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Average Mckinsey Associate Salary in 2021 is $168,169 Per Year

Mckinsey Associate Salary

The Average Mckinsey Associate Salary in 2021 is $168,169 Per Year. The Average Mckinsey Associate Salary ranges from  $50,000 to $205,000 Per Year. The bonus of $10,000 to $12,000 is separate.

Mckinsey Associate Salary in 2021:

Less than 2 years$80,000
More than 2 years$132,000
More than 5 years$185,000

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Mckinsey Associate Salary by Job Title:

Job Title Annual Salary
Executive Assistant $76,313
Management Consultant $149,682
Research Analyst $100,246
Data Scientist $143,605
Senior Business Analyst $119,622
Engineer Manager $141,129
Software Engineer $117,475

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Mckinsey Associate Salary Report says that the 2020 Consulting Salaries Report Management Consulting salaries. So, big news for this is that we’re seeing a lot of firms at the $90,000 level. Bain & Company, BCG, and PwC are all at the $90,000 level for their 2020 salaries. Interestingly, Parthenon-EY decided to make a little bit of a statement by bumping up above the $90,000 level. McKinsey just kind of chillin’ in its McKinsey-ish way at $87,000. So you see a lot of hovering around that $90,000 mark.

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