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The Average Salary of a District Attorney in 2022 is $75,000 USD per year.

District Attorney Salary

The average district attorney salary in the United States is $75,000 USD per year. The minimum and maximum salary range from $14,000 to $357,000 USD. Nevertheless, the query remains – who is a district attorney, and how to become one to successfully earn a district attorney salary. 

District Attorney Salary in 2022:

Less than 2 years$14,000
More than 2 years$75,000
More than 5 years$357,000

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How Much Money Does a District Attorney Make in a Year?

In this average salary of a district attorney, 9% is their bonus. However, on this same amount, 22% of a federal tax is also deducted. 

Typically, how much does a district attorney makes lies in the range of $14,000 to $357,000 USD. The district attorney salary in the 10th percentile is somewhere around $52,000 USD; while in the 90th percentile, it amounts up to nearly $152,000 USD. But, the city, years of experience, skill, and the job itself mainly determine how much do district attorneys make. 

How Much Money Does a District Attorney Make By Other Ratios?

The average salary of a district attorney monthly is $5,220 USD. Meanwhile, a district attorney on a biweekly basis can expect to earn $2,600 USD. Therefore, making a daily wage of about $240 USD, breaking it down to $32 USD/hour.

District Attorney Salaries in the US 2022:

Location Annual Salary
Nevada $81,000
New York $68,800
Maine $27,900
Florida $59,200
Pennsylvania $31,400
Oregon $80,000

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What Does a District Attorney Do?

The district attorney careers and jobs revolve around lawyers who are elected to represent a given area or state in judicial proceedings concerning criminals of the county. The tasks of a district attorney not only include representing a vicinity; but, also include supervising assistant attorneys who are of help during the prosecution. 

The district attorney pay is granted also to act as the lead spokesperson in judicial proceedings and to make decisions regarding employment and budgeting for the respective department. 

How To Become a District Attorney?

To pursue any specialty in law, there are certain steps that a student must take to earn the base salary of a district attorney. The necessary steps are: 

  1. Secure an Undergraduate Degree.
  2. Complete an internship during Undergrad.
  3. Take the LSAT (Law School Admissions Test).
  4. Get admitted into Law School.
  5. Earning a Juris Doctor (J.D.) Degree.
  6. Complete an internship during Law School.
  7. Pass the State Bar Exam.
  8. Fulfill all other requirements of the jurisdiction. 
  9. Acquire professional experience by working under experienced district attorneys. 
  10. Secure the position of a district attorney by getting elected or appointed.

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District Attorney Salary According to the Location:

The salary of a district attorney is the greatest in San Francisco where the average district attorney salary is approximately $114,000 USD a year. Attorneys in San Francisco, therefore, earn 47% more than the US average. 

Similarly, district attorneys in Washington DC gain an advantage of 31%, followed by those in Salt Lake City earning 13% more than the US average. Chicago moves ahead by 10%, and Houston does so by 4%. And lastly, Portland rises above 2% more than the average in the country. 

The average district attorney salaries in some states are: 

  • Nevada: $81,000 USD/year
  • New York: $68,800 USD/year
  • Maine: $27,900 USD/year
  • Florida: $59,200 USD/year
  • Pennsylvania: $31,400 USD/year
  • Oregon: $80,000 USD/year 

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District Attorney Related Salaries:

Other professions lie in a similar domain as that of a district attorney. Hence, given their circumstances and jobs, their salaries vary as well. To show a fair comparison between the salary of a district attorney and these professions, refer to the following list:

  • Legal Assistant: $40,000 USD/year
  • Counsel: $43,000 USD/year
  • Research Analyst: $67,300 USD/year
  • Partner: $75,000 USD/year
  • Associate Attorney: $86,600 USD/year
  • Legal Counsel: $90,000 USD/year
  • General Counsel: $109,000 USD/year
  • Corporate Counsel: $138,000 USD/year 

Nevertheless, district is a blooming area of study and is expected to only become better in tremendous ways!