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Average Salary of a Amazon Program Manager is $92,619 Per Year

Amazon Program Manager Salary

Average Salary of an Amazon Program Manager for the year 2021 is $92,619 Per Year. The Salary ranges from the maximum limit of $110,000 to the minimum limit of $67,000. 

Amazon Program Manager Salary 2021:

Entry Level$67,000
Early Career (1-4 Years)$75,000
Mid Career (5-9 Years)$93,000
Late Career (10-20 Years)$110,000
Experienced (20+ Years)$137,000

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Amazon Program Manager Salary By Job Title/Industry:

Job Title Annual Salary
Project Manager $74,729
Logistic Manager $67,069

Logistic Management Specialist $65,932
Operations Manager $66,390

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The first, general Amazon Program Manager base salary is very straightforward. The second is a year-one and a year-two on hire bonus. And then the third is restricted stock units. So if you were entitled to a $60,000 a year-one sign on bonus, you’re just gonna get $5,000 per paycheck. So think of it as additional cash. And then those restricted stock units. You’re gonna receive those at the end of year one, the end of year two, and then two and a half months. So Amazon’s maximum salary that they’re going to provide you at least in 2020 is $160,000. Now, if you come in and your base salary is not $160,000, and you’re at a higher level, don’t be surprised, because you might, they might start you at essentially $150,000, $155,000.

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