawyer salary.

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Aviation Lawyer Salary in Cities of USA 2022:

City Annual Salary
San Jose, CA $96,253
Oakland, CA $95,144
Tanaina, AK $94,714
Wasilla, AK $94,712
Hayward, CA $93,152
Seattle, WA $92,523
Concord, CA $92,292
Sunnyvale, CA $91,766
Santa Cruz, CA $90,703
Seaside, CA $89,503

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How To Become an Aviation Lawyer?

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To become a lawyer in the United States, a person needs to get a bachelor’s degree after completing their high school diploma followed by three years of education in law. They study the constitution, legal procedures, civil rights, and contracts, etc. To be able to practice law in the United States, you must pass the bar exam after your law studies.

To become an aviation lawyer, you need to start interning at places that work on legal issues related to aviation. Even when you have not passed the bar exams, you may show interest in the relevant field and many organizations would love to have you onboard, teach you about aviation law specifically, help you gain experience, and open your doors to many aviation attorney jobs. You must get ready to enter into a field where you can make money way more than what an average American makes. Aviation lawyer salary is evidently more than many other lawyers.

What is the Job of an Aviation Attorney?

Aviation lawyers are also known as aviation attorneys. The main job of an aviation lawyer, just like any other lawyer is to look into the legal matters of the aviation field, provide advice and help in getting clearance if they are stuck in an issue. Aviation attorneys assist in legal issues of the aircraft airports, pilot licensing, aircraft inspection and maintenance, along with air traffic control and safety of passengers. Aviation attorneys also look after matters regarding aircraft accidents. They help investigate the cause of the accident and negotiate settlements or file lawsuits to let the judiciary decide the outcome.

Aviation lawyers must have knowledge of legislation, regulation, administration, enforcement, litigation, business aircraft transactions, aircraft parts manufacturers, and tour operators. If you are looking for airline attorney jobs, you must also know about the FAA rules and regulations, customs, immigration, and air spaces.

Personal injury and aviation accident lawyers are the types of aviation lawyers who inspect the legal matters related to aviation incidents. They ensure that the guilty ones get their punishments and the ones who suffered get their rights decided by the FAA. FFA attorneys also assist in matters like these.

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Aviation law is a very interesting field. It is also a great field to make money. If you have studied or currently studying law, and are interested in becoming an aviation lawyer, start hunting for airline or aviation attorney jobs and internships today. The state of California is a great location to work as an aviation lawyer.