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Average NBA Commissioner Salary in 2022 is $8 Million Per Year.

NBA Commissioner Salary

The Average NBA Commissioner Salary in 2022 is $8 Million Per Year. Their salary ranges from the maximum amount of $11 Million to the minimum amount of $6 Million Per year. 

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Average NBA Commissioner Salary in 2022:

Less than 2 years$6 Million
More than 2 years $8 Million
More than 5 years$11 Million

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How Much Does The NBA Commissioner Make?

NBA commissioner salary is typically high enough to raise the commissioner’s net worth almost paralleling that of the NBA players themselves. Therefore, to earn approximately just as much in sports, without being popular, perhaps being an NBA commissioner may be the right job. 

So, the question still lies – how much does the NBA commissioner get paid? Or that can be better rephrased to – how much does Adam Silver make? 

The NBA commissioner salary today is $10 million a year. However, recent news suggests that Adam Silver had to face a 20% pay-cut due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Despite such circumstances, Silver still managed to make $8 million from the NBA. This current figure of the NBA commissioner salary is approximately equal to that of the players in the NBA. For instance, Fred VanVleet, a player, earns $9 million a year. 

Given that the NBA commissioner salary of Adam Silver is such, his net worth is extremely high as well. Adam Silver’s net worth is reported to be roughly $35 million. As afore-mentioned, the net worth of commissioners nearly equates to that of the players. For instance, Anthony Davis’s net worth is approximately $30 million. 

Average NBA Commissioner Salaries 2022:

Name Annual Salary
David Stern $20 Million
Adam Silver $10 Million

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Before anybody jumps to the NBA commissioner salary, or how much their salary is compared to other officials in the NBA, or if players are richer than the officers, it is vital to know what exactly an NBA commissioner does, and how to even become one. 

What Does The NBA Commissioner Do?

The Chief Executive of the National Basketball Association is essentially referred to as the commissioner of the NBA. In easy terms, a commissioner is like a president or the CEO of the NBA as an organization. 

As a commissioner, one’s role is to supervise and be responsible for the league’s policies on broadcast-right deals and corporate sponsorships. The commissioner must take the league through these vital steps to ensure growth in international markets and labor negotiations. The commissioner is also in charge of scheduling games, arranging referees, and arranging contracts. They are required to discipline players, coaches, owners, and managers too.  

Since 1st February 2014, Adam Silver has been the commissioner of the NBA, following the footsteps of his predecessor, David Stern. 

How To Become NBA Commissioner?

 To become an NBA commissioner and rightfully earn the salary of NBA commissioner, all probable candidates are voted upon by owners of teams, making up the NBA Board of Directors. A commissioner is appointed based on the poll, and that is how Silver was appointed. 

In terms of educational requirements to become an NBA commissioner, Silver and Stern were both lawyers by profession. Before becoming the commissioner, both of them had worked various jobs in the NBA and then succeeded in this head position. 

NBA Commissioners of The Past

Commissioners of the NBA complete very long tenures – for example, Silver Stern completed a 30-year long tenure. To put into perspective, the following is a list of NBA commissioners: 

1. Maurice Podoloff

Podoloff worked from 1946-63, finishing a tenure of 16 years and 329 days. 

2. J. Walter Kennedy

Kennedy worked from 1963-75, finishing a tenure of 12 years and 31 days. 

3. Larry O’Brien 

O’Brien worked from 1975-84, finishing a tenure of 8 years and 245 days. 

4. David Stern

Stern worked from 1984-2014, finishing a tenure of 30 years and 0 days. 

5. Adam Silver

Silver has been working since 2014 to this day. 

History of NBA Commissioners Salary and Net Worth

A lot of the NBA commissioners of the past are no more in this world. However, for their periods in their eras, they too had high NBA commissioner salary and handsome net worth. 

One of the commissioners, J. Walter Kennedy in 1961, made an annual salary of $30,000 on average. While the NBA commissioner salary of Larry O’Brien (1975-84) is unknown, his estimated net worth upon his death was somewhere between $1 million to $5 million. 

The former and one of the most legendary commissioners of the NBA, David Stern, made a total of $150 million in his 30 years at work. That made him own massive net worth of $135 million. 

Other Salaries in the NBA

Besides the important job of being a commissioner of the NBA, deputy commissioners and presidents also hold a lot of significance. 

The NBA’s current deputy commissioner is Mark A. Tatum, working alongside Silver. He was appointed through the same procedure that is used for selecting commissioners. Unfortunately, the NBA deputy commissioner’s salary is unknown. However, it is estimated to soon grow more than what it already is, for it is said that Tatum will take up Silver’s job after his tenure. 

On the other hand, the NBA president’s salary is on average $108,709 a year, breaking it down to roughly $2000 a week. The top earners in this field earn about $200,000, while the low earners earn about $45,000 annually.  

Therefore, it can safely be said that in terms of salaries – NBA commissioners are no less than the NBA superstars! 

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