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Average Secret Service Salary for the year 2022 is $66,638 per year

Secret Service Salary

The Average Secret Service Salary for the year 2022 is 66,638 U.S. dollars. The maximum salary given to a Secret Service is as high as 145,000 U.S. dollars and as low as 18,500 U.S. dollars. This huge difference is due to the experience of the worker. 

Secret Service Salary in 2022:


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Secret Service Salary in the Cities of the U.S.:

City Annual Salary
Santa Clara, CA $80,622
San Francisco, CA $80,598
Fremont, CA
San Jose, CA $75,743
Alexandria, VA $75,183
Oakland, CA $74,923
Tanaina, AK $74,737
Wasilla, AK $74,737
Sunnyvale, CA $74,069
Santa Maria, CA $73,582

More than 1,000 Secret Service agents won’t be getting paid for the rest of their work this year. A Secret Service agents pay is capped at $160,000 that includes salary and overtime. Any work they do beyond that is unpaid and around eleven hundred agents have reportedly already hit the cap. The agency has been here before Congress had to pass a bill last year to compensate 1,400 agents, who had hit their cap. But the Trump administration is putting extra weight on the agency 42 people including 18. Trump family members are currently under Secret Service protection that’s up from 31 people under the Obama administration. President Donald Trump’s frequent weekend trips away from the White House aren’t helping it’s estimated Trump’s visits to his mar-a-Lago club in Florida alone cost millions in security Secret Service. Director Randolph Alice says the agency still has enough funds to carry out its mission for the rest of the fiscal year. He expects more staffing will alleviate the problem. The Secret Service is currently working with Congress to raise the caps to around one hundred eighty, seven thousand dollars but even that number would still shortchange more than 100 agents