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The Average Salary of an Insurance Lawyer in 2022 is 108,000 USD a year.

Insurance Lawyer Salary

When given the responsibility of an Insurance lawyer, salary can be in the range of 59,000-131,000 USD. Their average salary is reported to be roughly 108,000 USD per year.

Insurance Lawyer Salary in 2022:

Less than 1 year60,000 USD
1-4 years88,000 USD
5-9 years94,000 USD
10-19 years105,000 USD
20+ years131,000 USD

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How To Become An Insurance Lawyer?

The process of becoming an insurance lawyer is the same as that for other law specialties i.e. after completing undergraduate, taking the LSAT is required which secures admission in law school. 

However, during law school, for aspiring insurance lawyers, it is recommended to take courses and classes that cater to academics of insurance law. Moreover, one should aim to get internships in firms that are specializing in insurance law. 

After graduating from law school, the State’s Bar Exam should be passed to work independently as a lawyer. 

Insurance Lawyer Salary in Different Cities of the US 2022:

City Annual Salary
San Mateo, CA $127,385
Berkeley, CA $121,532
Daly City, CA $121,080
Richmond, CA $117,231
Irvine, CA $116,276
Odessa, TX $113,839
Stamford, CT $113,103
Orange, CA $112,668
Bellevue, WA $112,668
San Francisco, CA $112,370

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The job of an Insurance Lawyer is of great importance, especially in the United States. Hence, the insurance lawyer salary is well enough; lying in the mid 80 thousand USD a year. But, who are they and what exactly do they do? 

What Does An Insurance Lawyer Do?

The salary of an insurance lawyer is paid largely based on what side of the story these lawyers are choosing to pick. 

Insurance lawyers can work with individuals who want to file a complaint against or get guidance and advice regarding their insurance companies and respective policies. 

On the other hand, they can choose to work with insurance companies themselves where their job entails a wide variety of responsibilities. These responsibilities can include advising them against the claims made on them, making better policies, or transfer of businesses in times of a merger, etc. 

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How Much Does An Insurance Lawyer Make?

The insurance attorney salary at the high-end in the 90th percentile is approximately 115,000 USD, while at the low-end in the 10th percentile, it is about 63,000 USD. Therefore, the range of the salary of insurance lawyers is 59,000-131,000 USD. 

The salary can vary with geographics, skills, education, and years of experience. 

Insurance Lawyer Salary by Experience:

How much do insurance lawyers make is reflected by their years of experience. The Following proves this: 

  • Less than 1 year: 60,000 USD
  • 1-4 years: 80,000 USD
  • 5-9 years: 94,000 USD
  • 10-19 years: 95,000 USD
  • 20+ years: 132,000 USD

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Insurance Lawyer Salary by Location:

Following gives a brief breakdown of salary differences between some cities and the US average: 

  • Chicago: +6%
  • New York: +13%
  • Fort Lauderdale: -5%
  • Seattle: +19%
  • Los Angeles: +32%
  • Dallas: +3%
  • Boston: -6%
  • Atlanta: -24%