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Average Salary of NFL GM is 1 to 3 Million dollars per year

NFL GM salary

Average Salary of NFL GM is $1 to $3 Million per year. Their maximum and minimum salary range from $ 7,500,000 ( $7.5 million) to $ 1,000,000 ( $1 million) per year.

NFL GM Salary 2021:

Less than 2 years$ 1 million
More than 2 years$ 3 million
More than 5 years$ 7.5 million

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What Is The NFL GM salary?

How much does an NFL GM make is information open to the public. This is because the NFL is viewed as a non-profit organization by the government. Therefore, all enterprises exempted from taxes must make the salaries of their highest-paid officers public, one of these salaries is the NFL general managers salary. 

Given that general managers are usually one of the highest-paid front officers, general managers of teams in the NFL generally make between $1 million and $3 million on average a year. Therefore, answering the frequently asked question, “how much do NFL GMs make?” 

Even though the NFL GM salary is agreed upon given the contract signed with the team – how much do NFL general managers make is oftentimes affected by other factors as well, such as the ongoing overall performance of the team, or their attendance. 

Despite this being the average salary of NFL GMs, there are exceptions to this bunch. One of the exceptions is rumored to be one of the former bosses of Caserio, Bill Belicheck. Belicheck made more than $20 million a year taking up the job working for Patriot. Hence, Bill is reported to be the highest-paid GM in the NFL. 

Top Paid NFL GMs(General Managers 2021):

NFL GMs Annual Salary
John Elway  $3 million
Bill Belichick $7.5 million
John Schneider $3.75 million
Ozzie Newsome $2 million
Ted Thompson $2.5 million

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While the world is curious about the men in helmets and shoulder pads in the NFL, there are other men behind the scenes as well. These men mostly wear suits, manage the team for the most part and sign paychecks. These could be the CEOs, presidents, and general managers (GM). 

What Does an NFL GM Do?

NFL GM salary is by far the highest-paid salary of the front officers in the NFL. Because of their high position, they only have to report directly to the CEO or the owner of the organization. The hierarchy mostly remains the same as mentioned but can differ according to the leadership hierarchy set by the ownership. 

NFL general managers mainly work like an HR Department. Their job requires them to hire head coaches, build the personnel department staff, compile the team’s roster and their salaries according to the salary cap, and direct the rubric for potential college prospects. NFL GM salary is paid for the administrative duties done, like marketing, business development and strategies, and ensuring other facilities. 

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What Are Other NFL Front Office salaries?

The NFL front office typically consists of CEOs, presidents, vice presidents, general managers, scouts, accounting directors, etc. Typically, the NFL front office salaries range from $20,000 to $3 million – scouts to general managers. 

NFL executives salary is approximately $234,000 on average a year. Therefore, among this break-up, the median NFL CEO salary including bonuses is about $230,000 a year, earning about $100 an hour. While, typically, the average NFL managers salary rounds up to about $91,000 a year, it lies somewhere between $76,000 and $130,000. The scouts, however, are the lowest-paid front officers, making the NFL scout team salary lie between $20,000 and $95,000. 

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