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Average NFL Punter Salary in 2022 is $ 1,500,000 (1.5 million) Per Year.

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Average NFL Punter Salary in 2022 is $ 1,500,000 (1.5 million) Per Year. The maximum salary given to an NFL Punter is $ 3,750,000 (3.75 million) Per Year. The minimum salary given to them is $ 580,000 a year.

NFL Punter Salary 2022:

Less than 2 years$ 580,000
More than 2 years$ 1,500,000
More than 5 years$ 3,750,000 (3.75 million)

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Punters are often not given the same importance and value as their peer NFL players. They are regarded as unnecessary or useless parts of the team, hence, receiving disrespect and backlash. But an actual football fan knows the true meaning of having a good NFL punter on the roster. So, the question lies – who exactly is an NFL punter?

Who is an NFL Punter?

A punter is a player on the specialized team that receives the ball directly from the line of scrimmage. Therefore, essentially their job is to kick the football to the opposing team in a way that limits any field advantage. To a person who is not aggressively indulged in NFL football, the job just seems like an easy task to kick the ball high.

Not only do true fans know the importance of an NFL punter, but so do NFL executives and owners. They understand the value and significance of having a great NFL punter on the roster; therefore, NFL punter salary is a hot topic.

Who are the Top Paid NFL Punters 2022?

NFL Punters Annual Salary
Johnny Hekker $3.75 million
Micheal Dickson $3.6 million
Tress Way $3.3 million
Brett Kern $3.1 million
Riley Dixon $3 million
Corey Bojorquez $1 million

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What Makes a Good Punter?

For every genuine football fan, the question of how to be a good punter probably has a lot of weightage in their storage of football knowledge. The best punters in the NFL are those who have a good skill set revolving around kicking and catching. The football must go through a series of kicking and catching while the punter is running, tackling, and hand-passing. Therefore, the height of an NFL punter is of importance.

What are the Physical Requirements to Become a Punter?

Good punters are normally 6 ft. and over – athletic with long legs. Because so much impact prevails around the legs of the punters, muscle development is a key factor for success as well. Besides bodily aspects, a good punter must have an accurate eye for punting. The best punters in the NFL have to see that the ball is high enough in the air for them to make a move. The move itself must also be made with the right angles and a lot of strength.

What is the Average Salary of NFL Punters?

The salary of NFL punters is always an asked question. Typically, how much an NFL punter makes varies from player to player, and from team to team. So, it would not be a fair comparison to give out an average monetary value of how much NFL punters get paid. Therefore, given the lack of stabilization in the salary, the NFL punter salary starts from the top punter of the NFL being paid $3.75 million a year. On the other hand, the lowest-paid NFL punter salary is approximately $580 thousand a year.

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What are the Salaries of Top Punters in the NFL?

As established previously, the salary of NFL punters ranges from the high-tier best punters in the NFL to those in the lower-tier. However, how much do NFL punters get paid does not indicate the quality of their work, or in other words – who the top player is in terms of their performance. The NFL punter salary primarily varies from each player in the different teams they are in.

Who are the Top 5 Highest Paid Punters in the NFL?

The highest-paid punter in the NFL is Johnny Hekker playing for the Rams – he earns on average $3.75 million a year, at the age of 31. Following him is one of the younger punters, who is the second-highest-paid NFL punter only at the age of 25 – he is Micheal Dickson from the team ‘Seahawks’ and earns $3.6 million on average per year. The third on the list is Tress Way from Washington, being paid on average $3.3 million per year, followed by Brett Kern from Titans, who earns about $3.1 million a year. The fifth highest-paid player closely follows by earning approximately $3 million a year – Riley Dixon from Giants.

Right in the middle of the list indicating the NFL punter salary, Corey Bojorquez from the Rams is seen, earning about $1 million a year. Past him, salaries fall to below 1 million with Lachlan Edwards earning about $990 thousand, and Presley Harvin Ill about $890 thousand a year.

As the salaries ranking slowly proceeds to the bottom tier, Ryan Winslow and Tyler Newsome from Packers and Cardinals, respectively, earn around $660 thousand a year. The Browns’ punter Jamie Gillan receives a paycheque of roughly $588 thousand, and lastly, the earnings of A.J. Cole from Raiders receives on average $585,833 a year. It must be noted that the salary of A.J. Cole is the lowest salary among how much do NFL punters make.

What are the Salaries of Other Team Members in the NFL?

How much a punter in the NFL makes is imperative to know. Nevertheless, it is more or less equally important to know the salaries of NFL players, kickers, and rookies.

What is the Salary of an NFL Player?

The salary of NFL players on average is around $20 million a season in average annual salary. The highest-paid player, regardless of his position earns about $45 million as his average annual salary, with the lowest being paid $20 million.

What is the Salary of an NFL Kicker?

The salary of NFL kickers also varies drastically like those of punters. The highest-paid NFL kicker in 2022 earns $5 million on average a year. While the lowest paid kicker earns about $660 thousand on average a year.

What is the Salary of an NFL Rookie?

The salary of NFL rookies begins with Trevor Lawrence as the top paid – his total contract guaranteeing him $36.9 million. Whereas Joe Tryon on pick number 32 has a total contract of $11.2 million.


Who is highest-paid punter in NFL?

Hekker Johnny Hekker LAR is the highest paid punter in the NFL.

Who are the Top NFL Punters 2022?

In the 2022 NFL Draft, a ranking of the best punters in the NFL set out as follows:

  1. Micheal Dickson
  2. Logan Cooke
  3. A. J. Cole
  4. Jack Fox
  5. Bryan Anger

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