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Average NFL Athletic Trainers Salary in 2022 is 46,500 Per Year.

NFL Athletic Trainers salary

Average NFL Athletic Trainers Salary in 2022 is $ 46,500 Per Year. The maximum salary given to an NFL Athletic Trainer is $ 75,000 Per Year. While, the minimum salary given to them is $ 36,000 a year.

NFL Athletic Trainers Salary 2022:

Less than 2 years$ 36,000
More than 2 years$ 46,500
More than 5 years$ 75,000

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In total, there are 32 teams in the NFL, and each of these teams hires a few athletic trainers for the medical care of their players. These trainers are primarily the first medical respondents on the field and otherwise too, essentially focusing on the muscular-skeletal system. They not only work with emergencies on the field, but they ensure that all players are treated to prevent injuries, are in shape, diagnosed, assessed, treated, and undergo rehabilitation for muscle development.

What is the NFL Athletic Trainers Salary Ranking 2022?

Ranking Annual Salary
Top Earners $ 69,000
75th Percentile $ 52,000
Average Salary $ 46,500
25th Percentile $ 35,500

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How To Become An Athletic Trainer For The NFL?

To become an athletic trainer for the NFL, a degree from a college or university from an accredited athletic program is required. After this, one must pass their state certification exam to receive their basic certification to practice. Some states in the United States may require more than just the certification – a second test to meet NATA requirements. Once these checkboxes are filled, one is rightfully eligible for NFL athletic trainers’ job openings.

How Much is the average NFL Athletic Trainers Salary?

How much do athletic trainers make in the NFL varies from the position of each trainer? Head athletic trainer salary is bound to differ from how much do athletic trainers make on average. How much do NFL trainers make on average has the answer as – approximately $46,500 a year, making the monthly salary around $3,800.

What is the highest NFL Athletic Trainers Salary?

The highest-paid athletic trainer in the NFL is working in the state of Hawaii, and his average salary is $61,900. The second-highest from the District of Columbia earns roughly $61,600. Therefore, top earners under the question ‘how much do athletic trainers make a year,’ are seen to make about $69,000  a year. Hence, their monthly makeup is around $5,750.

The average NFL athletic trainers salary a year in the 75th percentile is somewhat $52,000, with $4,300 as their monthly income.

What is the lowest NFL Athletic Trainers Salary?

How much does an NFL athletic trainer make when they are in the bottom tier? The salaries of athletic trainers in the 25th percentile range up to nearly $36,000 a year. Therefore, this breaks down their income to equate to $3000 a month.

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Other Salaries in the NFL for Similar Jobs?

There are other jobs in the NFL that are similar to those of athletic trainers. Two of these jobs are those of physical therapists and sports medicine doctors.

So, if such are NFL athletic trainers salary, then what are the salaries of others?

The average NFL physical therapist salary measures to be about $87,900 a year. Whereas the average NFL sports medicine doctor’s salary is around $205,000.

While NFL athletic trainers on average earn $46,500 a year, numbers show that professional athletic trainers outside of the NFL earn more on average. Professional athletic trainers salary on average is nearly $48,100. Nevertheless, both play crucial roles for athletes!