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Average NFL Coach Salary in 2022 is $7,000,000 ( $7 million) per year.

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Average NFL Coach Salary in 2022 is $ 7,000,000 ($7 million) per year. Their salary ranges from the maximum value of $12,000,000 ($12 million) to $3,000,000 ($3 million) per year.

NFL Coach Salary 2022:

Less than 2 years$3 million
More than 2 years$7 million
More than 5 years$12 million

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How Much Do NFL Head Coaches Make?

According to the NFL head coaches salaries list the highest-paid NFL coaches are,

Bill Belichick was the highest-paid coach in the NFL team of New England Patriots in the year 2019. His salary makes up to 12.5 million dollars per year. He deserves this amount of money as the salary of a head NFL coach because he managed to bring his teams to the playoffs and also stood victorious in the super bowl, six times. He made it possible to increase the value of his team to 4.1 billion from 460 million dollars.

Pete Carroll coaches the team of the Seattle Seahawks, he is also one of the head coaches, among the highest-paid NFL coaches. He gets a pay of 11 million dollars in a year as the head coach salary. He too has worked hard to claim this position and the NFL coach’s salary as he a successful history of making it up to the super bowl, which began in 2020.

The Oakland Raiders coach Jon Gruden is paid 100 dollars for a tenure of 10 years.

What are the Top Paid NFL Coach Salaries in 2022?

NFL Coaches Annual Salary
Bill Belichick $12 million
Pete Carroll $11 million
Jon Gruden $10 million
Sean Payton $9.8 million
John Harbaugh $9 million
Matt Rhule $8.5 million
Ron Rivera $7 million
Joe Judge $5 million
Anthony Lynn $4 million
Kyle Shanahan $3 million

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Athletes, sports players, and their coaches, all these people are paid handsome salaries, but when we talk about NFL coach salary, it is far above the top coach’s salaries, we can think of. The NFL coaches, their assistants, and the head coaches sign contracts that give them millions of dollars as their salaries.

Do Different NFL Coaches Have Different Salaries?

The NFL coach salary varies to a great extent. Just the way, different players at NFL demand different amounts of money to be paid as their salaries, the coaches too are offered different salaries depending upon their popularity and number of wins.

As an example, the highest-earning NFL coaches also have different salaries that have a difference of millions of dollars.

What is the Annual Increments in The NFL Coach Salary?

The NFL coach salary also hits an increment annually just as a normal job position would receive. The NFL coaches get an increment in their salary with regards to their win-loss record. They get a good increase in their salaries if they manage to bring forth their team to the playoff or the Super Bowl.

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How to Get Hired into the NFL Team?

NFL coaches are among the people who receive the highest salaries paid in professional sports, and of course, the top coaches make the most so to have the perks of a head coach including their handsome NFL coach salary, would require hard work and dedication.

People begin their career in the NFL by getting appointed as interns at first, or if they have the basic knowledge and training of managing matches and teams, they can also be hired as quality control coaches. starting from this position is sufficient for these people to reach the top position, and claim the rewards including the NFL coach salary, if they kept improving and climbing the ladder with time.

Some football players also opt for this respectful position and apply to become the NFL coach, soon after they retire as a player. however, No matter how top coach begins their career, they are paid generously at each step of their journey.

How the NFL Head Coach’s Salary is Calculated?

It might surprise you if you find out how much do the NFL coaches make in a year but finding out NFL head coaches’ pay will blow your mind.

The ladder that mounts an NFL coach on the head coach position, doesn’t end here. Once a coach makes it to the position of an NFL head coach, they begin another journey to make it to the list of NFL’s longest-tenured head coaches, which take a lot of effort and staying power. Also, the NFL head coaches who become the longest-tenured coach earn more money than ordinary NFL coaches’ salaries.

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How Minorities Can Make Their Way into The NFL TEAM?

Getting into the NFL team is tough because there are only limited positions available. The opening spots are very few every year which makes the chances extremely thin, and nearly impossible for minorities due to the Rooney Rule. Facing all the hardships to join the NFL team league is all worth it because once hired, you are going to enjoy tremendous benefits of it, including the gigantic NFL coach’s salary.

What is the Salary of an Average Coach of an NFL Team?

We all very well know now that the NFL head coaches, long-tenured coaches, and NFL coaches with good history are paid generous salaries but do you wonder what would the average NFL coach’s salary be?

An NFL coach who brought their team into the super bowl back in the 1980s was paid about 295,000 dollars as their salaries. Nowadays, an average coach earns about 6 million dollars, and an assistant coach’s salary is around 400,000 dollars per season, which is considered a much less amount to be the salary of an NFL coach, though, it is far greater than what the NFL coaches were paid in the recent past years as an example, the salary of an assistant coach varied between 150,000 to 175,000 dollars only three years ago.


Who is the highest-paid NFL coach?

  1. Bill Belichick: Annual salary: $12 million
  2. Pete Carroll: Annual salary: $11 million
  3. Jon Gruden: Annual salary: $10 million
  4. Sean Payton: Annual salary: $9.8 million
  5. John Harbaugh: Annual salary: $9 million
  6. Sean McVay: Annual salary: $8.5 million
  7. Matt Rhule: Annual Salary: $8.5 million
  8. Andy Reid: Annual salary: $8 million
  9. Mike Tomlin: Annual salary: $8 million
  10. Bruce Arians: Annual salary: $8 million

How much does an NFL coach make?

The yearly incomes of NFL Football Coaches range from $423,512 to $11,133,938 in the United States, with a median salary of $2,036,331. The middle 57 percent of NFL Football Coaches make between $2,036,335 and $5,067,235 per year while the top 86 percent make $11,133,938.

Who is the lowest-paid NFL coach?

Mike Vrabel, who is the head coach of the Tennessee Titans, is the lowest-paid NFL coach to date, making only $3 million a year.

How much do assistant NFL coaches make?

The average salary of an assistant NFL coach was from $150,000 to $175,000 three years ago. However, now, they can make up to $400,000 or even more in one season.

Do fired NFL coaches get paid?

Coaching contracts are exceptionally protected, unlike the majority of player contracts. The firing team must reimburse the remaining years of the coach’s employment contract. However, there are conditions to that obligation.

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