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Average Goldman Sachs Associate Salary in 2021 is $122,748 per year.

Goldman Sachs Associate Salary

The Average Goldman Sachs Associate Salary in 2021 is $122,748 per year. Their salary range is from $59,562 to $258,303 Per Year. The top earners are getting paid in 6 digits while for the beginners the salary is 5 digits.

Goldman Sachs Associate Salary 2021:

Entry Level$59,562
Early Career (1-4 Years)$76,748
Mid Career (5-9 Years)$85,976
Late Career (10-20 Years)$124,303
Experienced (20+ Years)$204,876

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Goldman Sachs Associate Salary by Job Title:

Job Title Annual Salary
Investment Risk $136,669
Director Investment Banking $129,346
Goldman Sachs Machine Learning $120,981
Investment Officer $115,110
Business Analyst Investment Banking $113,734

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 The front office divisions tend to get or earn the most money if you’re a graduate and you join the front of this area of an investment bank. Now the investment banking division the base salary tends to be the same for all front office divisions across the industry  50,000 dollars is going to be around sixty-four thousand dollars so the ballpark figures are similar across the region.

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