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Average Salary In Qatar in 2022 is around 188,000 QAR yearly

A person working in Qatar typically earns around 188,000 QAR per year. Salaries range from 47,600 QAR (lowest average) to 840,000 QAR (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher).

Average Salary In Qatar in 2022:

Less than 2 years47,600 QAR
More than 2 years188,000 QAR
More than 5 years840,000 QAR

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Average Salary In Qatar in 2022 by job titles:

Job Title Average Salary
Accounting and Finance
Accountant 125,000 QAR
Accounting Assistant 95,700 QAR
Accounting Manager 280,000 QAR
Bookkeeper 86,100 QAR
Chartered Accountant 159,000 QAR
Corporate Treasurer 234,000 QAR
Financial Analyst 241,000 QAR
Financial Manager 354,000 QAR
Internal Auditor 166,000 QAR
Administration / Reception / Secretarial
Administrative Assistant 99,100 QAR
Office Manager 162,000 QAR
Receptionist 83,300 QAR
Secretary 84,300 QAR
Advertising / Grapic Design / Events
Art Director 188,000 QAR
Creative Director 175,000 QAR
Graphic Designer 109,000 QAR
Photographer 102,000 QAR
Airlines / Aviation / Aerospace / Defense
Aerospace Engineer 223,000 QAR
Air Traffic Controller 207,000 QAR
Flight Attendant 119,000 QAR
Pilot 323,000 QAR
Architect 215,000 QAR
CAD Drafter 91,800 QAR
Mechanic 70,500 QAR
Service Advisor 124,000 QAR
Bank Branch Manager 335,000 QAR
Teller 70,000 QAR
Teacher 138,000 QAR
Translator 159,000 QAR
Business Planning
Business Analyst 228,000 QAR
Business Development Manager 279,000 QAR
Project Manager 230,000 QAR
Care Giving and Child Care
Nanny 72,600 QAR
Nursery Teacher 68,400 QAR
Construction / Building / Installation
Civil Engineer 176,000 QAR
Construction Project Manager 304,000 QAR
Health and Safety Officer 81,000 QAR
Customer Service and Call Center
Call Center Representative 65,600 QAR
Customer Service Manager 257,000 QAR
Customer Service Representative 69,700 QAR
Civil Engineer 167,000 QAR
Electrical Engineer 183,000 QAR
Engineer 168,000 QAR
Mechanical Engineer 176,000 QAR
Executive and Management
Chief Executive Officer 423,000 QAR
Chief Financial Officer 379,000 QAR
General Manager 333,000 QAR
Project Manager 210,000 QAR
Food / Hospitality / Tourism / Catering
Chef 112,000 QAR
Executive Chef 136,000 QAR
Hotel Manager 337,000 QAR
Receptionist 68,100 QAR
Travel Agent 111,000 QAR
Waiter / Waitress 59,700 QAR
Health and Medical
Dentist 421,000 QAR
Dietitian 361,000 QAR
Laboratory Technician 140,000 QAR
Nurse 140,000 QAR
Human Resources
Human Resources Manager 280,000 QAR
Human Resources Officer 112,000 QAR
Information Technology
Computer Technician 135,000 QAR
Database Administrator 186,000 QAR
Developer / Programmer 170,000 QAR
Information Technology Manager 288,000 QAR
Network Engineer 152,000 QAR
Law Enforcement / Security / Fire
Police Officer 104,000 QAR
Attorney 368,000 QAR
Legal Assistant 96,800 QAR
Media / Broadcasting / Arts / Entertainment
Journalist 199,000 QAR
Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology
Biomedical Engineer 152,000 QAR
Pharmacist 236,000 QAR
Sales Retail and Wholesale
Cashier 67,800 QAR
Sales Manager 306,000 QAR
Sales Representative 112,000 QAR
Teaching / Education
Elementary School Teacher 120,000 QAR
Secondary School Teacher 150,000 QAR

the government of qatar has introduced a new minimum wage into law the new minimum wage applies to all workers regardless of their nationality and the sector they work in it also applies to domestic workers from march 2021 workers who have their accommodation and food provided by their employer must be paid a minimum basic wage of no less than 1000 reels workers who have accommodation provided by their employer but who buy their own food are entitled to a food allowance of not less than 300 reels on top of their basic wage.

Written by Alisa Stewart