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Average Google Program Manager Salary in 2022 is $114,000 Per Year

Google Program Manager Salary

The Average Google Program Manager Salary in 2022 is $114,000  Per Year. Their salary ranges from the highest value of $197,000 and the lowest value of $81,000 Per Year.

Google Program Manager Salary 2022:

Less than 2 years $81,000
More than 2 years$114,000
More than 5 years$197,000

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Google Program Manager Salary in Cities of the U.S.:

City Annual Salary
Sunnyvale, CA $113,088
Santa Rosa, CA $109,315
Cambridge, MA $106,003
Vacaville, CA $103,966
New York City, NY $102,806
Fairfield, CA $102,706
San Mateo, CA $102,113
Dublin, CA $102,019
Lynn, MA $101,224
Anchorage, AK $101,067

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Software engineers are known for getting paid very well but what about a Google Program manager. People frequently ask these questions; how much does a product manager make and do they get paid very well. What’s the highest earning potential for a product manager. A Google Program manager. salary really has a big range, it can go as low as 80 grand can also go as high as a half-million dollars. So, has several in fact go into it and first of all it’s based on the location east and the west coast company, they pay differently so west coast companies themselves, in general, they pay at least 30 percent higher was because the cost of living is about 30 percent higher.

Employers who receive stock options from those companies intend to get paid more and also depend on years of experience and level. You are maybe entry-level could be like direct level could also be a startup so the range really varies.