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Average Salary in Philippines is 313,600 PHP per year

Average Salary in Phillippines

The Average Salary in the Philippines ranges from 211,300 PHP to 900,000 PHP. While the median salary in the Philippines is 655,200 PHP per year.

Average Salary in Philippines 2022:

1-2 years332,000 PHP
2-4 years465,000 PHP
4-8 years664,000 PHP
8-12 years879,000 PHP
12-16 years1,462,000 PHP
16-20 years1,672,000 PHP
More than 20 years1,676,560 PHP

The salary range in the Philippines stretches from 11,000 PHP (217.23 USD) to 200,000 PHP (3949.57 USD) per month. In this range, the lowest earned salary is typically 11,300 PHP (223.15 USD) per month, and the highest earned average wage in the Philippines a month is about 199,000 PHP (2349.99 USD) . However, most commonly, the average salary in the Philippines is about 45,000 PHP (888.65 USD) in a month. But given different professions, the salary can definitely vary.

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What is the Average Salary in Philippines According to the Job/Industry 2022?

After understanding the average income in the Philippines, it is important to note that the average salary in the Philippines of an individual also greatly varies with the industry they are working in. The salaries of those working in the corporate sector have understandably greater salaries than someone who is classified as a low-skilled worker. Also, those working at a higher-level position have a better salary than those in the middle tier. Therefore, given the kind of job one is working and the industry they are working in, the average salary in the Philippines varies accordingly.

Job Title  Annual Salary
Accountant 355,596 PHP
Call Center Agent 198,093 PHP
Inside Sales Representative 432,114 PHP
Real Estate Agent 564,419 PHP
Software Engineer 389,874 PHP
Project Manager 563,302 PHP
(Human Resources) HR Manager 505,865 PHP
(Information Technology) IT Manager 605,009 PHP
Customer Service Representative 244,072 PHP
Administrative Assistant 216,882 PHP
Data Analyst 369,822 PHP
Human Resources Assistant 175,079 PHP
Human Resources Officer 294,092 PHP
Executive Assistant 333,019 PHP
Copywriter 360,739 PHP
Marketing Manager 671,865 PHP
Graphic Designer 248,247 PHP
Front End Developer 350,347 PHP
Design Architect 338,700 PHP
Business Analyst 418,908 PHP
Operations Manager 516,352 PHP

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What is a Good Salary in the Philippines 2022?

With any job, anywhere in the world, as the experience of an individual in a particular field increases, so does their salary. Typically, the average income per person in the Philippines of someone having 2-5 years of experience is 32% more compared to the starting salary in the Philippines of freshers across all industries.

Meanwhile, the average monthly salary in the Philippines of someone with more than five years of experience is 36% greater than those with 2-5 years of experience.

As the hierarchy grows, after hitting a ten-year mark, the average Filipino salary is raised by 21%. Subsequently, a fifteen-year mark is rewarded with a 10% rise in the average salary in the Philippines.

What is Average Salary in Philippines According to the Education?

The basic pay in the Philippines of an individual varies with levels of education as with any salary in the world. The average salary in the Philippines for someone straight out of high school is 17% less than another person with at least a certificate or a diploma. The one with a certificate or a diploma has an average income in the Philippines of 24% less than someone who has a bachelor’s degree. The progression in the educational hierarchy shows that on average, an individual with a master’s degree consequently earns 29% more than a bachelor’s degree. The farthest someone can go with their education is earning a Ph.D. Therefore, the average income in the Philippines of someone with a doctorate is 23% greater than someone with a master’s.

What is Average Salary in Philippines According to the Gender 2022:

Unfortunately, a salary gap according to genders still exists in the world, and the Philippines is no exception to that. Despite living in the 21st century, such a difference exists and is vividly seen in the average salary in the Philippines given the gender.

The average salary of men in the Philippines is estimated to be roughly 1,086,000 PHP (21446.15 USD) a year, while the average salary of women in the Philippines is around 705,540 PHP (13932.89 USD) a year.

Below is a list to give a clear-cut picture of the average annual income in the Philippines across some careers.

  • Travel Agent: 454,117 PHP (8967.83 USD)
  • Teacher: 433,934 PHP (8569.26 USD)
  • Sales Representative: 368,340 PHP (7273.90 USD)
  • Project Manager: 648,880 PHP (12813.98 USD)
  • Nurse: 439,990 PHP (8688.85 USD)
  • HRM: 773,000 PHP (15265.08 USD)
  • Engineers: 511,280 PHP (10096.68 USD)
  • Programmer: 528,290 PHP (10432.59 USD)
  • Computer Technician: 454,120 PHP (8967.89 USD)
  • CEO: 1,287,770 PHP (25430.68 USD)
  • Chef: 489,440 PHP (9665.38 USD)
  • Accountant: 393,570 PHP (7772.16 USD)

How much does an average Filipino earn per Hour?

The minimum wages in the Philippines are set by tripartite regional wage boards which are located in all the areas.

The daily minimum range in the Philippines ranges from one region to another, ranging from 316 PHP (6.24 USD) to 537 PHP (10.60 USD) in a day in 2022. However, when calculating the minimum hourly wage in the Philippines, the rough estimate is around 260 PHP (5.13 USD). This means that a Filipino on average earns 260 PHP (5.13 USD) for every hour he has worked.

How Much Does It Cost To Live Comfortably In The Philippines?

To live comfortably in the Philippines, the average salary of a local should be between 30,000 ( 592.44 USD) to 40,000 PHP (789.91 USD) a month. However, as an individual moves further into the Metropolitan area of Manila, they need an additional 10,000 PHP (197.48 USD) to live comfortably.

There is vast data available to compare the cost of living in the Philippines compared to the US as well. The cost of living of one person in the Philippines is 30,460 PHP (601.52 USD), whereas, in the US, the cost is 959,700 PHP (18952.00 USD), making America one of the most expensive countries to live in. When talking about a family, the cost of living in the Philippines is nearly 76,470 PHP (1510.12 USD), while in the US it is 215,780 PHP (4261.19 USD).

Needless to say, regardless of the location, to live a comfortable life and to earn a higher salary, one has to work hard to beat their circumstances!