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Average Software Engineer Salary in Toronto is C$84,231 Per Year

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It was calculated in 2022, that the Software Engineer salary Toronto on average is C$84,231 per year. To break it down for clarity, this amount earns $40.50 per hour. Furthermore, this equals earning C$1,620 a week, and C$7,019 a month. 

Software Engineer Salary in Toronto 2022:

Entry LevelC$43,559
Early Career (1-4 Years)C$82,814
Mid Career (5-9 Years)C$90,000
Late Career (10-20 Years)C$91,121
Experienced (20+ Years)C$105,221

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How Much Do Software Engineers Make in Toronto? 

It was calculated in February 2022, that the Software Engineer salary Toronto lies in the range of Canadian $63,998-$72,946. It must be noted that this package does not include any benefits, bonuses, or additional factors that may influence the total pay scale of a person.

On the other hand, it was calculated by March 25th, 2022, that the Software Engineer salary Toronto on average is $84,231 per year. To break it down for clarity, this amount earns $40.50 per hour. Furthermore, this equals earning $1,620 a week, and $7,019 a month.

Salaries in this particular field – similar to all fields – can rise and fall according to the qualifications, years of experience, skill, level, location, and the total work yielded by an individual. Therefore, ZipRecruiter has recorded the Software Engineer salary Toronto hitting the mark of $144,749 as the highest-paid salary and $41,691 as the lowest-paid salary.

Moreover, further calculations and records suggest that the majority of Software Engineers in Toronto earn in the range of $74,950 to $109,146. The Software Engineer salary Toronto that comprises the top 90th percentile is reported to have an approximate value of $129,758 per year.

What is the Software Engineer Salary by Job / Industry in Toronto?

Job Title Annual Salary
Senior Software Manager C$136,505
Remote Senior Software Engineer C$131,672
Software Engineer Iv C$127,569
Principal Software Engineer C$126,933
Principal Software C$120,492

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Over the years of growing technology, Computer Science has rapidly developed and expanded. In the midst of its expansion, it has branched out to several other careers, one of which is Software Engineering. Software Engineering focuses on building and developing computer systems software and application software.

Software Engineering as a career has been on the rise in the past few years, and is expected to see a further dramatic rise in the coming decade. It is predicted that Software Engineering will grow by at least 22% by 2029, making it one of the fastest-growing occupations in the world. To create a vivid picture for fair comparison – normally, the rate of growth of other occupations is 5%.

The demand for software engineering mainly stems from the need for qualified professionals for the increasingly diverse fields and industries. All emerging industries are largely based on mobile – technology and capital-backed start-ups. Therefore, trained personnel are needed for technological solutions almost everywhere nowadays. And with technology developing, so will the number of Software Engineers graduating.

How Much Do Software Engineers Make In Canada?

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The average salary of a software engineer in Canada is C$76,176 per year. However, the salary of a software engineer in Canada depends upon the years of experience as well. 5 stages determine the software engineer salary in Canada.

  • Entry-level
  • Early career
  • Mid-career
  • Late career
  • Experienced

An early career Software Engineer means having 1-4 years of experience, such engineers can earn an average total compensation that includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay of C$72,596.

A mid-career Software Engineer has 5-9 years of experience and makes an average total compensation of C$82,814 based.

An experienced Software Engineer with 10-20 years of experience earns an average total compensation of C$91,121 In their late-career meaning 20 years and higher, employees earn an average sum of compensation of C$102,114. However, the software engineer salary Toronto is a little higher than few of the states.

How Much Do Software Engineers Make in Canada? 

As the world’s demand for Software Engineers is on such an intense stage of advancement, so is Canada’s as one of the leading and prospering countries in the world. A huge array of industries depend on Software Engineering, hence, it is no surprise that Canada too has an enormous market for Software Engineers. The average salary of a Software Engineer in Canada is $74,000. Whereas, the entry-level average Software Engineer salary in Canada is $53,000. Just as in any other field, there also exists the top tier of workers in Software Engineering who earn more than the rest. The top tier that consists of the top 10% of Software Engineers in Canada earns around $100,100.

What is the Software Engineer Salary Toronto Based on Skill?  

Software Engineers having skills in various programming languages have different paychecks. These paychecks account for the value of each of these skills the engineers possess. The Software Engineer salary Toronto for those perfecting SQL is $82,512, and for Java is $81,023 on average per year. Python experts make a mean sum of $80,670.

However, skills that pay less in the Software Engineering Market of Toronto are JavaScript and React.js, paying on average $79,516 and $74,472 respectively.

What is the Software Engineering Technology Salary In Different Canadian States?

After discussing the average software engineering salary in Canada, it is now time to uncover how much do software engineers make in different states. Apart from Toronto, there are many big cities filled with people who have the potential and skills to become exceptional software engineers. Apart from the software engineer salary Toronto, we will discuss software engineer salary per month and yearly in different cities. Have a look at the list below:

Mississauga, ON

If we look into Canada’s population, Mississauga is the sixth-largest municipality. It is located in Southern Ontario, it lies on the shores of Lake Ontario. Also, It is an entity of the Greater Toronto Area.

The average pay for a Software Developer in Mississauga, Ontario is C$87,551 per year. that makes it C$ 8,205 per month. However, this pay can be increased if the skills like NET, Java, C++, C, and C# are enhanced as companies are in search of engineers who are good at them. So, a Software developer can earn between C$42,009 to C$88,321 yearly.

Vancouver, BC

Vancouver is located in the Mainland region of British Columbia. It is the eighth-largest municipality in Canada by population. Besides, Vancouver is named as one of the top five worldwide cities for livability and quality of life. Apart from software engineer salary Toronto.

Vancouver is also a good city for software engineers as their opportunities to get paid better are fruitful The average pay for a Software Developer in Vancouver, British Columbia is C$71,679 per year and C$5,974 per month. The salary ranges between C$50,000 to C$100,000.

Calgary, AB

Calgary is located in the Canadian province of Alberta and is the third-largest municipality in Canada by population. The economy of Calgary depends upon the activities in the energy, financial services, transportation, and technology sector.

A Software Developer in Calgary, Alberta earns an average salary of C$75,774 per year and C$ 6,314 per month. The skills like ASP. NET Framework is linked with high pay for this job. In short, Software Developers can earn between C$56,000 to C$98,000 yearly.

Toronto, ON

Toronto is the most populous city in Canada and the capital of Ontario. In Ontario, Toronto holds great significance as it is a population center. Toronto is the heart of international business centers and finance as well.

Skills like JavaScript, Python, React.js greatly affect the pay scale and are the most required skillset to determine software engineer salary Toronto especially. A Software Developer in Toronto, Ontario earns an average salary of C$80,300 per year and C$6,692 per month. And the average software engineer salary Toronto lies between C$56,000 to C$98,000 yearly.

Ottawa, ON

Besides, as of 2016, Ottawa is the fourth-largest city and the fifth-largest CMA in Canada and is the most educated city in Canada.

A Software Developer in Ottawa, Ontario earns an average salary of C$76,299 per year and C$ 6,358 per month. This amount can go at the lowest till C$53,000 and the highest to C$103, 000 yearly.

What are the Top 5 Best Paying Software Engineer Jobs And Their Salaries in Toronto?

Here you will find the top 5 jobs related to Software Engineering that pay more per year than a typical software engineer salary Toronto. Have a look at the roles and their annual salaries:

Senior Software Manager – C$136,505

Remote Senior Software Engineer – C$131,672

Software Engineer Iv – C$127,569

Principle software engineer – C$126,933

Principal software – C$120,492

It is vital to note that all of these jobs have a pay scale between $36,262 and $52,275 more than the average Software Engineer salary of $84,231.

How Much Do The Top 5 Best Paid Software Engineering Professionals Make in Toronto? 

The top 5 best-paid professionals discussed below fall under the category of Software Engineering. But, because of the position they proudly uphold, the paycheck that goes home with them is higher than what a paycheck of a regular Software Engineer looks like. The mean Software Engineer salary Toronto, unfortunately, has very little competition with these five job titles.

It is vital to note that the below-mentioned jobs are paid between 43.1% i.e. $36,262 and 62.1% i.e. $52,275 more than the mean Software Engineer salary Toronto.

The job title of ‘Senior Software Manager’ is ranked first on the list with an average annual pay of $136,505, breaking down to $65.63 per hour. Ranked second is the title, ‘Remote Senior Software Engineer’ bagging a mean annual paycheck of about $131,672, breaking down to $63.30. The one in the middle of the list ranked third, is ‘Software Engineer Iv,’ earning annually a handsome amount of $127,569, breaking down to $61.33 per hour. Last but not the least, very close behind the third position is ‘Principal Software Engineer’ making $126,933 on average a year, breaking it down to $61.03 an hour. Lastly, the bottom on the list makes $120,492 annually, with breakage of $57.93 hourly, is the title ‘Principal Software.’

What is the Gender Breakdown of Software Engineers in Toronto?

Software Engineering welcomes both genders to work within its parameters. Yet, there seems to be a very wide gap between the percentages of males and females found in this occupation. Men make up to 84.7% of the workers in this profession, while females account for 14.9%, 0.4% choose to self-define.

What Are The Requirements To Become a Software Engineer? 

Typically, Software Engineers graduate college with a Computer Science or Computer Programming Degree. However, during the course of time, with such diversity in education and career paths, ‘Software Engineering’ itself, has become a major in numerous colleges and universities. Henceforth, making majors in Software Engineering also a requirement that can be expected, and is likely to become more popular in the upcoming time. Education in broader Science subjects and Mathematics is also widely seen as a basis of this career.

Moreover, Software Engineers are anticipated to have a vast knowledge of programming languages such as Java, Python, and C++. HTML5, CSS3, and content management systems must also fall in the domain of their abilities. The extensive knowledge of Software Engineering also tackles the topics of software development, computer operating systems, and the skill to be able to apply their learned engineering principles to software creation. This allows Software Engineers to create customized systems for their clients as per need.

What Are The Added Benefits of Software Engineers in Toronto?

Most professions in the western world offer a range of benefits for their employees to help support them in better ways, and lure them into picking certain professions as their main guide through life.

Software Engineers in Toronto also have access to common health benefits. The health benefits consist of 80% of their medical coverage and 74% coverage on dental bills. Unlike many other professions, vision is also given a priority here and is granted 64% coverage.

What is the Comparison Between the Software Engineer Salary Toronto With The Salaries in the United States? 

Toronto, located in Ontario, Canada is one of the biggest cities that this country houses. It is one of the most diverse and progressing cities in the world, with many other cities in close competition with it. With that said, it would only be fair to compare the average Software Engineer salary Toronto with other big cities in the world. Before proceeding further, it is imperative to note down and remember that the average Software Engineer salary Toronto is $84,230.

Houston – one of the most diverse cities in the United States of America, more specifically located in Texas – reports an average salary of $105,278. Chicago, on the other hand, located in Illinois, pays its people a grand average sum of $108,769. However, Orlando in Florida falls behind at $98,247, allowing New York to take the rise of $116,544. Washington, close behind, pays $114,637. Los Angeles also falls in a similar range, totaling up to $112,500. Lastly, Boston is also known to pay its Software Engineers an average of $114,782 per year.

How Much Do Professionals Pursuing Similar Careers Earn in Toronto? 

As previously mentioned, the Software Engineer salary Toronto, on average accounts for approximately Canadian $84,000 a year. Also mentioned before – with growing development in technology, new fields and career options for individuals have drastically sprung up. A lot of these careers may seem to look the same on the outside, but, the details and specifics of each of these careers are very different. Therefore, it can be said with conviction that most of these careers are very much similar to each other, nevertheless, they happen to have their technicalities which differ them from other careers.

The highest-paid of these careers in Toronto, Ontario is a Back End Developer, who earns a mean amount of $96,012 a year. Having a small margin in between lays a Front End Developer, making $93,398 a year. A Full Stack Developer seems to earn an average value of $91, 786 annually, and a Software Developer makes $79,119 annually. In the range of 70,000s, a Developer earns $71,780 on average a year. And the least earning profession similar to a Software Engineer is Application Developer, being granted a paycheck of $67,530 per year on average.

What Do Software Engineers Do?

A software engineer applies the methods, principles, computer science, and engineering concepts to come up with software solutions. The starting point for software engineers is to create instructions for the computer and the systems, these professionals understand how the coding system works and also find the most efficient way to write it.

A software engineer develops software applications, performs the process of coding, debugging, test and troubleshoot the problems that occurred throughout the software development process. The amount of hard work software engineers put in their profession truly justifies their salary. People living in Canada must be searching for the worth of their engineering degree hence in this article we will discuss software engineer salary Toronto and other parts of Canada.

What are the Types of Software Engineers?

Before we move on to software engineer salary Toronto, it is time to discuss how broad the software engineering field is. Software engineers have different sets of technical expertise, from making computer information systems to maintaining network security. They are also responsible for creating customer-facing web pages. There are two primary types of software engineers

Application Software Developers

These engineers are client-focused as they create software for the end-users so that they can interact with it easily. They develop applications for almost all types of operating systems like windows, ios, android, and Linux.

Whichever software they release, the engineers also have to regularly update them. They work both front-end and back-end along with the graphic designers, project managers customer success staff, and marketers.

System Software Developers

Software engineers falling under this category have tough tasks to handle. They are responsible for creating operating systems and networks for user-facing applications and take care of both software and hardware needs.

System developers have to design and create IT standards. Moreover, they need to maintain the IT documentation and update the new technologies. These engineers mostly work back-end along with data science professionals, development teams, and senior management of the firm.

What are the Educational Requirements To Become A Software Engineer? 

There is no doubt that software engineers or developers are highly intelligent people who use their technological skills to create strategies for problem-solving. Like any other country, people residing in Canada can professionally get in this field by completing their degree and then look for a suitable job. The better the skills, the better the pay scale will be in different states including software engineer salary Toronto.

After you’ve completed high school, you need to get enrolled in a computer science program or a software engineering program. It will help you give a better understanding of software architecture, software testing, coding, and programming. If you attend full-time, software engineering is to be completed in 4 years.

After getting your hands on the degree, an internship is an important part as it helps to gain real-world experiences. Multiple organizations let undergrads develop and enhance their existing skills related to software engineering.

This completes the requirement for getting a software engineering degree, the next step would be to apply to any organization as an entry-level software developer. In Canada, there are multiple opportunities to get hired as an entry-level software engineer but the software engineer salary Toronto and other parts of the country make vary due to the importance of location and how much the state is technologically advanced.


Becoming a software engineer is itself a tough task, but the software engineering technology salary in Canada makes it all worth it. Not only the location but the experience and the skillset also play a great role to determine your average annual salary. The jobs related to software engineering will also help you mint more money if you are well qualified and have vast hands-on experience.


Does software Engineering pay well in Canada?

A typical full-time software engineer in Canada makes between $75,000 to $100,000 per year.

What is the highest salary of software engineer in Canada?

The possible highest salary a software engineer can make in Canada is up to C$111K.

How much are software engineers paid in Toronto?

The average salary of a software engineer in Toronto is $85,810 per year.

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