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Average Salary of NBA Athletic Trainers in 2022 is $ 55,767 a year.

nba Athletic Trainers salary

The Average Salary of NBA Athletic Trainers in 2022 is $ 55,767 a year. The highest-paid NBA Athletic Trainer earns $ 61,900 and the lowest-paid trainer makes around $ 54,840 a year.

NBA Athletic Trainers Salary 2022:

Less than 2 years$ 54,840
More than 2 years$ 55,767
More than 5 years$ 61,900

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How Much Do NBA Athletic Trainers Make?

NBA athletic trainers make a good sum of money in a year, their job includes spending time with the world’s best athletes in the world. But, what is– they spend time with the most famous and successful athletes in the world. But, how much do athletic trainers get paid in the NBA?

The NBA players are one of the best-paid athletes in the world and earn more salary than an average American. Their daily salaries are higher than a monthly national average salary. These skilled professionals have to invest a lot of time in their physical activities so that they remain fit and healthy and perform well during the games. The training of the NBA players is tough and they have to spend hours in the gym preparing for the regular game on a daily basis.

However, these players don’t perform exercises without any supervision, they have big teams working behind them which look after their activities. These people are trainers, an NBA athletic trainer plays a vital role when it comes to preparing players for the game. They assist the players in performing different skills and exercises without causing any harm to their bodies. NBA athletic trainer jobs are quite tough but their annual salary is worth it.

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What is the NBA Athletic Trainers Salary in Different States of the US 2022?

States Annual Salary
Hawaii  $61,900
Columbia $61,650
New Jersey $60,730
Texas $58,340
Massachusetts $58,230
California $57,990
Connecticut $57,620
Rhode Island $56,890
Vermont $55,380
Oregon $55,150
Minnesota $53,650
Virginia $53,290
Colorado $52,780
New York $52,750
Arkansas $50,980

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What is the NBA Athletic Trainers Salary?

NBA head athletic trainer salary for lead trainers is hefty as they stick with players all the time and at the end of the year, they receive a big-fat paycheck but it is important to be part of the same social category. But, the question remains how much do athletic trainers make in the NBA?

On average NBA athletic trainers’ salary is $55,767 annually. Around 25% of all NBA athletic trainers earn the same amount yearly, whereas 75% of the trainers earn $56,200 per year. For the top-level NBA athletic trainers salary is more than the average salary of an NBA athletic trainer.

Having a personal trainer or private lessons will cost more. For example, if you wish to learn in private an athletic trainer can take as much as $68 per hour. The range of an NBA personal trainer salary can be between $34 and $167 depending on the instructor, the type of lesson, and the practice location. As compared to the NBA the NFL athletic trainers can make up to $56,180, but this can also vary according to the team and location.

Final Thoughts

The athletic trainers are the key in keeping the players fit. The work on preventing injuries and ensuring they don’t get injured in the first place. The job of a trainer is a tough one, especially in a popular league like NBA, these trainers have to be well aware of what’s going on with the player’s body so that the games run smoothly. With all these tasks the NBA athletic trainers salary is decent and well enough to make a living out of it.


How much is an athletic trainer’s Salary?

As of January 2022, the average athletic trainer salary in the United States is $50,928. However, the range typically falls between $46,620 and $56,161.

How much does a trainer in the NBA make?

An NBA alethetic trainer can make from $55,000 – $56,000 per year. However, the salary depends on various factors.

What is the highest paid athletic trainer?

According to the numbers and stats, ZipRecruiter is the highest-paid athletic trainer making as low as $21,500 and as high as $76,500.

How do you become an NBA athletic trainer?

To become a certified athletic trainer in the NBA, a student must pass graduation and have a bachelor’s or master’s degree from an accredited professional athletic training education program. Moreover, he must pass a comprehensive test by the Board of Certification (BOC).

What do athletic trainers do in the NBA?

The primary job of an athletic trainer in the NBA is to provide specialized health care and fitness training, and critical support services to the players.

How Much is the Athletic Trainer Salary?