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Average Salary of an NBA Towel Boy in the US is $ 55,000 Per Year

nba towel boy salary

Average Salary of an NBA Towel Boy in the US is $ 55,000 Per Year. The maximum salary given to an NBA Towel Boy is $90,000 and the minimum salary given to them is $30,000 Per Year.

NBA Towel Boy Salary in 2022:

Less than 2 years$30,000
More than 2 years$55,000
More than 5 years$90,000

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What Is The Job Of An NBA Towel Boy?

The duties of an NBA towel boy are quite evident from its job title. These individuals do the same work as waterboys. Running around the court and providing the players with water and dry towels to wipe off their sweat is what they should look after. The players must not remain dehydrated and sweaty as it can affect their performance during the game.

Apart from that towel boys also assist the players during the exercises, boost their morale and stay by their side when they enter the court. An NBA towel boy job requires extensive physical exertion as they are assigned plenty of tasks throughout the game. Of course, they don’t earn much as the players and coaches do, but an NBA towel boy salary is decent enough to make a living out of it.

How to Become an NBA Towel Boy?

Before applying for this position you must have the required skills and experience to perform this job. As the applicants have to go through a set of procedures that includes interviews,  having knowledge about the NBA is a must.

The procedure is the same as applying for different positions such as a ball boy or a floor cleaner. The job of an NBA towel boy may be tiring but as long as there is passion, you can overcome this feeling. Besides, being an NBA towel boy gets you a chance to meet your favorite players. It requires being passionate, and willingness to work. Plus, completing the given tasks and responsibilities are also some of the qualities that an NBA towel boy must have. Before you decide to become a towel boy you must have a keen eye for details so that you perform better at the job. Reading and hearing about your area of interest will get you a better status as a towel boy and hence your salary as an NBA towel boy will be set accordingly.

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How Much Does an NBA Towel Boy Make In a Year?

Before coming directly to a nba towel boy salary, it is important to know regarding NBA ball boy salary. On average an NBA ball boy earns $52,000 in a year. Ball boys are young individuals who run around the court during the matches for retrieving and giving the balls. A ball boy earns $9-$13 on an hourly basis. The salaries of the employees might be low or high according to the team they are working for.

The salary of an NBA towel boy ranges between $55,000 – $60,000 a year. There is a difference in their income as some of them are new in this field while others have an advanced set of skills. Those towel boys who have more experience will have higher authority in the NBA games, similarly, their salary will also be higher. Individuals who have spent enough time with the teams, their salary will progressively grow over time. The process is slow but it requires time and patience. The job of a towel boy is tough and requires a person to be good in shape and have physical strength so that they can run around the court swiftly.

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Most people think of an NBA towel boy as a low-level job, little do they know the perks attached to it. Besides the dedication and activeness required for this position, these boys enjoy being close to the players all the time during the game. They play a huge role in taking the game smoothly till the end. From boosting the confidence of the players to ensuring they aren’t sweaty all come under the umbrella of an NBA towel boy job and so an NBA towel boy salary is set accordingly.

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