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Average Salary for Tax Attorney is $196,693 USD

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The very important question asking how much does a tax attorney makes in the U.S. is answered by a website. It says that the tax lawyer average salary in the U.S. is 196,693 dollars annually. This salary was reported to be in 2022, but it can be said that this amount keeps on fluctuating between 169,817 dollars to 225,358 dollars per year

Tax Attorney Salary 2022:

Entry Level (0-12 Months)$80,0000
Early Career (1-4 Years)$122,000
Mid Career (5-9 Years)$190,000
Experienced (10-19 Years)$230,000

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How Much Do Tax Lawyers Make in the United States?

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The very important question asking how much does a tax attorney makes in the U.S. is answered by a website. It says that the tax lawyer average salary in the U.S. is 196,693 dollars annually. This salary was reported to be in 2022, but it can be said that this amount keeps on fluctuating between 169,817 dollars to 225,358 dollars per year. This great fluctuation in the salaries is due to many factors such as qualification, certification, some other skills, years of experience. By judging all these factors, the salary of a tax lawyer is determined. The tax attorney salary in NYC is 168,780 dollars per year. Tax attorney jobs in NYC are very active these days.

Tax Attorney Salary in Cities of USA 2022:

City Annual Salary
San Jose, CA $187,558
Oakland, CA $186,107
Tanaina, AK $185,590
Wasilla, AK $185,588
Hayward, CA $183,466
Jackson, WY $183,333
Norwalk, CT $183,009
Seattle, WA $182,616
Vallejo, CA $182,586
Concord, CA $182,326

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Who is a Tax Attorney?

A tax attorney is a lawyer who deals with the legal issues of people in tax matters. He settles the tax issues of the people. He has done specialization in the field of tax known as tax law; he is basically a lawyer with a specialization in tax law. He handles the situation of your tax payments and your issues related to tax. A tax lawyer does not step in your matter unless you ask him to. These tax lawyers are hired by people to deal with their cases related to taxes. But if you consult a tax lawyer in advance, this would help to stay away from these tax problems in the future. What does the world attorney mean? It means a person basically a lawyer who is appointed to deal with the issues of people and their legal matters. So, a tax attorney is basically a tax lawyer, who deals with the cases of people having tax-related issues and problems. For people, it becomes difficult to guess which tax form to fill and which tax payment to claim. The tax attorneys help them with these tax-related things. Even at the start, the tax lawyer salary is very high. It is estimated that the average tax attorney salary at the start of their career is 97,559 dollars annually. This salary increases with the increase of experience and with the increase of their popularity and fame among their clients.

How Do Tax Attorneys Work?

Doing a job as a tax attorney is not an easy task. A tax attorney has to keep himself up-to-date with the current rules and regulations and the daily changing laws. He has to do a lot of research and work according to the new times. There are slight merges that can cost a huge amount of tax to pay with a slight mistake of the lawyer. When a tax attorney is inexperienced and on a junior level, he makes small mistakes in reviewing the tax risks and security offerings, this results in paying a huge cost. That is why it is said that a lawyer should make the research properly without any hurry. Tax attorney salary is usually very high in big states, this handsome salary also requires big qualifications and dedication towards the degree. To become a tax attorney, one should be very comfortable in doing research and studying fondly. One can start with any undergraduate program like accounting, commerce, etc. After completing the under-graduating degree, the graduating degree should be in a law school in which you can assess your preference towards the tax law. By doing this specialization, you can easily get a license. After getting this qualification, tax lawyers’ salary and a tax law salary can be predicted which is very high. Along with the high education, tax attorneys also must have some experience of working under some qualified and experienced lawyers. They will guide the newcomers and will shape them according to the need of the hour. 

How Much Do Tax Attorneys Make Nationwide?

In the world, the salary of a tax attorney salary is very high. They are getting paid handsome amounts of money. In the United States, the average tax lawyer salary is 102,181 dollars per year. There are some common skills being offered by the tax attorneys and they get their salary according to that skill. If a person has the skill of tax consulting, he will get a tax law salary of 108,578 dollars per year. If he has a skill in tax compliance, he will have a tax lawyers’ salary of 94,951 dollars annually, if a person has a skill in legal research then he will get a salary of 101,947 dollars every year. For tax preparation, a person is being paid 80,000 dollars every year. 

Ernst and young tax attorney salary with an experience of less than a year are expected to be 85,000 dollars annually. So, it can be said that a tax attorney starting salary is 85,000 dollars annually. Corporate tax lawyer salary on average is 120,910 dollars per year. This corporate tax attorney salary can be increased on the basis of skills and years of experience. To answer the questions like how much does a tax lawyer make, it can be said that every year a tax lawyer makes 120,910 dollars. International tax attorney salary is also very high. The international tax lawyer salary of a person is 114,714 dollars per year. IRS tax attorney salary is 80,000 dollars per year. Deloitte tax attorney salary can range from 84,779 dollars to 90,583 dollars per year. LLM in taxation salary is 117,896 dollars annually.  Tax attorneys’ jobs in Washington DC are also very active. 

Entry-Level Tax Attorney Salary

On a national average, entry-level tax attorney salary is 62,937 dollars every year. This amount is observed in the year 2022. The maximum entry-level tax attorney salary is 18,500 dollars while the maximum entry-level salary is 101,000 dollars. This fluctuation is due to their different skills and experience. In the U.S. there are four jobs that are highest in salary that jobs are;

  • Healthcare attorneys are getting an annual salary of 147,812 dollars and the hourly wage is 71.06 dollars.
  • Corporate associate attorneys have an annual salary of 144,999 dollars while the hourly salary is 69.71 dollars.
  • Insurance attorneys get an annual salary of 137,802 dollars, while the hourly wage is 66.25 dollars.
  • Partner attorney salary is 114,129 per year and their hourly wage is 54.87 dollars.

Tax Attorney CPA Salary

  • Tax attorney CPA salary for the top earners is 350,000 dollars annually, 29,166 dollars monthly, 6,730 dollars weekly and 168 dollars hourly.
  • The CPA salary for 75th percentile workers is 169,500 per year, 14,125 monthly income, 3,259 dollars weekly income and 81 dollars hourly wage.
  • The average tax attorney CPA salary is 159,500 dollars annually, 13,291 dollars monthly income, weekly pay is 3,067 dollars and the hourly wage is 77 dollars.
  • Salary for the 25th percentile is 83,500 dollars annually, 6,958 dollars monthly pay, 1,605 dollars weekly salary and the hourly wage is 40 dollars.

Now, if we do a tax attorney vs CPA salary, we can conclude that the CPA salary is much higher than a simple tax attorney salary which is starting from 350,000 dollars. 

There are 10 cities that are highest in paying to the tax attorneys, those cities are;

  • Sunnyvale, CA paying 201,529 dollars annually.
  • Santa Rosa, CA paying 194,805 dollars annually.
  • Cambridge, MA giving 188,902 dollars per year.
  • Vacaville, CAT giving a salary of 185,272 dollars annually. 
  • New York City gives the big 4 tax attorney salaries of 183,207 dollars per year.
  • Fairfield, CA is offering the finance attorney salary of 183,026 dollars every year.
  • San Mateo, CA is giving the tax attorney a CPA salary of 181,970 dollars annually.
  • Lynn. MA is offering a tax law attorney salary of 180,387 dollars per year.
  • Anchorage, AK paying a salary of 180,107 dollars per year.
  • Baltimore, MD is giving a salary of 177,343 dollars annually.


Some of the tax lawyers after getting their license start working in a big firm to gain their experience, while some prefer to stick with any private law firm and gain their experience. Tax lawyers should always know how to rescue their clients from a tax case and cases related to money. To deal with the IRS Is very complicated but with a tax lawyer, it becomes easy and helpful. There is a rapid increase in tax attorney jobs in recent years. It is also estimated that from the year 2018 to 2028 the number of tax attorney jobs will increase by 6 percent. The tax regulation in a state is a very important task. For professional tax regulation, the government often needs a better consultation to preserve the economy of a state. In this regard, the need for a tax lawyer will always be there and their jobs will be in demand even in the future. The tax attorney salary will also increase with the increase in the demands of these lawyers.