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Average salary of an NBA Rookie is $ 2,737,600 Per Year.

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The average salary of an NBA Rookie is $ 2,737,600 Per Year. The maximum amount of money given to an NBA Rookie in his first year is $ 8,131,200. While the minimum amount of money earned by them in their first year is $ 1,613,700. The least amount written here is among the first thirty players. This amount can also be decreased.

NBA Rookie Salary 2022:

Minimum Salary$ 1,613,700
Average Salary$ 2,737,600
Maximum Salary$ 8,131,200

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How Much Do Rookies Make in The NBA?

After learning about the salary cap, it is finally time to know how much do NBA rookies get paid? Along with the NBA’s salary cap being set as $109,140,000 for the 2020-21 season, the NBA rookie salary cap has been set as well. An average NBA rookie salary is set accordingly and has locked in the value of contracts for first-round picks.

Nba rookie contracts comprise slots that are based on where they were drafted. Being a part of the NBA draft pick is a great moment for any basketball player, but the difference between being the no.1 pick and later on, means it affects an NBA rookie salary as well. The salaries of the NBA draft pick decrease if you are found at the bottom of the table.

Depending on the position of the selected players, and the NBA rookie contract scale, they will have the power to negotiate regarding their contract.  The first-round pick players have set figures of how much they will earn each season, but they can negotiate up to 120% of that salary, or end up having as low as 80% of it and this is how NBA rookie salaries are set in every season.

When the salaries of NBA draft picks are set, the agents negotiate the terms and conditions on behalf of their clients. This is why some rookies sign contracts as soon a possible.

Listed below is the NBA rookie salary scale for 2021-2022 that represents 120% of the NBA first-round draft pick salary. But, before that, you must know how long are NBA rookie contracts?  An NBA rookie scale contracts are guaranteed for the first two years, the players have options on the third and fourth years.

Who Is a Rookie in the NBA?

In the NBA a rookie is any player who has never played a game in the NBA until that year and the past 1 year. In the NBA the panel comprising the U.S and Canadian broadcasters and sportswriters awards the best rookie NBA Rookie of the Year Award. In this league, there are NBA rookie contracts. These contracts have special rules that limit a team when it comes to paying its players. The length of the contract is limited as well.

TOP 15 Salaries of NBA Rookies 2022:

NBA Rookie Annual Salary
Anthony Edwards $9,757,440
James Wiseman
LaMelo Ball $7,839,960
Patrick Williams $7,068,360
Isaac Okoro $6,400,920
Onyeka Okongwu $5,813,640
Kilian Hayes $5,307,120
Obi Toppin $4,862,040
Deni Avdija $4,469,160
Jalen Smith $4,245,720
Devin Vasell $4,033,440
Tyrese Haliburton $3,831,840
Kira Lewis Jr. $3,640,200
Aaron Nesmith $3,458,400
Cole Anthony $3,285,120

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What Do We Mean By NBA Salary Cap?

The amount to which an NBA team is allowed to pay its players is called the salary cap. It acts as a ceiling from which the total salaries of a team cannot exceed. However, there are multiple exceptions. Most professional leagues have a salary cap that maintains the costs and benefits uniformity which is defined by any league’s Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)  As there are a few exceptions, the teams can go across it and only pay taxes; it is often called a “soft” cap. There is a “hard” cap system in the NFL where no team can exceed its limit for any reason.

The team is liable to spend 90% of the salary cap on their players during one salary cap year, this is considered as the team minimum salary. For the 2020-21 NBA season, the salary cap is set at $109.1 million excluding the luxury tax which is set as $132.6 million. Due to the pandemic, there isn’t an increase in the figures. As compared to the 2019-202 NBA season.

What is the highest NBA Rookie Salaries for 2021-2022 Season?

So, for No.1 pick Anthony Edward, the rookie scale is set at $9,757,440. For the current year, in the next season, he can make as much as $10,245,480 or as little as $6,830,320 leaving the total at $44,271,137. This makes Williamson the highest-paid NBA rookie.

The scale for the No. 2 pick is James Wiseman and the NBA rookie salary for this player is set as $8,730,240. He can make $7,275,200 on 100% rookie scale and as low as $5,820,160.

For No. 3 pick LaMelo Ball, his scale for his first year will start at $7,839,960. He can make as low as $5,226,640. However, with 120%of the rookie scale he can earn up to $8,231,760 in the next season.

The No. 4 pick is Patrick Williams, his 120% rookie salary scale is set at $7,068,360, he can earn as low as $4,712,240 for the 2021-2022 season. Along with the total of 2nd, third and fourth year offers his qualifying offer at 120% scale is $32,101,641.

Lastly, the no.5 selection Isaac Okoro’s scale opens at $5,334,100. He can earn as high as $6,400,920 and as low as $4,267,280 in the current season. For the upcoming season, Okoro’s scale has been set for $5,600,600.

Wrapping up: How Much Does a Rookie NBA Player Make?

To conclude the article we learned about what is a salary cap and how much do NBA rookies make in a year. The first-year-round picks are a part of the NBA games every year. After the slots from No.1 to No.30 are filled, the NBA first-round picks are complete. Giving your best in your debut match and throughout the league, will surely help you win the NBA mascot of the year. The better you perform, the higher the chances are to land from a rookie into an All-Star team.

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