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The Average Securities Lawyer Salary is $155,000 per year

securities lawyer salary

The securities lawyer salary ranges between $29,500 and $255,000. Most securities lawyers make between $100,000 and $200,000 per year. To break it down into simple figures, the approximate sec lawyer salary per month is $13,000. This makes the corporate and securities law salary to be $75 per hour.

Securities Lawyer Salary 2022:

Starting Salary$30,000
More than 3 years$160,000
More than 6 years$255,000

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How Much is a Securities Lawyer’s Salary?

Securities lawyers earn better than most lawyers in the United States. Thinking of becoming a securities lawyer? We give you a heads up on that. The average security or sec attorney salary is $155,000 per year. To break it down into simple figures, the approximate sec lawyer salary per month is $13,000. This makes the corporate and securities law salary to be $75 per hour.

The securities lawyer salary ranges between $29,500 and $255,000. Most securities lawyers make between $100,000 and $200,000 per year. There is a very less percentage of lawyers that earn more or less than this range.

There are many factors on which the salaries of securities lawyers depend on. Those factors include:

  •       Education
  •       Certification
  •       Experience
  •       Additional skills
  •       Location
  •       The type of job
  •       Association with a company or individual work

These factors lay the foundation of the difference between the lowest paid and the highest-paid lawyers. Most interns or part-timers earn less than the average, however, with time, skills, and dedication, the securities lawyer salary may rise and fall into the upper percentages.

The top-paying states are:

  •       Arkansas
  •       California
  •       District of Columbia
  •       New York
  •       New Jersey

Securities lawyer salary in California is more than what New York security lawyers earn per annum. Keep this in mind while applying for securities lawyer jobs.

There are many different positions offered to securities lawyers which offer different securities lawyer salary. Amongst those  the top-paying position one should aim for are:

  •       Mergers and Acquisitions Attorney       
  •       Corporate Lawyer       
  •       Corporate Associate   
  •       Securities Lawyer        
  •       Corporate Lawyer

Average Salary Comparison in Cities of USA 2022:

City Annual Salary
Lakes, AK $183,668
San Francisco, CA $182,172
Santa Clara, CA $180,634
Washington, DC $178,481
Los Angeles, CA $176,532
Fremont, CA $175,224
Jersey City, NJ $174,353
Green River, WY $173,321
San Buenaventura, CA $173,165
San Jose, CA $172,023

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Law is one of the most practiced professions all around the world. No matter how much technology advances, the human population will always have the dire need for lawyers to assist them with legal procedures. The most common type of law practiced worldwide is securities law. As they deal with rules and legal procedures related to finance, they are needed anywhere and everywhere.

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What Does a Securities Lawyer Do?

A securities lawyer job description usually says that the attorney applying for the position must be able to:

  •       Be able to read and understand financial terms
  •       Be able to provide legal assistance with finance and related crisis
  •       Have a strong command of English
  •       Possess excellent communication skills
  •       Negotiation skills are a bonus

Sec lawyer jobs usually mention these qualities in their job description. They want a person who is best suited to carry out all the responsibilities and look after all the domains that fall under a securities lawyer.

A securities lawyer assists clients in stock trading, bonds, and mutual funds. They help you plan your investments where the chances of loss minimize. They work under three major categories; transactions, litigation, and regulations.


Managing the legal work related to public offerings, secondary offerings, merging and acquisitions, selling securities privately are a few of the jobs that fall under transactional attorneys. They help all sorts of clients in these processes. Sometimes their work also comes into close contact with tax filers where they assist in transactions of clients.


Litigation, according to the dictionary, means “taking a legal action.” When companies or individuals try to outsmart the rules and regulations related to finances, securities litigators play their part. Often these include criminal lawsuits that require severe actions. The securities lawyer salary is the highest for litigation works amongst these three broad categories.


The regulatory role of a securities lawyer comes into play when the transactions are to be maintained. The regulators ensure the disclosure of important financial information appropriately at the right time.

They make sure that the regulations enforced by the SEC along with other agencies responsible for the regulations of securities such as Comptroller of the currency, Stock exchange, NASDAQ, and the national association of securities dealers are being followed.

What do you need to study to become a securities lawyer?

Be it any kind of lawyer, passing a bar exam is a requirement for you to be able to practice law, at a firm or individually. You must complete seven years of education to be eligible to apply for a securities lawyer.

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A Juris Doctorate degree with information on accounting and financial subjects is essential for you to become a good lawyer and earn a decent securities attorney salary.


With that, we hope you have a clear idea of what securities lawyers do and how much is a securities lawyer salary. If you wish to become a lawyer in the future, or are already enrolled in a law school and trying to figure out which law subject should you go for, this article will make up your mind whether you want to choose to become a securities lawyer or not.