Average Salary in Mexico【All Cities 2022】

Average Salary in Mexico

As we have said that the average salary is 13,239 MXN (622.81 USD), the lowest average is 7,556 MXN (355.46 USD) and the highest recorded payment is 143,614 MXN (6757.97 USD) every three months of a year.

Average Salary in Mexico 2022:

Less than 2 years8,410 MXN
More than 2 years33,200 MXN
More than 5 years148,000 MXN

In Mexico, the salaries people are getting are divided into three different categories; one is the salary that is considered low average, the second one is the average and the third is the highest average. These categories are made on different criterions such as experience, education, skills, aptitude, job titles, gender, etc.

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What is the Average Salary in Mexico by Jobs / Industry?

Career Avg. gross salary (USD)
Engineer MXN 502,651 US$ 29,300
Director MXN 1,528,844 US$ 90,727
Software Developer MXN 836,647 US$ 46,014
IT Project Manager MXN 583,000 US$ 38,825
IT Manager MXN 967,846 US$ 54,443
Manager MXN 812,915 US$ 49,660
General Manager MXN 1,751,083 US$ 105,147
Project Manager MXN 1,023,795 US$ 53,718
Human Resources Manager MXN 843,168 US$ 53,029
Operations Manager MXN 904,052 US$ 55,061

Making money is not easy in Mexico just like in other countries. If a person is getting paid a certain amount of money based on his/her skills that amount is referred to as his salary. Salary is the regular fixed payment that a person or employee is earning for working in a particular field based on his/her education or degree.


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How We Categorize the Average Wage of Mexico?

The average salary for a person in Mexico in the United States is 33,200 MXN (1560.85 USD) every month. The lowest average salary is 8,410 MXN (395.38 USD) per month, while the highest average is 148,000 MXN (6958 USD) per month. This highest average might change and mostly higher than this. So, the average salary in Mexico is 33,200 MXN (1560.85 USD), while the Mexican median income is 33,600 MXN (1580.39 USD) per month.

This implies that the person who is earning more than the average and median wage is considered to be doing very well. But if the average wage of a person in Mexico is less than both then it means that the person can do much better and should add more effort to increase his/her average income. When we say the average salary in Mexico is 33,200 MXN, it means we are saying that half of the people in Mexico are earning more than that and half of them are earning less than that.

What is the Average Household Income In Mexico? 

The average household income of Mexico in the United States is 13,239 MXN (622.81 USD) every month. This average household income also has three different categories starting from the lowest to the highest. The average household income comprises of 3 to 4 members in a family out of which two of them or sometimes three of them are working. The expenses are divided into education, entertainment, and utilities of daily life.

What is the Average Hourly Wage in Mexico? 

The average hourly salary in Mexico in the United States is noted that people in Mexico earn 2.40 U.S. dollars which is equal to 51.44 MXN every hour and that is specific for laborers and other un-skilled people. This average can be increased based on different job categories and skills of different people earning in various fields and organizations. The average hourly wage or can be said as pay pr hour in Mexico is 190 MXN (8.94 USD).

What is the Average Monthly Wage in Mexico?

According to a recent survey in Mexico, it is reported that public sectors are offering 9% more salaries to their employees as compared to the private sector. For example, if a public sector is offering a job giving 34,600 MXN (1628.95 USD) per month, the same job offered by the private sector will offer 31,900 MXN (1501.84 USD) per month.

What is the Average Yearly Wage in Mexico?

Moving forward to the average yearly salary in Mexico, it is recorded that in the past 7 years, Mexico has gained a rank of highest waging country in 2018.

The average yearly wage in Mexico was recorded to be 16,298 U.S. dollars. If we look back at the year 2000, Mexico was considered as the lowest waging country having an average yearly wage of 15,905 U.S. dollars. The minimum wage in Mexico 2018 in U.S. dollars recorded as 8.80 U.S. dollars that are equal to 176.72 MXN. The average daily wage in Mexico in the year 2022 is recorded from 7.16 U.S. dollars to 10.78 U.S. dollars. The average yearly salary in Mexico is 399,000 MXN (18770 USD).

How does Experience Effect Salary in Mexico?

Average Salary in Mexico women

The average salary in Mexico in the United States varies directly to the years of experience a person has. Not only in Mexico, even if we talk generally, whenever a person enters a company or any organization to get a job the very first question being asked to him/her is if she/he has any experience of working in that field earlier. Having experience nowadays is very important and the most important factor to get a job. If a person has the same education and skill but has no experience will be having almost half the salary as compared to the person having experience more than him/her. Experience always counts and makes a big deal.

If a person has experience of two to five years will have a salary average of 32% more than the one having no experience or lesser experience. If an employee has experience of more than five years will have an average 36% increase in its income than the person having lesser experience. These percentages may vary according to the different jobs being given in different fields and organizations. Research clarifies that if an employee gains experience of ten years in a specific field his salary becomes double after these ten years.

How Do Education and Degree Effect Salary in Mexico?

The average salary in Mexico drastically changes depending upon the degree a person possesses. Education is an important pillar for getting a good and sustainable job in Mexico as well as in other countries. Without having a proper degree, no one considers the person eligible for any job. Having a proper education is the need of the hour. It can be said that a higher degree varies directly with a higher salary and vice versa. A person having a certificate or a diploma is going to have an income of more than 17% as compared to the one without that diploma.

It can also be said that the person who has attained his Bachelor’s Degree will have 24% more salary as compared to the one having only a certificate or diploma even if both of them are working at the same place. The experienced person with a Master’s Degree is likely to have a 29% increased salary as compared to the one having Bachelor’s Degree. At last, a person who holds a PhD Degree is going to get a 23% raised salary as compared to the one possessing a Master’s Degree.

To attain a degree in Mexico is not an easy task. It costs a lot of money as well as courage. On average, a Master’s Degree to be done from any place in Mexico requires 166,000 MXN to 498,000 MXN (7809.45 USD to 23428 USD). The degree is attained in two years and no company considers the job application or increased in salary if one is already working before getting that degree in your hand.

As soon as the degree is in your hand you are considered eligible for the job and increase in the salary. If a person has enough amount of money to invest in himself then he should go for it. Because after getting a good job the money is given back to you in the form of your salary in less than a year of working and then you can spend the rest of your life earning. This seems to be a great idea.

How the Gender Impacts Salary in Mexico?

Gender should never be a reason to discriminate salaries, but the average salary in Mexico is different for males and females. This discrimination is baseless but it is recorded that the working men in Mexico are paid 14% more than a female.

No matter if the female is having the same education, same job location, same organization or company, same skills, and even same degree, after possessing all these things she will be paid 14% less as compared to a man. If the average salary of a man in Mexico in the United States is 35,500 MXN (1668.90 USD) per month then the female will be having 31,100 MXN (1462.05 USD) per month.

What is the Average Increments and Salary Raise in Mexico? 

Now, moving towards salary raises or salary increments. It is recorded that every employee working in Mexico gets an average increment of 8% after every 18 months of the job. In many other countries of the world, usually, the increment of 3% is made after every 16 months but the Mexican policy of increment is quite different. This increment can be increased or decreased depending upon the person’s skill and hard work and many other factors create an impact on the increment. By changing the statement from average salary increment to annual salary increment in Mexico, it can be said that after every 12 months the salary increases by 5% in Mexico.

Listing the average increment percentages of different industries of Mexico in the year 2020.

  • The baking industry gets an increment of 4%
  • The energy industry gets an increment of 8%
  • Information technology gets raise of 3%
  • The health care department gets a raise of 7%
  • The travel industry gets an increment of 2%
  • The construction industry gets an increment of 6%
  • Education department gets 1% increment

The salary increase also varies with the experience level a person possesses, for juniors, the increment is 3 to 5%, for mid-career the increment is of 6 to 9%, seniors get an increment of 10 to 15%, top management level can get 15 to 20% increment in their basic salary.

Bonus are rewards of sheer hard work for the employees, Mexican policy also gives a bonus to their employees almost every 12 months. A survey was done in Mexico a few years back which analyzed that out of 100%, 49% of the Mexican employees are not receiving any bonus while 51% of employees are receiving their bonuses. The employees who are getting the bonus have said that they get 3 to 6% of their annual salary as their bonus.

There are different types of bonuses being received by employees. One is a bonus that an employee gets de to his working aptitudes and hard work that is an individual-based bonus. Second is the one that a company gives to all its employees because of their working as a team and doing hard work together as a company that is a company-based bonus.

The third is the one that is given after attaining a particular goal and the bonus was decided to be given to the employees if they achieve that particular goal. The last one is given on any holiday such as Easter, Christmas, etc., or maybe at the end of the year called as a yearly bonus.

How do Salaries Vary with Job Titles and Working Areas in Mexico?

There are different types of jobs in Mexico. Some of the common jobs being offered in Mexico along with their salaries are;

  • In the working area of accounting and finance, the salary is 22,400 MXN to 30,700 MXN (1053.98 USD to 1445.16 USD) per month depending upon the different posts of the employees working in it.
  • In the administration department, the salary range is from 16,700 to 15,300 MXN (786.31 USD to 720.40 USD) per month.
  • In the field of graphic designers and eventers, the salary is from 32,600 MXN to 19,100 MXN (1535.73 USD to 899.77 USD) per month.
  • In the airlines, the salaries start from 41,100 MXN and go up to 55,800 MXN (1931.44 USD to 2628.61 USD) per month. A pilot gets the maximum salary and that is 55,800 MXN (2628.61 USD) per month.
  • In the architecture department, the salaries are from 16,300 MXN to 40,200 MXN (767.85 USD to 1894.28 USD) per month.
  • In the banking field, salaries range from 12,100 MXN to 62,000 MXN (570.17 USD to 2921.53 USD) per month.
  • For teachers and translators, the salaries are 26,600 MXN and 29,600 MXN (1253.43 USD to 1393.67 USD) per month respectively.
  • For engineers, the salaries range from 31,500 to 31,900 MXN (1484.17 USD to 1503.01 USD) per month.

What are the Average Mexican Wages in Different Years?

Many jobs are being offered in Mexico, the number of jobs is increasing and people are gaining different opportunities to work more and earn more.

In the coming future, the average wage in Mexico seems to be increasing gradually. In Mexico, almost everyone earns 148,000 MXN (6973.22 USD) every month. 75% of people earn 88700 MXN (4179.22 USD) or less. 50% of employees earn 32,600 MXN (1535.57 USD) or less that is the average Mexican salary. 25% of employees earn less than 18400 MXN (866.70 USD).  The average wage in Mexico in 2015 was 16,231 U.S. dollars. The average salary in Mexico in 2016 was 16,135 U.S. dollars. While the average salary in Mexico in 2017 was 16,110 U.S. dollars.


What is a good salary in Mexico?

The median salary in Mexico is about 33,200 MXN per month. Salaries range from 8,410 MXN to 148,000 MXN. This is the typical monthly pay including housing, transportation, and other perks.

What is the average wage in Mexico?

The average wage in Mexico ranges from $123.22 MXN per day to $185 MXN per day.

What is a middle-class income in Mexico?

Any household In Mexico making between US$9,000 and US$20,000 annually is considered a middle-class household.

How Much Money is a Good Salary in Mexico?