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Average Salary for Personal Injury Lawyer is around $82,049

personal injury lawyer salary

On average, a personal injury lawyer salary in the US ranges between $35,000 and $130,000. Big firms that hire injury attorneys pay more, an injury attorney salary in such firms can go as high as $181,500.

Average Personal Injury Lawyer Salary in 2022 [Experience Based]:

Less than 2 years$40,500
More than 2 years$83,500
More than 5 years$131,500

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Who Is A Personal Injury Lawyer?

 A lawyer that offers legal services to people who have been injured in an accident either physically or psychologically. Such lawyers work in tort law that comprises both international and negligent acts.

Personal injury lawyers help you recover the financial losses and help you in getting the funds required to pay for the treatment and other costs incurred due to accidents. While these lawyers help to settle your case, a personal injury lawyer’s salary is set accordingly.

Personal Injury Lawyer Salary in Different States of US 2022:

Massachusetts $95,607
Washington $87,531
Maryland $85,245
New York $84,791
Kentucky $83,724
Nebraska $83,583
Virginia $82,487
New Hampshire $81,954
Colorado $80,832
South Carolina $80,715
Delaware $79,763
California $78,702
Oklahoma $77,683
Hawaii $77,266
Vermont $77,199
Arkansas $76,262
Wyoming $75,926
Illinois $75,851
Michigan $75,764
Connecticut $74,971
Rhode Island $74,024
Idaho $73,876
Missouri $73,731
West Virginia $73,695
Alaska $73,679
Pennsylvania $73,339
Maine $73,133
Nevada $73,100
North Dakota $73,008
New Jersey $72,493
Montana $72,110
Texas $71,482
Arizona $71,367
Indiana $70,910
Minnesota $70,888
South Dakota $70,877
Tennessee $70,776
Wisconsin $70,369
Ohio $70,264
Oregon $69,758
Utah $69,428
Georgia $68,846
North Carolina $68,782
Louisiana $68,747
Kansas $68,678
Iowa $67,784
Alabama $67,237
New Mexico $66,847
Florida $64,888
Mississippi $64,335


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How Much Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Make a Year?

Above we mentioned that how much do injury lawyers make in a month. On average, a personal injury lawyer salary in the US ranges between $35,000 and $130,000. Big firms that hire injury attorneys pay more, an injury attorney salary in such firms can go as high as $181,500. As of February 2022, an average personal injury attorney salary was $82,987 which fluctuated in March 2022 and dropped minimally making an average of $82,049 for personal injury attorney salary annually. 

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Personal Injury Lawyer Salary In Different States 

Up till now, we know that how much personal injury attorneys make in a month and annually in the US in general. But, personal injury lawyer salary can vary according to different states in the US. Let’s have a look at what is a personal injury lawyer salary in different parts of the US:

Personal Injury Lawyer Las Vegas:

What’s a personal injury lawyer salary in Las Vegas? The average personal injury lawyer salary in LV is recorded at $84,762 annually as of February 2022.

Personal Injury Lawyer Seattle:

A personal injury lawyer in Seattle can make up to $90,728 a year. However, this value ranges between $78,802 and $104,213, depending upon the factors that we discussed above. 

Personal Injury Lawyer in New York:

A personal injury attorney new york NY earns up to $99,822 annually, making it a decent personal injury lawyer salary. Lawyers associated with bigger firms can make $114,659 annually. 

Personal Injury Attorney Washington dc:

How much does a personal injury lawyer earn in Washington dc? Injury lawyers earn annually earn an average of $92,371. However, the range lies between $80,229 and $106,100. 

Personal Injury Attorney San Francisco:

A san Francisco injury lawyer has the potential to earn $103,722 annually that can be as low as $90,8800 and as high as $119,139. 

After listing down the injury attorney salary in the major states of the US, it is visible that San Francisco is the leader of them all. 

In most of the law personal injury attorney salary constitutes a large part as they gain the most revenue from injury cases. The future of personal injury lawyers looks promising as there are many job opportunities in different states of the US with handsome pay. 

How To Become A Personal Injury Lawyer?

A personal injury lawyer needs to have a bachelor’s degree and a Juris law degree from a reputable association that is recognized by American Bar Association (ABA). Apart from passing the state’s bar exam, some regions require Multistate Bar Examination (MBE), the, Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE), Multistate Essay Examination (MEE), and Multistate Performance Test (MPT). 

Personal injury lawyers must have strong communication skills, be empathetic towards clients, and must follow the code of ethics. As the educational requirements must be followed by every injury lawyer, the skillset and the experience are what determines a personal injury lawyer salary. 

How Much Do Personal Injury Lawyers Make?

In contrast to other lawyers, personal injury lawyers don’t have a fixed hourly rate, they take a fixed percentage of the client’s compensation for the damage caused because of the injury. This percentage can lie between 20% to 40% depending upon the case profile but the average personal injury lawyer salary is quite handsome. If you’re looking for exact figures that tell you how much does a personal injury lawyer make, then you are on the right platform! 

On average a personal injury lawyer salary in the US lies between $4700 till $5000 a month. However, the salary varies due to many factors like education, experience, additional certifications, and skill set. 

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Kinds Of Personal Injury Cases

Injury cases are normally caused due to negligence. Personal injury cases include accidents due to automobiles like bikes or trucks, aviation accidents, boating accidents, and pedestrian mishaps all are the types of personal injury cases. Fall or slip accidents, animal bites, negligent security slips, and construction accidents, and medical wrongdoings are also kinds of personal injury cases.

What Are The Compensations?

For those who have gone through accidents and suffered loss, personal injury plaintiffs are given compensation. This includes medical expenses, loss of income, loss of companionship, mental stress, and loss of life enjoyment. 

What Role Does Personal Injury Lawyer Play?

The acts of a personal injury lawyer depend upon the case they are handling. If it is a high-profile case it may require extensive work and the personal injury lawyer salary is set accordingly. However, there are a few basic steps that injury lawyers follow:

Investigate Claims:

A personal injury lawyer charges a contingency fee if they succeed in getting a jury verdict. Most of the time, they financially take the case and carefully screen the potential clients, and evaluate where the case would lead to. An injury lawyer refrains from taking a case in which they don’t have a firm belief in winning. 

Gather Evidence:

The main task is to collect evidence to support the plaintiff’s claim. Normally, injury lawyers will get their hands on the incident or the police report. This helps in tracking down the witnesses and get their statements. 

The lawyer will ask a photographer to take pictures of the report. The main element is to retain the pieces of evidence such as pictures, the damaged property, or any other evidence that will be helpful in court.

Come To Terms With Insurance Companies:

Normal people don’t have a habit of negotiating in their daily lives. This is where personal injury lawyers come into action. Lawyers are professional in negotiating with insurance companies. They assist you to review the policies so that you have the maximum level of compensation that is available in the specific case. 

A personal injury lawyer is also responsible for handling all communication with the insurance company. They also prevent the injured party from doing acts that could nullify their claims. Such acts can include giving recorded statements to any institution.

Convey Demand Letters:

After the personal injury lawyer has gone through the insurance policy and has successfully negotiated with the insurance company. The lawyer will send a demand letter to the company. This letter comprises the basis of accidents and the demand for the specific damages which caused injury by the defendant. 

Compose Pleadings:

This step only occurs if the insurance company denies a fair settlement. The injured party is then eligible to file a complaint against the defendant. The pleading consists of the amount of damage that the defendant is refusing to give. The defendant has 30 days to submit a reply and prepare an answer, failure to do so results in negative consequences. 

Clients Representative At Trials:

If the case is stretched for a trial, personal injury lawyers act as a representative in the court. They know the customs and procedures during court hearings, hence they ensure that all the steps are being followed efficiently.

Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer – Yes or No?

People who haven’t studied law can face difficulty in filing a personal injury lawsuit. Injury lawyers have studied the law thoroughly. Filing an injury case requires extensive research, from gathering data to research and negotiating with insurance companies. It is only an injury lawyer that can help you win the deserved compensation. All of these efforts make a personal injury lawyer salary worth it. 

In most accidents, there are multiple parties involved that are responsible for your injuries. In this scenario, insurance companies can become complicated. The injured party may be partially a fault as well. A lawyer will protect cross and counterclaims and will ensure that you have strong shreds of evidence to support your claims.

Insurance companies also involved in bad faith tactics which can make the case even more complicated, normal people cannot understand the inner workings but a personal injury lawyer can, such lawyers have years of experience with insurance companies and will help to make a strong case which a person cannot do without a lawyer’s help. 

Final Thoughts

Personal injury lawyers play a vital role in the legal representation of injured people. They go through an extensive research process to ensure that their potential client’s case is a win-win. All these acts are what make an injury attorney’s salary a huge one. 

Injury lawyers must have strong negotiation and communication skills, they should also possess analytical and research skills. All of this expertise when combines provide the lawyer to do thorough research of the case and provide helpful data in support of their client.