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Average salary in Ireland in 2022 is €40,283 per year.

As we have said that the average salary is €40,283 per year, the lowest average is €20,685 and the highest recorded payment is €163,000 per year.

Average Salary in Ireland 2022:

Less than 2 years€20,685 
More than 2 years€40,283
More than 5 years€163,000

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If someone is looking to grow their business and give a boost to their career then Ireland is one of the most attractive places in Europe to do so. It is a country with lively multicultural people around, with numerous attractions. Ireland is one of the most popular places in 2021 for aspiring professionals and industry giants alike. With a flourishing job market and numerous opportunities in different career fields, Ireland has the second freest economy in Europe. Ireland can be a good option for those who are about to make their next career move as there are plenty of top-earning career options available with a decent average salary.

What is the Average Salary in Ireland for 2022?

The average salary in Ireland in 2021 is recorded to be €40,283 per year. The monthly salary for the employees is €3,356. According to the latest Earnings and Labour Costs figures released by the Central Statistics Office (CSO), on a weekly basis, the individuals make €812,94. In 2021, the minimum wage in Ireland is €10,20 per hour for adult workers aged 20 and over.

What is the Average Salary in Ireland by different Job Titles 2022?

Job Titles Annual Salary
CEO’s  €163,000
Finance Director €139,000
District Court Judge €136,124
Sales Director €130,000
Director of Operations €130,000
General Practitioner €123,000
Technical Architect €103,000
IT Senior Project Manager €96,000
Dentist €91,000
Physician €90,000

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What City Has the Highest Average Salary in Ireland?

Dublin being the capital of Ireland is a dynamic city that has diversity in cultures, careers and also has one of the highest standards of living among Western European capitals. As stated above the minimum salary in Ireland as of 2022 is €10.20 per hour and these figures are valid for Ireland’s Dublin too.

The reason behind Dublin’s increasing foreign population is that it has a great standard of living. Along with that, Ireland has one of the lowest corporate taxes in the European Union. The tax situation is favorable for most of the companies and businesses that are responsible for bringing many industries, including internet giants to the Irish capital. The average working hours per week in Ireland is currently 39, keeping this in mind, the minimum salary in Dublin per week is €366. As the average salary in Ireland is higher than in most EU countries, it remains the top destination for EU immigrants.

What is the Average Salary in Dublin?

Dublin, the capital of Ireland is the city with the highest average salary in Ireland and the capital also comprises the highest paying jobs in the country. As of 2022, the average salary in Dublin is approximately €2500 per month (2900 USD). The IT and the management sectors in Dublin have a great demand for individuals from such career paths. Multinational companies have now opened their offices in different parts of Ireland and look for individuals with the potential to make their company grow.

Even though Brexit has created an uncertain situation in the region, the economy of Dublin continues to grow and still has a low level of the tax burden as compared to other countries.

What are the Highest Paid Jobs in Ireland?

Ireland has plenty of job opportunities due to growth in business setups. The demographic and technological changes have caused certain occupational paths to be more popular than others. We shall discuss some in-demand careers in Ireland that are also the highest-paid careers in the country.

Doctors, Software engineers, and accountants are a few of the careers with the most popular salaries in Ireland. In the Accounting Industry, a chartered accountant makes the most salary in a year i.e €77,909. Second, comes the accountant whose average yearly salary in Ireland is €52,117. A technician in the accounting sector earns the lowest annual yearly salary i.e €29,268.

Generally, the administration department of any organization is an important element. Therefore the individuals employed in this sector also earn a decent yearly salary. The highest-paid is the Assistant principal officer, whose yearly salary is €78,959. A project manager’s yearly salary in Ireland is reported to be €58,216. An Operation manager makes €54,751 a year. The salary of a receptionist was the least among all administrative jobs and was recorded €25,299 a year.

With the increase in population, the demand for individuals in the healthcare sector continues to grow. Be it doctors, dentists, occupational therapists all of the careers are in demand in Ireland. In the healthcare division, the surgeon holds the highest rank and earns a yearly salary of €223,400. Meanwhile, a doctor can make €134,131 a year. The radiologists in Ireland also make a good salary of €130,369. The rising mental health issues have caused the need for Psychiatrists to grow, the individuals from this profession can earn €117,142 a year.

Like every other country, the IT industry in Ireland has begun to flourish. Many multinational and IT companies require candidates who belong to this academic background. A software engineer makes €51,915 per year and a Data scientist makes €64,609 a year. Lawyers in Ireland can earn an average salary of €59,200 per year.

Professions under the skilled trades like carpenters, or electricians make €41,953 and €49,524 in a year respectively. Lastly, the truck drivers make the least amount of average salary in Ireland i.e €21,372 a year.

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The economic situation in Ireland is favorable for most businesses to flourish and generate revenue. This positive change has led to numerous expats coming to Ireland. Meanwhile, the Irish citizens have a chance to make their standard of living better as the average salary in the country is quite decent.


What is a good salary in Ireland?

The salaries in Ireland range from 9,730 EUR to 172,000 EUR, where an average person makes around 38,500 EUR per year, on average.

Is 75000 a good salary in Ireland?

Yes, €75,000 is an ideal wage for employees in Ireland.

What salary do you need to live in Ireland?

Including the cost of everyday living expenses, transport and housing, it’s estimated that a family of four person would need around 6,000 EUR per month to live comfortably in Ireland.

Are salaries higher in UK or Ireland?

According to the current currency exchange rate, (£1 = €1.17), the minimum wage in Ireland is approximately 10% higher than the minimum wage in the UK.

What is middle-class income in Ireland?

The minimum national wage in Ireland is €10.50 per hour.

How Much Salary Can You Earn in Ireland?