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Average NFL Offensive Coordinator Salary in 2022 is $ 1,000,000 (1 million) per year.

NFL Offensive Coordinator salary

Average NFL Offensive Coordinator Salary in 2022 is $ 1,000,000 (1 million) per year. The maximum salary given to an NFL Offensive Coordinator is 10,000,000 (10 million) per year. While the minimum salary given to them is $ 400,000 per year.

How much is the NFL Offensive Coordinator Salary in 2022:

Less than 2 years$ 400,000
More than 2 years$ 1,000,000
More than 5 years$ 10,000,000

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How Much Do Offensive Coordinator Make in the NFL?

Like the income of any profession, the NFL offensive coordinator salary also depends on many factors with skills and experience being at the top. Apart from that the team in which the offensive coach is a part also plays a role in NFL offensive coordinator salary.

For example, a team like the Cowboys will pay its offensive coordinators a better salary as compared to the Jaguars as the former has a bigger market with a greater success ratio while the latter doesn’t have as much money as the Cowboys to spend on the coaching staff.

On average, the NFL’s offensive coordinator salary is $1 million annually. And the first coordinator to reach the million-dollar line Redskins coordinator Marvin Lewis in 2002. Sometimes the head coach is in charge of being the offensive coordinator and these heads earn a double of that. Raiders head coach Jon Gruden was one of the highest-paid coaches, with a $10 million annual salary.

What is the NFL Offensive Coordinator’s Salary Per Season:

NFL Offensive Coordinators Per Season Salary
Brian Daboll $ 1.2 million
Tim Kelly $ 1 million
Josh McDaniels $ 4 million
Mike LaFleur $ 10.6 million
Pat Shurmur $ 6 million
Brian Callahan $ 236,900
Alex Van Pelt $ 917,000
Matt Canada $ 650,000

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Who is the highest-paid offensive coordinator in the NFL?

Tony Elliott had been the highest-paid offensive coordinator in the sport last season, making $2.125 million

The roles of head coaches and position coaches are important as the team depends on their tactics to stop the opponents from scoring. The NFL offensive coordinators also share the same responsibility as other coaches, as they have to come up with the plays that the offense runs. There are few offensive coordinators in the limelight but some of them don’t always get the recognition they deserve. These positions are normally overshadowed by their head coach or defensive coordinators.

Even though they don’t get much recognition as the other coaches but does an NFL offensive coordinator salary as per the importance of their position? In this article we shall find out about top offensive coordinators in the NFL and how much do they make in a year.

What is The Job of An NFL Offensive Coordinator?

The offensive coordinator job description is pretty much the same as other position coaches, except that they are in charge of the offense. These coordinators are the member of the coaching staff who looks after the coaches of position groups. These positions include quarterbacks, wide receivers, and running backs.

The offensive game plan is in the hand of the offensive coordinator and he usually calls the plays during games when his team is on offense. Like the head coach the offensive coordinator has an important position in the hierarchy and unlike most coaching staff, these coordinators get choose either they work on the sideline or go up to the press box and communicate with the team electronically.

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To earn a decent salary as an offensive coach, it is important to have a successful career in the past with great experience with the top teams of the NFL. Being a former head coach can land you as an offensive coach for a good team.

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