What is the NFL League Minimum Salary 【Player Salary 2022】

The Minimum NFL League Salary in 2022 is $660,000 Per Year.

nfl league minimum salary

The Median NFL League Salary in 2022 is $860,000 Per Year. The minimum salary given to NFL League player is $660,000 Per Year. The maximum salary contract given to NFL League player is $450.2 million USD. While the highest salary given to any player is $40 Million

NFL League Minimum Salary 2022:

Less than 2 years$ 660,000
More than 2 years$ 860,000
More than 5 years$ 1.065 million

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How Much Does The Lowest NFL Player Make?

The coronavirus had a significant impact on all businesses around the globe. Despite that, the minimum salary for NFL players did not get affected that much. Instead, it saw a continuous increase from the past years and contracts. Thus, the league this year has the potential to enjoy a good year and give reasonably attractive pay to their players even at the lowest salary tier.

In 2020, the NFL league minimum salary for its players was $610,000. This was a jump of $100,000 compared with the last CBA, which agreed to pay $510,000 to its lowest-paid player in the league.

According to the minimum NFL contract established under the Collective Bargaining Agreement in March 2020, the NFL league’s minimum salary for 2022 is $660,000. The new agreement in 2022 has further seen an increase of $50,000 for 2022.

Football is more valuable and a personal affair than a mere game for more than three billion people around the globe (but mainly in the US and Canada). Their fans develop a connection and an emotional attachment with the people who play the game. Therefore, they are always curious about their life and what they do. Exploring all aspects of their life such as their fitness routine, food, vacations, etc., everything is part of google search today.

The fan base increases even more when the football league is popular and in play which usually starts mid September and runs until the Super Bowl which is in February. The NFL is one such league that garners a lot of curiosity and fan base. Similarly, the NFL league minimum salary is also one of the most asked questions on the web. People want to know what their favorite teams earn per game and per season.

Most of the players that first come into the NFL league start their careers with a small initial salary which is usually the league minimum. The NFL is a large football league with 32 teams, so the NFL also has a minimum salary like other big businesses. We will look at the NFL league minimum salary and what their most underpaid worker is getting.

What are the Expected NFL Salaries In The Upcoming Years?

Years Annual Salary
2021 $660k
2022 $705k
2023 $750k
2024 $795k
2025 $840k
2026 $885k
2027 $930k
2028 $975k
2029 $1.020M
2030 $1.065M

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How Has The Minimum Salary For NFL Players Increased Compared To The Last Arrangement?

The last collective bargaining agreement was made in 2011. At that time, the NFL league minimum pay was $375,000. Since then, the number has shown an upward trajectory with no impact from the changing world events. According to the contract, NFL players will continue to enjoy increasing minimum pay with a consistent upward trend in their wages.

Even the lowest-paid NFL player salary received extra money for showing a good performance. For instance, in 2022, each team got $8.5m in performance-based pay to be divided among all the players depending on their salary and playtime.

As Statista states, an NFL player’s lowest salary will be a whopping $1.065 million in 2030. This is living proof of the success of the league and how they are treating their best assets at all levels.

How Much Salary Does An NFL Practice Squad Earn?

The NFL players signed with the team but not yet part of the active roster have to spend some time in the practice squad, otherwise called taxi squad or practice roster. NFL practice squad salary in 2020 was $8,400 per week or $142,800 for 17 weeks.

The practice squad serves as extra players and helps the team prepare for the match by acting as the upcoming opponent team during practice sessions. Even as inexperienced players, working to ace their game, new players make a reasonable sum of money.

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What is the NFL League Minimum Salary in Comparison With Other Leagues?

When a comparison is made between an NFL player minimum salary and other major leagues, you will see the NFL at the center of standing in the competition. The NFL league is paying $660,00 minimum wage to its players, while other leagues are paying in the below-mentioned manner.

  •         NBA standing at the top for salary is paying $925,000
  •         NHL comes right next to it with $750,000
  •         The last among the major leagues is MLB at $570,500

How Does The NFL League Minimum Salary Break Down Over a Season?

A regular season of the league has 17 games, so the minimum salary in the NFL, when divided, becomes $38,823.52 per game. The further breakdown of the minimum salary for the NFL league is $55,000 per month. Similarly, NFL league players minimum wage per day is $1,824. This salary breakdown is what you get after an increase in last year’s payment.

What Is The Difference Between the Minimum Salary For An NFL Player vs. USA Wage Worker?

It would be thought-provoking to know how much NFL players are making compared to an average worker in the USA. In the USA, the wage is customarily calculated at an hourly rate. On average, a worker in the USA makes $12 per hour. So, the weekly take-home salary is $480. In comparison, as mentioned above, the NFL player’s salary minimum starts from more than 600 thousand. So, they earn approximately $12,692 per week. Though it is not in parity with the numbers shown by other leagues, when compared, the NFL league minimum salary is an astonishing 20 times more than what an average US worker makes.


The NFL is one of the major football leagues. Therefore, they make sure to make a competitive salary package to attract and retain the best talent in their teams. Though NFL base salaries are lesser than a few leading football leagues, it is still higher than many leagues. The NFL league minimum salary currently decided as more than 600,000 for 2022 is expected to increase, which is promising for the new players inducted into the teams.


What is the NFL’s minimum player salary?

The minimum salary of an NFL player is approximately $660,000.

What is the NFL league minimum salary?

The NFL league minimum salary in 2021 was $660,000.

How and When Do You Get Paid in the NFL?