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Average Salary of an Environmental Lawyer in the United States is $121,523 USD per year.

Environmental Lawyer Salary

In the United States, typically the environmental lawyer salary range is between $34,720 and $162,823 a year. Given such data, the average salary is estimated to be roughly $121,523. However, the salary can vary with location, experience, and education. 

Environmental Lawyer Salary in 2022:

Less than 2 years$64,700 USD
More than 2 years$119,000 USD
More than 5 years$155,050 USD

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How To Become an Environmental Lawyer?

The process of becoming a lawyer before entering Law School is the same for all specialties of law. Similarly, to make oneself eligible for earning an average environmental lawyer salary, environmental law education to consists of earning a Law Degree or a Juris Doctor (J.D.). To make oneself even more qualified and worthy of attaining a high-paid environmental attorney salary, one can pursue a Masters of Law, Masters of Environmental Law, or a Ph.D.

After succeeding academically, a prospect must pass the State Bar Exam to be able to practice and grow to be one of the top environmental lawyers.

What is the Environmental Lawyer Salary in Different Cities 2022?

Location Annual Salary
Alabama $91,500
Arizona $115,000
California $140,700
Florida $98,700
Illinois $113,400
Indiana $86,700
Kentucky $73,500
Michigan $94,500
New York $136,000
Texas $115,000

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As the name suggests, environmental law itself works in the honor of protecting the climate and nature from toxic waste, hazardous gases, human activities, etc.

The environmental lawyer’s salary is earned through hard work and perseverance like any other law specialty. Thus, to reach the average salary, one must go through a series of exams and tests as discussed below, and then begin with an environmental lawyer starting salary.

What Does an Environmental Lawyer Do?

An environmental lawyer’s description entails ensuring law implementation and regulation regarding the contact between the biological system and the ecosystem.

An environmental lawyer works with clients legally calling for the implementation of water laws, clean technology, climate change laws, and property management laws in the hands of the public or otherwise. They also tend to focus on environmental laws and rights, international environmental laws, and sea laws. Environmental law encourages collaborating for a call to action against climate change, and in favor of sustainability and renewable energies.

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How Much Do Environmental Lawyers Make?

The environmental lawyer pay is predicted to increase in the following years along with the rate of employment, as climate change and global warming become pressing matters for the planet. The anticipated average environmental lawyer salary in 2026 is to see a rise of 16% and reach up to nearly $140,000 a year.

What is the Environmental Lawyer Salary According to Years of Experience?

As with any profession, years of experience in each field contribute to the salary earned. In the United States, an approximate median hourly rate of the salary of environmental lawyers is $55-USD. Moreover, these lawyers can expect to earn a bonus of around $6,500-USD as well.

A survey conducted by employees in the United States showed that the salary of environmental lawyers with 1-3 years of experience is roughly $84,000-USD. On the other hand, those with 8 years of experience or more earn around $150,000-USD.

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What is the Environmental Lawyer Salary According to Location?

The salary of environmental attorneys can vary from the location as well – that is to say, it varies from the total US average. It can be greater than the US average, or even lower as indicated in the list of some of the average salaries below:

  • Alabama: $91,500-USD/year
  • Arizona: $115,000-USD/year
  • California: $140,700-USD/year
  • Connecticut: $122,000-USD/year
  • Florida: $98,700-USD/year
  • Illinois: $113,400-USD/year
  • Indiana: $86,700-USD/year
  • Kentucky: $73,500-USD/year
  • Michigan: $94,500-USD/year
  • New York: $136,000-USD/year
  • Texas: $115,000-USD/year
  • Vermont: $76,000-USD/year

Nevertheless, environmental law is a blooming area of study and is expected to only become better in tremendous ways!


What is the average salary of an environmental lawyer?

The average salary of an environmental lawyer in the United States is $121,523 USD per year.

How much do environmental lawyers make?

In the United States, typically the environmental lawyer’s salary range is between $34,720 and $162,823 a year.

Where are environmental lawyers paid the most?

Environmental Lawyers make the most in San Francisco, CA at $270,894.

Is environmental law in demand?

According to stats and data, the demand for environment lawyers is increasing about as fast as average with a 9% growth expected over the next 10 years.

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