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Average Salary of an NBA Ball Boy in the United States is $ 51,429 Per Year

nba ball boy salary

Average Salary of an NBA Ball Boy in the United States is $ 51,429 Per Year. The highest amount paid to an NBA Ball Boy is $ 104,000 and the lowest amount given to them can be $ 26,000 Per Year.

NBA Ball Boy Salary in the US 2022:

Less than 2 years$ 26,000
More than 2 years$ 54,000
More than 5 years$ 104,000

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Who Is a Ball Boy?

Ball boys or ball girls are usually youths that retrieve and supply balls to the players during the official matches. These individuals are present in almost every sport like cricket, tennis, baseball, and basketball as well.

As NBA is one of the most widely watched sports in the world, apart from the players the staff also earns a decent annual income as well. Thus, an NBA ball boy’s salary is not much less than the other employees like waterboys, towel boys at NBA.

What is the NBA Ball Boy Salaries in Different Cities of the US?

City Annual Salary
San Mateo, CA $51,001
Juneau, AK $48,177
Boston, MA $47,098
Santa Monica, CA $43,569
Quincy, MA $39,566
Renton, WA $35,415
Berkeley, CA $31,413
Daly City, CA $29,297
Queens, NY $28,886
Lowell, MA $28,769

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What Do We Know About The NBA Games?

NBA or the national basketball association is a professional basketball league that was formed in June 1946 in New York. Before it was named as NBA, it was called the Basketball Association of America (BBA). The NBA is quite popular in America and Canada and this North American basketball league encompasses 29 teams from the U.S and one team from Canada. As the NBA is one of the most popular and premier league NBA athletes are one of the wealthiest sportsmen due to their high annual salaries and contracts.

Apart from the players. The staff also generates a good annual salary. Along with the players, the team working behind is also the building block of this league. And, yes that means waterboys, towel boys and ball boys too. Like other employees, the NBA ball boy’s salary depends on the skill level and experience. But, if you are wondering how much they make in a year keep reading below!

What Do Ball Boys At The NBA Do?

Like in every other sport, the ball boys at NBA are responsible for retrieving balls for officials or the players. They have to be quick and responsive during the match so that it runs smoothly. In some cases, they do more than just rebounding. From folding towels to making lace pads, some ball boys do it too, even though there are towel boys for that work. From gathering the dead balls to making sure the players get dry towels, some teams hire ball boys to do all this work. For this reason, we believe an NBA ball boy’s salary should be worth the physical exertion.

How to Become a Ballboy For The NBA?

Before filling an NBA ball boy application, an individual must be 16 and above and must have the required skillset and education to become one. Some applications for an NBA ball boy require writing a letter in their own words and telling them about what makes them stand out from others and why they should be a part of NBA ball crew members.

An NBA ball boy job might be physically tough, but the selection process is also vigorous. One needs to have information about NBA and be passionate about basketball so that their selection becomes easy. Having good communication skills will also be a plus point to get in touch with the local NBA teams and get information about how they decide who gets to be a ball boy.

How Much Do Ball Boys Get Paid?

You’ve got your answer about how to become a ballboy at NBA, now it’s time to learn about the NBA ball boy salary.

On average, an NBA ball boy earns around $52,000 annually. These young individuals have a tough time running around the court but a little less than the players. On an hourly basis, the NBA ball boy salary is $9-$13. The pay rate varies according to the skills, education and experience of the individuals. Some famous teams might hire the young kids at a higher rate than usual while others hire them as unpaid interns,

How much do NBA security guards make?

The yearly salary for an NBA security guard is $118,500

What Is An NBA Mascot?

There is no doubt that NBA players earn more than most athletes around the world. Since the NBA is one of the most-watched leagues and has millions of fans around the world, the people working behind the scenes and on the court deserve a decent salary as they make this professional league worth watching.

Similarly, the mascots also have an impact during the game as they are tension relievers throughout the game and keep the fans hyped up if their team is winning. The salary range of an NBA mascot is wide as it can be as low as $22,000 and high as $100,000 depending upon the experience and skills.

Does the NBA or NFL Pay More?

As the NFL is more popular than the NBA, the players make more money. But, the NBA has more players so the average annual pay is higher. The NFL waterboy pay is $53,000 per year. The range of NFL towel boy salary is somewhat similar to that of NBA i.e $55,000 – $60,000.

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If you wish to become a ball boy at NBA, you must have enough knowledge regarding the teams and the league itself. Students who are newbies in this field may get a salary a little lower than the average, but with experience the pay scale might rise.

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