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Average Google IT Support Salary in 2022 is $ 58,713 Per Year.

Google IT Support salary

Average Google IT Support Salary in 2022 is $ 58,713 Per Year. The maximum given to Google IT Support is $ 83,000 per year. While, the minimum salary given to them is $ 28,500 per year.

Google IT Support Salary 2022:

Less than 2 years$ 28,500
More than 2 years$ 58,713
More than 5 years$ 83,000

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How Much Does an IT Support Specialist Make?

Google IT support professional salary is quite reasonable and good. The top earners are getting a professional salary of 64,000 dollars annually, 5,375 dollars monthly, 1,249 dollars weekly and 31 dollars hourly. The 75th percentile is getting the IT support pay of 54,000 dollars annually, 4,541 dollars monthly, 1,048 dollars weekly and an hourly wage of 26 dollars. The average Google IT support salary is 48,713 dollars per year, 4,541 dollars per month, the weekly wage is 936 dollars and hourly pay is 23 dollars. The 25th percentile is getting the IT support job salary of 39,500 dollars per year, 3,291 dollars per month, 759 dollars per week and 19 dollars salary per hour. It is recorded that the IT support average salary on March 25, 2022, is calculated to be 48,713 dollars per year. The maximum information technology support specialist salary is recorded to be 73,000 dollars per year, while the minimum information technology support salary is 23,500 dollars per year. This is a huge difference that depends upon the year of experience and the skills a person possesses.

What is the Description of a Google IT Support Certificate?

Google IT support is actually a technical support program. In this program, one learns to deal with the technology products and services related to technology. In general, Google IT support provides help regarding technical products. They provide help with the services of the products they offer. They can also provide training regarding the product services. The google IT support professional certificate is an entry to the IT career. By doing this profession, one gets the specialization in information technology (IT). This field involves the making of a new whole computer, installing an operating system, system administration and security, network dealing and troubleshooting. This job makes the person involved with google and he continues to grow with Google. There is a company known as Grow with Google, it was launched in 2018, it gives different job training opportunities globally. It gives exposure to the people in the IT field. Google IT support salary is also very reasonable. The google IT support professional certificate provides people with a strong degree. IT support is a high-paying and high-growing field. A google IT support professional salary in 2019 was 55,000 dollars every year. On the other hand, the median google IT support specialist salary was 40,000 dollars for all the workers.

What is Google IT Support Salary in the Cities of U.S?

Cities Annual Salary
Redwood City, CA $ 60,145
Napa, CA $ 59,631
New York City, NY $ 56,854
San Mateo, CA $ 56,854
Boston, MA $ 54,298
Juneau, AK $ 54,292
Berkeley, CA $ 53,919
Newton, MA $ 53,891
Daly City, CA $ 53,766
Santa Monica, CA $ 53,667

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What are the details of the Google IT Support Professional Certificate?

The google IT support professional certificate makes the person smart enough to make it ready for an entry-level IT support role in the time period of six months. This certificate makes the person master in the operating system and all the complex work related to operating systems.

The Google IT support professional certificate salary is also very high. The google IT support salary is very high. Google IT support jobs are very active these days across the globe. People are getting these jobs by taking just a certificate of IT support. The certificate gives a person the confidence to appear in the IT exam. The industry-standard certification of IT is a complex certificate both can be attained by doing the respected certificates.

The IT support certificate is a valuable program, it is recognized by some degree programs such as the University of London Bachelor of computer science. Coursera is also very involved in this IT program. It works and affiliates with the top universities and businesses to offer online courses, some without even any payment or fees. The Coursera google IT support review also enables people to do many online courses related to information technology.

Google IT support professional certificate jobs are also being offered by companies and online firms to earn better and live a better life. The cost of a google IT support professional certificate is 49 dollars per month. This should be paid after a seven-day free trial. If one completes five courses in six months then the cost of the course would become 294 dollars.

The google IT support professional certificate reviews are great. It actually involves five different courses that include video lectures, quizzes, and hands-on labs. This professional certificate is being offered by more than 100 U.S. community colleges.

What Courses are involved in IT support professional certificate?

There are five major courses that are being done by the people. By doing these courses the google IT support salary keeps on increasing respectively.

Technical support fundamentals

In this course, you will get to be introduced by the professional certificates. This will enlighten the learners to the knowledge of software and troubleshooting and dealing with the various software and hardware problems. By the end of this course, one will be an expert in computer dealings and its language.

The bits and bytes of computer networking

In this course, you will learn about the five layers model of computer networks and the standard protocol communication. This course will take six weeks to complete.

Operating system and you

In this course, one gets in more depth about the operating system and its uses and components. It also helps in managing software and configurations related to it. Learners get to know how the system operates and they use graphical views to solve all the IT-related problems.

System update and IT infrastructure services

At this level, of course, one becomes familiar with the computer that much, they can use more than one computer and work on it without any hesitation. They get to know how to manage information and technology. This course will take six weeks.

IT security 

It takes care of the security of how to safeguard the operating system and provides encryption algorithms. It authenticates all the work and adds security to the system. By completing this course, one becomes able to differentiate between the authentication to the authorization and identify various authentication systems and problems. This course takes six weeks to complete and after the completion of the course, one is considered as a professional IT support worker holding a special degree.

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What are the Highest Paying Cities?

There are ten cities that pay the highest to the people, the names of those cities are;

  • Redwood City, CA is giving the annual google support specialist salary of 60,145 dollars annually and 28.92 dollars hourly.
  • Napa, CA is paying Google IT support a professional salary of 59,631 dollars annually and 28.67 dollars hourly.
  • New York City, NY is paying an annual salary of 56,854 dollars annually and 27.33 dollars hourly.
  • San Mateo, CA is paying an annual salary of 56,854 dollars per year and 27.33 dollars every hour.
  • Boston, MA is giving a salary of 54,298 dollars every year and 26,10 dollars income per hour.
  • Juneau, AK is paying the Google IT support salary of 54,292 dollars annually and 26.91 dollars salary per hour.
  • Berkeley, CA is paying an annual salary of 53,919 dollars per year and 25.92 dollars salary per hour.
  • Newton, MA is giving an annual wage of 53,891 dollars per year and 25.91 dollars per hour.
  • Daly City, CA is offering an annual pay of 53,766 dollars and hourly salary of 25.85 dollars.
  • Santa Monica, CA is paying the google IT support salary of 53,667 dollars and 25.80 dollars per hour.

What are the Top 5 highest-paying IT jobs in the U.S.?

There are 5 jobs related to the field of information technology that are;

  • Director IT Operations are getting the annual google IT support the salary of 150,833 dollars annually and 72.52 dollars per hour.
  • Senior IT managers are getting paid 116,936 dollars annually and 56.22 dollars hourly.
  • IT risk specialists are getting paid 111,418 dollars annually and 53.57 dollars hourly.
  • IT directors are getting an annual salary of 106,655 dollars annually, and the hourly wage is 51.28 dollars.
  • IT security specialists have a Google IT support salary of 106,549 dollars per year, and the hourly wage is 51.23 dollars.

The IT support specialist salary range is from 150,833 dollars to 106,549 dollars per year.


Information technology support salaries have many important tasks such as managing the system software, hardware, troubleshooting devices, etc. they also have to deal with the system problems such as bugs, debugging, and program requirements.

They also ensure the security of the system and make it ready to use for the customers. They create the designs and develop servers that help in wireless setup and personal devices. Basically, the Google IT support salary is 82,724 dollars every year. The bonus adds up to 9,481 dollars per year. The stock bonus is also added which is about 5,315 dollars per year.

Adding all these incomes makes up the whole salary of 84,523 dollars per year. This amount is quite enough for a luxurious life and sustainable living. The demand for IT tech workers is increasing with every passing day. The employment level for the people of this IT support job has been increased thrice from the year 2002 to 2016. This demand of these professionals makes this career a great scope for the upcoming generation.


How much is the Google IT support salary?

In 2022, the typical salary for an IT support specialist at Google will be $ 58,713. Google’s IT Support can receive up to $83,000 in annual funding. However, they are guaranteed at least $28,500 per year in income.

How much does a Google employee earn in the USA?

Depending on experience and position, salaries at Google can range from around $40,000 per year for a Project Coordinator to $224,567 per year for a Head of Human Resources. Hourly wages at Google range from around $11 for a Cleaner to $77.14 for an Editor on average.

How Much Does an IT Support Specialist Make?

The maximum information technology support specialist salary is recorded to be 73,000 dollars per year.

How much does an IT Support Engineer in Google make?

IT support engineers at Google make an average of $107,436 per year.

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