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Average NFL Practice Squad Salary is 403,200 USD Per Year ( 8,400 weekly).

nfl practice squad salary

Average NFL Practice Squad Salary is 403,200 USD Per Year ( 8,400 weekly). The maximum salary given to NFL Practice Squad is $ 1,200,000 (1.2 million) and $ 26,000 weekly. The minimum salary given to them is $ 364,800 Per Year ( 7,600 weekly).

NFL Practice Squad Salary in the US 2022:

Less than 2 years$ 364,800
More than 2 years$ 403,200
More than 5 years$ 1,200,000

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How Much Do NFL Practice Squad Players Make?

How much do NFL practice squads make? & Do practice squad players get paid? These two are some very common questions being asked by people. If we talk in general, we can say that the weekly salary of NFL practice squad players is $ 8,400. In a whole session of almost 17 weeks, which is a regular session of the NFL, these practice squads are paid $ 142,800. In this squad, there is no concept of maximum salary, a greater amount can be given to a player whose presence is required for a long time in the practice squad. Veteran players who have experience of 2 years are also paid a great amount, they are getting $ 12,000 and for the whole session, they are paid $ 204,000. There are some practice squads that are paid more than $ 8,000 per week. Philadelphia Eagles is a team that is paying their 4 players more than $ 8,000 each week. On a lighter note, it is also said that the Eagles are currently hiring the highest-paid squad players.

In a simple and uncomplicated manner, we can say that an NFL Practice Squad contains sixteen (16) extra spots in which they can play and do their practice without taking any participation in the actual game. There are many advantages to having an NFL Practice Squad, it provides some extra players all the time available to play in the game. It can also be useful to add some of the players from the other team who need more practice. An NFL practice squad player salary and NFL practice team salary can be negotiated and changed on the basis of their well-played games and other gaming skills that can dominate them among other teams and players.

What are the Top Paid NFL Practice Squad Players in the US 2022?

NBA Practice Squad Players Annual Salary
CB Maurice Canaday  1,248,000 USD
Eagles QB Kyle Lauletta 960,000 USD
RB Boston Scott 720,000 USD
WR Greg Ward 480,000 USD
LB Alex Singleton 384,000 USD
CB Craig James 384,000 USD

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How Many Players Are On an NFL Practice Squad?

At the start of 2019, there were 10 players who played in the practice squad. But for the years 2020 and 2022, it was announced by the authority to make it 12 players. It was also announced that the number of players will be increased to 14 in the coming year 2022. Due to the current crises of COVID-19, the practice squad team consists of 16 players. These practice squad players increase the flexibility of the teams, they can use these players in the game easily on very short notice. They can easily choose the players of their own choice and trust them to play in the game.

More protection is being given to the practice squad, different teams can sign four players from the practice squad and keep them for a week. These players are signed for one whole week. This means they are not available for any other team. Several experienced and veteran players are also hired to take place in the games. Generally, 4 to 6 veteran players are added to the team with an experience of 2 to 3 years. The salary of an NFL practice squad player is very reasonable. There are usually 53 players present on the spot to play a game. Some of these players can be exchanged by the 16 practice players if needed.

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How To Get on NFL Practice Squad?

The NFL practice squad consists of young players who are recently released. There are some rules that need to be taken into account to get into the practice squad:

  • Each team must have a maximum of 16 players in their practice squad.
  • The practice squad is made to practice with the team, they cannot participate in the match that involves active 53 players.
  • The practice players usually get their salaries every week and they can be taken out of the squad at any point of the season.
  • A practice player can be signed with any team unless it is released from the previous team. There is no restriction on the signing of the team.
  • Clearing from the waiver is very important before signing to any team. Clearance should be made even if the practice player is being released.
  • Each and every team has a new right to protect at least 4 practice players for one week.
  • The 53 active players playing in a team can be exceeded and made 55 by adding 2 players from the practice. These 2 players can be sent back without entering the waiver process two times only.

These are some of the rules that should be followed to get into an NFL practice squad.

What Does an NFL Practice Squad Player Make?

There is a complete list of some best salaries being paid to the NFL practice squad:

  • Ravens CB Maurice Canaday gets the NFL Practice Squad Salary of $ 26,000.
  • Eagles QB Kyle Lauletta gets an NFL practice squad pay of $ 20,000.
  • Texans QB Alex McGough gets a salary for an NFL practice squad player of $ 20,000.
  • Broncos QB Brett Rypien receives NFL Practice Squad Salary that is $ 20,000.
  • Dolphins QB Jake Rudock receives an income of $ 20,000.
  • Colts OL Jackson Barton gets the amount of $ 20,000 as NFL Practice Squad salary.

How Much Does a Practice Squad Make Weekly?

Here is a list of some players of the Eagles’ practice squad from the year 2019. It contains NFL Practice squad minimum and maximum salary:

  • QB Kyle Lauletta receives a weekly salary of $ 20,000. This is the maximum weekly salary.
  • OG Sua Opeta also gets $ 20,000 weekly.
  • RB Boston Scott is being paid $ 15,000 weekly.
  • WR Greg Ward gets the amount of $ 10,000 per week.
  • LB Alex Singleton is receiving the amount of $ 8,000 every week.
  • TE Joshua Perkins gets $ 8,000 each week. This is the average weekly salary.
  • WR Marcus Green is being paid $ 8,000.
  • DT Bruce Hector receives a weekly salary of $ 8,000 as well.
  • CB Craig James is getting $ 8,000 also.

How Much Does a Former NFL Practice Squad Get Paid By His New Team?

Here is a list of some former NFL practice squad salaries they are getting from their new teams. These salaries are weekly:

  • Jets RB Josh Adams gets a $ 25,000 salary.
  • Raiders DT Anthony Rush receives $ 17,000 income.
  • Cowboys QB Clayton Thorson receives $ 8,000 pay.
  • Browns WR Shelton Gibson gets a salary of $ 8,000 per week.
  • Washington S Jeremy Reaves amount of $ 8,000 as a weekly salary.

Final Words

If a person generally looks at the NFL practice squad salary, he can say that the amount they are getting is pretty much good. They are earning a good amount to live a lavish life ahead even after getting retired in a not-so-old age. These NFL players usually prefer to get retired at an early age and limit their matches; this also makes a significant increase in their salaries. So, extracting from the whole article, it is concluded that the average NFL practice squad weekly salary is 8,400 dollars. On the other hand, the average NFL maximum salary is $ 25,000. Earning this amount every week is more than enough for a man. They have to go through a lot of physical abuse. But that abuse only lasts for a maximum of seven years and a minimum of 5 years. After that, a player gets enough experience that they can easily go down without any second thought.


What is the weekly salary of an NFL practice squad player?

The weekly salary of NFL practice squad players is $ 14,000.

Do NFL practice squad players get paid all year?

No, practice squad players do not get paid all year. Their contracts are only for the weekly check.

What is the minimum NFL practice squad salary?

The minimum base salary for a position player with two or more seasons of service is $14,000 per week and $252,000 for the entire season.

Does the NFL practice squad travel with the team?

Traveling with the team to away games is prohibited for practice squad players.

How Much Do NFL Practice Squad Players Make