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Lawyer Salary In California 2022 is around $153,010 per year.

The average salary for a lawyer in California is around $153,010 per year.Lawyers earn an average yearly salary of $153,010.Wages typically start from $71,057 and go up to $329,483.

Lawyer Salary In California 2022:

Less than 2 years$71,057
More than 2 years$153,010
More than 5 years$329,483.

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What is the Lawyer Salary In California 2022 by job titles?

Job Title Average Salary
Administrative Law Judge 308,000 USD
Arbitrator 138,000 USD
Associate Attorney 147,000 USD
Attorney 233,000 USD
Bailiff 67,600 USD
Barrister 59,100 USD
Candidate Attorney 123,000 USD
Conciliator 108,000 USD
Contracts Manager 122,000 USD
Contracts Negotiator 104,000 USD
Conveyancing Secretary 61,200 USD
Corporate Counsel 164,000 USD
Counsel 164,000 USD
Court Clerk 52,000 USD
Court Judicial Assistant 82,100 USD
Court Liaison Specialist 99,800 USD
Court Reporter 84,700 USD
Court Representative 65,100 USD
Crown Prosecution Service Lawyer 302,000 USD
Immigration Executive 151,000 USD
In House Counsel 159,000 USD
Intellectual Property Specialist 109,000 USD
Judge Advocate 246,000 USD
Law Clerk 52,700 USD
Lawyer 217,000 USD
Legal Administrative Assistant 59,100 USD
Legal Advisor 140,000 USD
Legal Assistant 59,600 USD
Legal Associate 106,000 USD
Legal Consultant 133,000 USD
Legal Counsel 159,000 USD
Legal Editor 109,000 USD
Legal Executive 196,000 USD
Legal Executive Secretary 63,200 USD
Legal IP Officer 54,700 USD
Legal Officer 66,800 USD
Legal Services Director 267,000 USD
Legal Services Manager 251,000 USD
Legal Support Worker 40,800 USD
Legislative Liaison 104,000 USD
Litigation Attorney 267,000 USD
Litigation Paralegal 139,000 USD
Magistrate Judge 354,000 USD
Paralegal 89,100 USD
Patent Attorney 171,000 USD

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How much money does a lawyer make in California?

A lawyer in California makes around $54,791 per year, on average.

Do lawyers make good money in California?

Yes. California is on second number when it comes to high paying states to the lawyer with $179,470 per year.

What type of lawyer makes the most money in California?

Of all the different types of lawyers, corporate lawyers make the most money, and a typical corporate lawyer makes $174,000 per year, on average.

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