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Average salary of an NFL Equipment Manager in 2022 is $ 60,008 per year

nfl equipment manager salary

Average salary of an NFL Equipment Manager in 2022 is $ 60,008 per year. Their salary ranges from the maximum value of $ 102,000 and the minimum salary of $ 36,000 Per Year.

NFL Equipment Manager Salary 2022

Less than 2 years$ 36,000
More than 2 years$ 60,008
More than 5 years$ 102,000

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Equipment and protective gears are an important part of any sport. Be it football or basketball, no game would commence without this equipment. The NFL players are fully covered with protective equipment under their uniforms. These gears include shoulder pads, helmets, thigh pads, and jackets. The equipment prevents the player from any injuries and minimizes the effect of any violent contact. There is plenty of equipment that needs to be handled and for that NFL hires an equipment manager for every team. The NFL equipment managers ensure that the coaches and the players have the apparel and equipment they need. They also pack and arrange gear for road trips

How To Become An NFL Equipment Manager?

It’s quite hard to join NFL in any position without having a love for football. Trainers, coaches, managers, and players have diversified educational backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common and that is being passionate about the sport and having enough knowledge about the NFL to become a part of it. The NFL equipment manager jobs require knowing the game inside and out and being passionate. Like every other managerial job, the NFL equipment manager position also requires to have good organizational skills and thinking ahead so that they anticipate the next move.

Additionally, having strong connections in the NFL or having anyone in your network that can link you to any NFL team will work too. Most of the applicants join the NFL as an intern and then move their way up. You can apply for an assistant equipment manager or similar position after you have demonstrated your skills and reliability. An equipment manager has a different job from all other managers as they have to learn everything about the types of equipment, gear, and apparel. They should know where to order these gears and apparel. Other responsibilities of an NFL equipment manager include locating laundry facilities and developing an apparel inventory system if the current system is not adequate. The managers also keep an eye on the preferences of players and coaches. With all these responsibilities the NFL equipment manager’s salary is also decent. If you have p[revious experience from high school or college you can apply for an NFL assistant equipment manager position. AEMA certification exam will also be beneficial for your career in the NFL as an equipment manager but to become a part of the Athletic Equipment Managers’ Association you need to have at least two years of paid non-student professional experience to qualify to sit for the AEMA certification exam.

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How Much Do NFL Equipment Managers Make In a Year?

NFL equipment manager salary can go as high as $63,000 a year according to different sources. Equipment managers in the NFL earn according to their skills and previous experience. Having only a bachelor’s degree in sports management without any experience can get you a salary a little lower than that. If you apply for the position of an assistant equipment manager the salary would be around $60,000 a year.


Before working as a head equipment manager an individual might work in conjunction as an assistant equipment manager in the NFL, hence the NFL equipment manager’s salary varies. Like every other organization’s manager, the NFL also increases the pay with time. Additionally, the employees are given bonuses and compensation adding to their annual salary.

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