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The Average Maritime Lawyer Salary in 2022 is 118,500 USD a year.

Maritime Lawyer Salary

The average salary given to a Maritime Lawyer is roughly 118,500 USD a year. The maximum and the minimum salaries are given to them are in the range of 47,400 USD to 143,500 USD per year.

Maritime Lawyer Salary 2022:

Less than 2 years47,400 USD
More than 2 years118,500 USD
More than 5 years143,500 USD

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How Much Does a Maritime Lawyer Make?

The average maritime lawyer salary is 118,500 USD a year. However, this salary is bound to vary with location, job position, education, and years of experience.

The maritime attorney salary ranges from 47,400 USD to 143,500 USD. In the given range, the salary of a maritime lawyer in the 25th percentile is roughly 68,00 USD and in the 75th percentile, it is approximately 135,000 USD.

What is the Maritime Lawyer Salary in different cities of the US 2022?

City Annual Salary
San Jose, CA $102,799
Oakland, CA $101,731
Tanaina, AK $101,315
Wasilla, AK $101,314
Hayward, CA $99,810
Seattle, WA $99,204
Concord, CA $98,981
Sunnyvale, CA $98,473
Santa Cruz, CA $97,449
Seaside, CA $96,292

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Maritime Law is not so popularly known; nevertheless, it does have a key role in the implementation of certain laws.

What Does a Maritime Lawyer Do?

As the name suggests, maritime law is concerned with the proper treatment of sea waters and the biological creatures in them. It works to ensure the proper safety of the water and its inhabitants by calling for legal action against possible threats.

Similarly, a maritime law job entails drafting agreements in the court to protest the disruption of the sea waters and their creatures by marine vessels and crafts, toxic waste, and human activities.

How To Become a Maritime Lawyer?

After finishing law school and passing the State’s Bar Exam, an aspiring maritime lawyer can attempt to earn a certificate in maritime law as a part of their education. However, as a part of law school only, one should try to take courses such as Marine Insurance, Marine Pollution, and International Law.

A good way to start one’s career would be to apply to firms specializing in maritime law to learn skills from experienced lawyers in the field. This will help one advance and better themselves to earn a higher maritime lawyer salary.

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What is the Maritime Lawyer Salary by Location?

How much do maritime lawyers make has an impact from the city or the state one is practicing in as well. The average salary of a maritime lawyer in common cities of the United States are:

  • Houston: 151,000 USD/year
  • Los Angeles: 164,000 USD/year
  • Boston: 153,000 USD/year
  • Baltimore: 98,000 USD/year
  • Seattle: $125,000 USD/year
  • Washington: $160,000 USD/year
  • New Orleans: $106,000 USD/year

Needless to say, maritime law is not a well-known specialty of law; but, it fights for a greater purpose besides humans, and gives its respondents a decent maritime lawyer salary!


How much does a maritime lawyer make in UK?

The average salary of a maritime lawyer is £60,000 per year in the UK.

What is the average salary of a maritime lawyer in the US?

The average salary of a maritime lawyer is $118,500 per year in the United States.

How do I become a maritime lawyer in the US?

To become a maritime lawyer in the US, most states require you to graduate from an accredited law school with a Juris Doctorate or J.D. degree, pass state bar association exams, and have and maintain a license to practice law in that state.

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