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Average Neurosurgeon Salary in Canada 2022 is CA$510,000 Per Year

Neurosurgeon Salary Canada

The Average Neurosurgeon Salary in Canada for the year 2022 is CA$510,000 Per Year. The maximum salary given to a Neurosurgeon is CA$802,000 Per Year and the minimum salary given to them is CA$153,000 Per Year.

Neurosurgeon Salary in Canada 2022:


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What is the Neurosurgeon Salary in Cities of Canada?

City Average Salary
Brampton 379,000 CAD
Calgary 397,000 CAD
Edmonton 370,000 CAD
Gatineau 332,000 CAD
Halifax 349,000 CAD
Hamilton 367,000 CAD
Kitchener 371,000 CAD
Markham 360,000 CAD
Mississauga 363,000 CAD
Montreal 381,000 CAD
Ottawa 390,000 CAD
Quebec 371,000 CAD
Regina 331,000 CAD
Richmond 341,000 CAD
Saskatoon 321,000 CAD
Surrey 346,000 CAD
Toronto 392,000 CAD
Vancouver 401,000 CAD
Vaughan 332,000 CAD
Windsor 342,000 CAD
Winnipeg 367,000 CAD

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Everyone wonders which doctors make the most money. Today I’ll go through everything you need to know about the highest paying doctors. Now physicians like the one that does your yearly physical make around $243,000 and that’s a lot of money but specialists make more they average around $346,000.

So, every single medical field radiation oncologists tend to be paid less than other specialists but keep in mind that that low pay is relative the median salary is still way higher than you would make. In most other jobs at 506 thousand dollars. In general, you would only spend two to three days a week doing surgeries but you could do one surgery one day and five surgeries the next because the intensity really varies some cardiovascular surgeries are super long up to 12 hours.


How much are Neurosurgeons paid in Canada?

The average salary for a Neurosurgeon is $525,347 a year and $253 an hour in Canada.

How much does a starting neurosurgeon make in Canada?

The entry-level neurosurgeon salary starts at $73,203 per year in Canada.

How much do neurosurgeons make a month in Canada?

A neurosurgeon in Canada makes $19,817 a month.

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