Average Salary in Luxembourg【Latest 2022】

Average salary in Luxembourg is € 59000 EUR(63,000 USD)

Average salary in Luxembourg is € 59000 EUR(63,000 USD). Big firms that hire employees in Luxembourg pay more, the highest salary in such firms can go as high as 263,000 EUR. While, their minimum income can be as low as 14,900 EUR per year.

Average Salary in Luxembourg in 2022

Less than 2 years€ 14,900 EUR
More than 2 years€ 59000 EUR
More than 5 years€ 263,000 EUR

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What Is The Average Salary in Luxembourg?

The average salary in Luxembourg for 2022 is estimated at € 59000 EUR($63,000) while the hourly rate is up to € 30 which is the highest paid rate in the world.

If you want to pursue a career in Luxembourg, the tiny but rich and prosperous European state but aren’t sure how much the minimum wage in Luxembourg is, this article will help you to figure it out.

What is the most paid job in Luxembourg?

Job Titles Monthly Salary
Agriculture Sector € 2000 to € 5000
Education Sector € 2300 to € 6000
Teachers € 2100 to € 6400
Commerce and banking € 3400 to € 8000
Engineering Sector € 3100 to € 6300
Insurance Sector € 2900 to € 6700
Journalism and Media Sector € 2400 to € 5700
Law and Legislation Sector € 3000 to € 8800
Medicine Sector € 2000 to € 6300
Security Sector € 2100 to € 5800

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What Do We Know About Luxembourg?

Average Salary in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small country in Europe adjoining Germany, Belgium, and France as neighboring countries. Luxembourg is not only the richest state in Europe but also one of the wealthiest nations in the world. It holds the title of the world’s highest GDP (per capita). It is the least populous yet a developed country with an advanced economy. The average salary in Luxembourg for adults or experienced workers (18 or older) increases 20% and decreases by 25% for adolescent or unskilled workers (17-18 years old).

Top 10 Highest Paid States in Europe?

Luxembourg stays top on the list of The Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development for the highest paid countries in Europe with an average salary of € 30 (hourly), € 2477 to € 7778 (monthly) and up to € 59000 (yearly), while Australia stands second on the list with an average base salary of $ 20.33 (hourly), $772.60 (weekly per 38 hours), $ 3000 (monthly) and up to $37000 (yearly) contradictory, France and New Zealand, comes after Australia with an average expected salary of $11.66 and $ 11.20 (hourly), $443 and $ 425 (per 38 hours weekly), $1700 (monthly), and up to $21200 and $ 20,000 (yearly) while, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom comes after new Zealand with a minimum salary of $10 (hourly), $360 (per 38 hours weekly), $ 1500 (monthly) and up to $ 18900 (yearly) Ireland and Canada ranks on the last of this list with an average salary of $ 9 (hourly), $ 342 (per 38 hours weekly), $ 13000 (monthly) and up to $ 16400 (yearly).

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Salary Comparison of Jobs/Industries in Luxembourg

To begin with, the Luxembourg minimum wage for the Agriculture sector is € 2000 to € 5000. Moreover, the minimum salary in Luxembourg for the education, research and science sector is around € 2300 to € 6000. The Luxembourg teacher salary for primary school, secondary school, and special school are € 2100 to € 6400.

What is the most paid job in Luxembourg?

Furthermore, the average monthly salary in the commerce and banking area is about € 3400 to € 8000. Conversely, the engineering sector and the career advisor sector earn an average of € 3100 to € 6300 and of € 2900 to € 6800. The Luxembourg minimum wage of the insurance sector is between € 2900 to € 6700. Contradictory, Journalism, Printing & broadcasting Media sector is in between € 2400 to € 5700. While the income for the law and legislation sector, medicine, social, and security sector is € 3000 to € 8800, € 2000 to € 6300, and € 2100 to € 5800. For the service industry, interpreting and translating sector the wage is typically from € 2000 to € 4800 and € 3000 to € 5800. To conclude, Luxembourg’s minimum wage for the IT sector is between € 3400 to € 8700. The wages rank differs for different departments, positions and experience levels; the minimum wage is from € 2800 to a maximum of € 16600 monthly.

What is Salary in Luxembourg Based on Experience?

An individual’s level of experience is the most important factor that determines how much they will earn. A higher level of experience presumably translates to a higher wage and rank for that specific individual. Experienced professionals with 3 to 6 years of experience earn 32%–35% more than those with a year of experience. Upon attaining ten years’ working experience, you will receive a 21% salary increase in Luxembourg.

What is the comparison of Education and Salary in Luxembourg?

Knowledgeable people typically earn more than raw, unskilled workers. As one’s education level increases, so do their experience, knowledge, and skills. In Luxembourg, PhD holders earn 23% more than master students, whereas master students earn 29% more than bachelor students. However, bachelor students earn 24% more than diploma holders.

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What is the Gender-Based Luxembourg Salaries?

In theory, every employee’s wage or salary should be the same regardless of gender, but it is not. Luxembourg has a gender pay gap of 5% between men and women in all sectors. Compared to the same field and with the same working hours, the average monthly earning of a man is € 5005 while the average monthly earning of a woman is € 4800.

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