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Average Environmental Consultant Salary in the US is $71,000 per year

Environmental Consultant Salary

The Average Environmental Consultant Salary in the US is $71,000 per year. The minimum salary given to an Environmental Consultant is $42,000 per year and their maximum salary is $119,000 per year.

Environmental Consultant Salary 2022:

Less than 2 years$42,000
More than 2 years$71,000
More than 5 years$119,000

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Environmental Consultant Salary by Job titles / Industry:

Job Title Annual Salary
Environmental Consultant $42,543
Environmental Compliance Consultant $55,000
Technical Writer $78,000
Project Manager $99,000

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Environmental consulting is often a form of compliance consulting, in which the consultant ensures that the client maintains an appropriate measure of compliance with environmental regulations. There are many types of environmental consultants but the two main groups are those who enter the field from the industry side and those who enter the field from the environmentalist side. Environmental consultants work in a very wide variety of fields, whether it be providing construction services such as asbestos hazard assessments or LEED hazard assessments or conducting due diligence reports for customers to rhythm of possible sanctions consultancies may generalize across a wide range of disciplines or specialized in certain areas of environmental consultancy such as waste management environmental consultants usually have an undergraduate degree and sometimes even master’s degree in environmental engineering.