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Average salary for Amazon Driver is around $75,154 per year

Amazon Driver Salary

On average, Amazon driver salary in the United States can range anywhere between $9 to $45, depending on their route, the hours of work, and their location.

Amazon Driver Salary 2022:

Less than 2 years$35,154 per year
More than 5 years$66,642 per year

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How much do Amazon Delivery Drivers make? 

On average, Amazon driver salary in the United States can range anywhere between $9 to $45, depending on their route, the hours of work, and their location. The typical Amazon driver salary is $16 per hour, according to which is comparable to most delivery driver services. In a year, an Amazon driver’s salary can amount to around $66,000 which is 22% above the national average in the US.

Since Amazon is now a multinational enterprise, with delivery available in almost all continents, it hires delivery drivers world-wide. In the United Kingdom, Amazon driver salary is around 27,300 GBP per year which is equivalent to 38,000 USD. Hence, Amazon delivery driver salary is less in the United Kingdom compared to the United States.

What benefits do Amazon delivery drivers get?

The advantage of working for such a company is that, along with Amazon driver salary, you get other basic benefits such as health and dental insurance as well as 401k retirement plans.

What is the Amazon Driver Salary by City 2022?

City Annual Salary
Sunnyvale, CA $76,254
Santa Cruz, CA $75,549
Santa Rosa, CA $73,846
Williston, ND $72,357
Manhattan, NY $72,168
Barnstable Town, MA $71,608
Cambridge, MA $71,477
San Mateo, CA $70,929
Arlington, VA $70,874
Dickinson, ND $70,439

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What is the importance of Amazon in our daily life?

In today’s world, our dependence on online retail giants such as Amazon is immense and continues to increase. Where once online shopping was limited to acquiring rare things that were not available in our vicinity, it has now diffused into all aspects of our lives. From basic everyday groceries to all the supplies required to remodel a room in our house, our one-stop shop has become Amazon.

Their reasonable return policies and their quick delivery services are both highly attractive features that have made Amazon a household name.

How many packages does Amazon deliver per year?

With such an overbearing presence, we can find ourselves asking the question, “How many packages does Amazon ship per year?” Amazon estimates that it delivered around 2.5 billion packages in 2019, and this number is only going to increase in the future. Out of this, nearly half of these orders were delivered outside the United States of America.

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How does Amazon Delivery Work? 

With the combination of Amazon Prime delivery business and Alexa, it is incredibly easy to simply voice our shopping order from the couch in the living room, and have it delivered to our doorstep within 2 days. So how is this process carried out so efficiently?

Amazon has innovative robotic technology that begins to pack and track your order as soon as it is placed. The product you order is quickly tracked down by an Amazon warehouse employee and is then placed onto a conveyor belt. Then it is packaged carefully so that it does not incur any damages during the delivery process.

This package, once packed and labeled accurately, is placed into a lorry based on the shipping location and address, beginning its journey towards your home. The package then reaches a Sortation Centre where it is subsequently shipped to you via various modes of transportation. Amazon utilizes courier company services occasionally for this task but is now largely completing deliveries via its own company, Amazon Logistics.

What do people say about Amazon Delivery Job?

Over 2000 Amazon delivery job reviews are available on and nearly 700 on The average rating on both websites is between 3-4/5 stars. Most seem satisfied with the Amazon driver’s salary and appreciate the work-life balance they are able to establish. Those who prefer to work in silence thoroughly enjoy the nature of this job while others view this job as a part-time gig and are not planning to continue it for too long. The majority of their time is spent on the road so one must enjoy driving in order to enjoy this job.

What is Amazon Prime? 

Amazon Prime is a subscription available for regular Amazon users. Although it is $12.99 a month, it seems worth it once you view the perks, especially if you find yourself using Amazon quite consistently. Amazon Prime is most famous for providing 2-day shipping on over 10 million selected products, which is incredibly convenient if you’ve left your grocery or gift shopping for the last minute. Additionally, members can avail deals and coupons which are not available to regular Amazon users. Members also have access to an array of media outlets with unlimited streaming on platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Prime Music, and Prime Gaming.

How much do Amazon Prime drivers make?

For a promise as great as guaranteed 2 day shipping, Amazon has to work with very efficient logistics in order to make it work. However, Amazon prime driver is not a separate category in Amazon, and Amazon driver salary is pretty consistent amongst the drivers, regardless of Prime shipping orders. Since Amazon Prime deliveries are difficult to manage, Amazon has started to work with Amazon Flex and Delivery Service Partnerships to manage the influx of quick deliveries.

What is Amazon Flex and who can sign up for it?

With the Amazon Prime delivery business now expanding to over a 100 million subscriptions, Amazon is becoming increasingly reliant on independent contractors to deliver their packages on time. Individuals above the age of 21 years with a driver’s license, a clean criminal and driving record and a midsize car can sign up on the Amazon Flex app and deliver packages in their area in a certain time slot that is convenient for them.

Does Amazon Flex pay for gas?

All those interested in this type of part-time work may find themselves wondering, “Does Amazon Flex pay for gas?” Amazon Flex does not pay for gas nor does it cover other car upkeep-related costs. Car maintenance is entirely the driver’s responsibility.

How much do Amazon Flex drivers make?

The Amazon independent contractor salary by working through this app is between $18 to $25 an hour, depending on the size of their car and subsequently, how many packages they can transport at a time. Independent contractors can earn slightly more than an average Amazon driver salary but with fewer benefits.

Who can work in partnership with Amazon as a delivery service?

On a quest to make Amazon Prime uphold its 2 day shipping promise, Amazon initiated a program to work with Delivery Service Partners. Small, local, and independent companies with a team of around 50 hard-working drivers and around 30-40 vans can work in partnership with Amazon. This package is especially enticing for individuals living in different parts of the world who would like to work with Amazon. Since Amazon has now expanded to provide delivery services in many countries, Amazon Delivery Service Partners can now be found in large numbers in Canada, United Kingdom and India.

With Amazon dominating every aspect of online shopping, this opportunity for local small businesses is very helpful, allowing them to continue to grow by adding thousands of more deliveries to their inventory.

What is Amazon Delivery Service Partners’ income? 

An Amazon delivery service partner owner has to initially invest $10,000 in order to work with Amazon. This investment in turn gets delivery vans on lease, insurance, and the training required to meet the demanding schedule of Amazon deliveries. However, like in any business, once that initial setup cost is spent, owners can expect to rake in earnings of as much as $300,000 a year, according to Amazon. 

For a successful delivery service partner in the United Kingdom, his annual earnings can range between 50,000 to 150,000 GBP, while one in India can earn up to 250000 INR a year. Therefore, this is a very lucrative offer for aspiring business owners who are having trouble competing with large entities such as Amazon on their own.

The drivers working for the Amazon service partners are considered employees of that company rather than Amazon. Such drivers make approximately $16 an hour which is consistent with the average Amazon driver salary.

What do Amazon Delivery Service Partners say? 

The website offers over 200 reviews from Amazon Delivery Service Partners and the reviews accumulate an average rating of 2-3/5 stars. Some reviews of this investment are favorable but a concern for most investors is that the profits are not as high as advertised. Investors are commonly asked to employ Amazon delivery drivers rather than independent contractors and are then responsible for providing benefits to those employees.

Amazon is a giant multinational corporation that is intent on replacing the United Parcel Service and FedEx as the largest delivery service in the United States. With Amazon Logistics expanding daily and the average Amazon driver salary matching those of other delivery services, it is only a matter of time before Amazon overtakes the rest to come on top.


How much money do you make as an Amazon driver?

A typical Amazon delivery driver makes approximately $18 per hour, on average. However, the salaries can range from $12 – $31 per hour, depending on the route, working hours, the location.

How often do Amazon drivers get raises?

Amazon delivery drivers get a raise every 6 months.

Do Amazon drivers get paid weekly?

Since October 2020, Amazon drivers are get paid weekly.

Do Amazon drivers pay for fuel?

At Amazon, delivery drivers are responsible for costs like gas or fuel, tolls, and maintenance and use their own vehicles.

What time do Amazon drivers finish?

The official delivery timing is between 8 AM to 8 PM. However, the drivers deliver up to 10 PM on weekdays.

How many packages does an Amazon driver deliver a day?

The usual delivery packages can be anywhere from 170 to 375 packages a day during a regular shift.

How Much Money Does An Amazon Driver Make?