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Average NFL Defensive Coordinator Salary in 2022 is $ 900,000 per year.

NFL Defensive Coordinator salary

Average NFL Defensive Coordinator Salary in 2022 is $ 900,000 per year. The maximum salary given to NFL Defensive Coordinator is $ 1,000,000 ( 1 million) and the minimum salary given to them is $ 57,495 per year.

NFL Defensive Coordinator Salary 2022:

Less than 2 years$ 600,000
More than 2 years$ 900,000
More than 5 years$ 1,000,000

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How Much Does an NFL Defensive Coordinator Make?

As the salaries of NFL defensive coordinators are not made public, we can only calculate the average from the contracts that were made public in the past. Normally, an NFL defensive coordinator’s salary is $57,495 per year. An NFL defensive coordinator’s salary can range from $54,256 – $61,591 per year. However, ESPN reported in the 2000s the average salary for assistant NFL coaches was $150,000 to $175,000. But, the NFL defensive coordinator salary has risen and recorded to be approximately $850,000 annually.

According to ESPN, the highest-paid defensive coordinator in the NFL is Wade Philips of the Houston Texans. The salary he takes for a year is $700,000 under a 3-year, $2.1 million deal. Nov Turner as a defensive coordinator earned $3 million per season while some coordinators also earned more than $1 million

Best NFL Defensive Coordinator and Their Salaries 2022:

Coordinators Annual Salary
Keith Butler $ 550,000
Todd Bowles $ 4,000,000
Jack Del Rio $ 3,500,000
Don Martindale $ 2,500,000
Dennis Allen $ 1,000,000

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The coaches are a crucial element of any game, whether it is about stopping the opponents from scoring or bring in rewards in the game, the coaches are responsible for it all. The NFL defensive coordinators come second in the hierarchy to head coaches in terms of prestige and pay. They work individually with each defender, review the game tapes and adjust the overall course of the game. This makes it clear that these responsibilities come second to the head coach and so does the position of an NFL defensive coach.

The NFL defensive coordinator salary is not available publicly or even in average salary numbers. However, some contracts have become public, which makes it clear that these coaches earn a high six-figure to a low seven-figure annual salary.

Who Are The Best Defensive Coordinators in NFL?

1. Keith Butler (Pittsburgh Steelers)

Keith Butler has been amazing for the Steelers. In 2018, the Steelers’ defense was ranked sixth which shows Butler has been great for the team as the rank rose to third in 2020.

2. Todd Bowles (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Buccaneer performed well in the Super Bowl and all credit goes to Bowles for being an exceptional defensive coordinator.

3. Jack Del Rio (Washington Football Team)

In the last NFL season, Rio was the leader of having the best defenses, but his tenure as a head coach of the Oakland Raiders did not last long.

4. Don Martindale (Baltimore Ravens)

Raven’s defenses stood 7th in the defense chart in 2020. All praise goes to Martindale as his defenses have been great in his time with the team.

5. Dennis Allen (New Orleans Saints)

With the assistance of Allen, The New Orleans Saints had great defense and stood fourth in total defense in 2020.

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All in all, an NFL defensive coordinator salary is usually a secret, but different rumors and indicators have identified that the pay usually depends upon the team, reputation, and experience of the coach. The job itself has insurance, job security, and access to world-class facilities along with the bonus if the team wins the Super Bowl.

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