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The average salary in South Africa for 2022 is 374,000 ZAR (2,523.02 USD) Per Year.

Average Salary in South Africa

Commonly, the salaries in South Africa range from 1,670,000 ZAR to 94,500 ZAR per year. This wide distribution in salaries exists due to vastly different salary prospects in different careers. The average salary is reported to be 374,000 ZAR (2,523.02 USD) Per Year.

Average Salary in South Africa 2022:

Less than 2 years94,500 ZAR
More than 2 years374,000 ZAR
More than 5 years1,670,000 ZAR

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South Africa is one of the most beautiful countries in the African continent and has a population of over 47-million people belonging to different cultures and speaking different languages. Most of the population is African while Americans and other locals constitute a minority. 

Being a cosmopolitan country, people from all over the world reside here. Here you will find a high standard of living at a low cost. People from many countries wish to relocate in South Africa as there is value for money as compared to many western countries. The average income in South Africa is also better than in most African countries. 

In comparison with Western countries, South Africa remains relatively cheap. Even though there is a cheap cost of labor, the living standard is pretty good. Agriculture, natural resources, and the manufacturing sector are important parts of South Africa’s economy. The average salary is around 374,000 ZAR per year. The minimum salary in South Africa for 2022 starts from 94,500 ZAR and goes up to 1,670,000 ZAR per year. The salary range includes housing, transport, and other benefits and varies according to education level and career paths. On a monthly basis, the salary in South Africa is 31,100 ZAR, in 2022. This figure can range from 7,880 ZAR to 139,000 ZAR. 

Average Salary in South Africa by different Job Titles:

Job Titles Annual Salary
IT Managers 620,230 ZAR
Pilot 695,800 ZAR
Chartered Accountant 434,191 ZAR
Specialist Doctor 476,000 ZAR & 616,000 ZAR
Software Engineer 1.2 million ZAR

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List of Careers and Salaries in South Africa

The demographic and technological changes have lead certain occupational paths to be in demand. Below are some in-demand careers and are also the highest-paid careers in South Africa. 

IT Managers

The technological advancements have become rapid over the years and the ICT industry and the IT managers gain a lot of benefit from it. The job of an IT manager is a crucial one as they are responsible for assessing the operational requirements, research strategies, technology solutions, and building efficient systems. IT managers have complex jobs thus, the starting average salary in South Africa is 620,230 ZAR per year. This figure might grow over the years depending upon the expertise and learned skills. 


Like most countries, the aviation sector is also a high-paying career in South Africa. One cannot expect to perform the duty of a pilot from a person who isn’t well-trained and qualified for the position. Pilots in South Africa who have good experience in this field can get 695,800 ZAR per annum

Chartered Accountant

The career of a chartered accountant is quite difficult as compared to other fields of study. An individual has to sit in multiple tough exams in 4 years of academic life followed by 3 years of training, after which you can become a fully certified chartered accountant. The average wage of a Chartered Accountant ins South Africa is 434,191 ZAR per year.

Specialist Doctors

With the advancement of technology, the health sector has also improved and continued to grow. Individuals who are looking for good career opportunities in South Africa opt to go into the medical field. The specialist doctors are those who have completed their higher studies and gained additional certifications in a specific area of medicine. The average salary of doctors depends upon their specialty. Depending on the rank, the doctors earn a range of 476,000 ZAR and 616,000 ZAR a year.

Software Engineers

The digital transformation in this era has caused a huge demand for people who are skilled in this field. This is why many companies in South Africa require professionals in the ICT sector. Startups and big companies are on a hunt for innovative software engineers that will assist in improving the company’s computer programs. Typically, a Software Engineer in South Africa earns approximately 1.2 million ZAR yearly. 

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Salary Distribution According to Education

Individuals who have a diploma in any of the fields earn 17% more than those who only reached the high school level. Meanwhile, employees who have a Bachelor’s Degree earn 24% more than those who only have done a diploma or earned a certificate. A Master’s Degree lets professionals earn 29% more than those with a Bachelor’s Degree. Finally, Ph.D. holders earn 23% more than Master’s Degree holders on average, irrespective of their career. The most high-paying careers are Management & Business with an average pay of 1,060,177 ZAR and Health Care & Medical with pay of 961,542 ZAR.

Based on education, the highest salaries receive people with Doctorate Degree with a salary of 1,200,283 ZAR. The second most paid education level is a Masters Degree with a salary of 1,123,645 ZAR.

Salary Distribution According to Experience

Apart from education, the number of years given to a profession is also an important factor. Those employees who have 5 years of experience earn 32% more than juniors. Whereas, individuals with more than 5 years of experience earn 36% more than those with five years or less of work experience. After reaching the ten-year mark, the salary may increase by 21%. Finally, an increment of 14% for those who reach more than 15 years of service. 

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Final Thoughts

The average salary in South Africa is highest for those who work in the IT sector or Telecom companies. As there is a shortage of engineers and IT specialists in the region, it is beneficial for individuals with such degrees to try their luck in South African companies and earn a decent yearly salary.