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Average Product Manager Salary in 2022 is $198,742 Per Year.

Google Product Manager salary

Average Product Manager Salary in 2022 is $198,742 Per Year. The maximum salary given by google product manager is $525,000 Per Year. While the minimum salary given to them can be $ 38,000 Per Year.

Google Product Manager Salary 2022:

Less than 2 years$ 38,000
More than 2 years$ 198,742
More than 5 years$ 525,000

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What is Average Software Product Manager Salary At Google?

On average a Google product manager salary in the United States is $198,742. This comprises a base salary of $15,857 along with a bonus of $39,985. The additional amount can be commission sharing, stock bonus, or any other tip.

This salary is $82,768 greater than the US average of software product manager salaries. This makes the hourly wage of $76.69 for a Google product manager and there are approximately 900 managers working in the Google offices.

Who Is A Product Manager?

A person who identifies the larger needs of the people and develops products accordingly for the organization is called a product manager and this professional job is known as product management. Product managers work with a team of specialists, researchers, and analysts to turn the organization’s vision into reality.

The job of a product manager revolves around working with outside stakeholders, define the product. Service vision and describe what success will look like. Moreover, they own a vision and work on a conceptual level. Such people are well-compensated for their services.

What is Google Product Manager Salary on Different Levels?

Levels Annual Salary
Associate Product Manager L3 $128,000
Product Manager 1 – L4 $149,000
Product Manager 2 – L5 $175,000
Product Manager 3 – L6 $206,000
Senior Product Manager – L7 $241,000
Group Product Manager – L7.5 $253,000
Director – L8 $303,000

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What Does A Product Manager Do At Google?

Google is one of the biggest internet-based companies and they hire the best of the best product managers in the country. At Google one doesn’t need to have a Bachelor’s degree but it is a plus point for those who have it. Product managers working at Google have extensive experience in software development, software engineering, and computer science.

Google product managers take responsibility for all the Google products and their respective teams. Google product managers are also called software managers because they are responsible for handling different software and this is why most product managers are software engineers.

People heading the Google headquarters assign the product managers a specific product or company. These managers work alongside, operation managers, marketing managers,  project and senior project managers. As a manager, the teams they work with usually look up to them to pave the way to success.

A Google product manager is responsible for managing the software product development. Prior to the launch of any new product, a Google PM is responsible to test out those products and features, they also gather feedback, analyze trends and consistently try to improve. All these services usually come with a good pay scale, hence a google product manager salary is typically higher than the national average.

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Does Gender Discrimination Exist When It Comes To Google Senior Product Manager Salary?

Unlike most companies, there is no gender-based gap in google product manager salary. The pay scale depends upon the manager’s experience and location. However, the gender breakdown is mentioned below:

  • Male product marketing managers – 63.2%
  • Female product marketing managers – 31.5%
  • Male-product marketing managers – 5.3%

The total salary of a Google product manager solely depends on an individual’s experience and how many years’s the employee has been associated with Google. The efficiency they show while managing the products and their location of the Google offices.

What is Product Manager Salary Range At Google?

Google has a wide variety of products and hence requires numerous product managers to work on because every product demands different expertise. This is why a google product manager salary varies extensively.

Approximately, a Google product manager salary ranges from $44,000 to $270,000. Most salaries fall in the range of the national average, but Product managers working at Google have notable experience in their field, this is why a google product manager salary is noticeably higher than the national average. Likewise, the additional compensation or bonuses also range between $32,000 to $135,000.

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What is the Average Google Product Manager Salary With Respect To Experience?

For your convenience, we have listed the Google pm salary ranges according to the years a manager has been associated with Google as a product manager. Have a look below:

0-1 Years: A Product manager starting salary at Google is $156,354, this pay scale is for entry-level employees. The salary varies from $82,000 to $251,000.

1-3 Years: The average google product manager salary at this stage is $146,770 and is lower than the entry-level one. The salary range also drops, ranging from $82,000 to $204,000.

4-6 Years: Due to escalation in experience, there is a significant rise in the average salary and jumps to $160,913. The salary ranges between $102,000 and $249,000.

7-9 Years: With a slight bump, the average is at $165,158, and the salary range is $132,000 to $210,000.

10-14 Years: A product manager at Google with this level of experience can make up to $195,642, and the salary range is typically between $158,000 and $240,000.

15+ Years: Google product managers with 15+ years of experience can earn an average salary of $195,253, and the pay scale varies from $120,000 to $271,000.

What is Product Manager Salary By State?

According to the statistics, the highest Google product manager salary can be found in Silicon Valley. A Product manager San Francisco salary has an annual mean of $238,000 making the hourly wage $114.4. Below are the countries that are next in line after San Francisco.

  • Palo Alto
  • Mountain View
  • Seattle
  • Boston
  • New York

What Are Levels At Google?

At Google, the job levels are denoted by the letter “L” along with the number. These levels signify how experienced a team member is. The levels range from L3 to L8 while L3 being the lowest level. The levels in the company decide a  google product manager salary. Below are the titles which the employees receive on different levels:

  • L3 – Associate product manager 1
  • L4 – Product manager 1
  • L5 – Product manager 2
  • L6 – Product manager 3
  • L7 – Senior product manager
  • L7.5 – Group product manager
  • L8 – Director

What is Google Product Manager Salary On Different Levels?

Along with the expertise, the levels at Google play a vital role in deciding the salaries of the product managers. When an employee gains experience and is promoted to an upper position, their level automatically increases. Have a look at a product manager’s base salary on different levels:

  • L3 – $128,000
  • L4 – $149,000
  • L5 – $175,000
  • L6 – $206,000
  • L7 – $241,000
  • L7.5 – $253,000
  • L8 – $303,000

Similarly, the additional compensations like bonuses also vary on different levels; these benefits range from $21,000 to $99,000.

How to get an Internship At Google?

Everybody dreams to work at Google and what’s a better opportunity than being an intern at Google. According to research, it is more difficult to land as an intern at Google as compared to getting into Stanford or Harvard. The number of applications they accept every year ranges between 2% – 5%.

Google offers internships in various departments, one needs to identify what role they are suitable for and then apply. Google also offers internships in product management, they have minimal requirements to become eligible for any role. A Google product manager internship requires a person to be pursuing a bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D. in computer sciences or any other related field.

The next step is to focus on the CV by making it concise, and catchy and mention the key skills and achievements, this creates a good impression on the hiring authorities. Next, you send in an application and wait for the interview call. It is a tough task to pass the interview and this is why it requires research, practice the answers to their possible questions, etc. Once a candidate successfully clears the interview, the hiring committee reviews the applicants’ applications. On the basis of the application, CV, and interview performance, the company then hires you.

What is the Product Manager Pay Scale In Other Major Companies?

If you are wondering about the salaries in different major companies, below we have compiled a list for you to get an idea about how much Google pays to their product managers:

  • Microsoft Product Manager Salary: They pay an average of $131,000 to their product managers
  • Facebook Product Manager Salary: They pay an average total of $181,000 to the product managers working in their company.
  • Amazon Product Manager Salary: The product managers at Amazon can make up to $121,000 a year.
  • Uber Product Manager Salary: Product managers working at uber can earn an average total of $145,000

A Product Manager At Google – Is It Worth It?

After looking at the salaries at different major companies, we can confidently say that not only Google pays their employees above the national average, but they are also ahead of their competitors. People working at Google as product managers surely do have an edge as compared to other employees of other giant companies.

All in all, we mentioned all the benefits of working as a product manager at Google. Not only is the base salary good, but Google also offers their product managers a good sum of benefits like bonuses. We believe, getting hired by Google is hard but, once you make it into their company, you can have a flourishing career as a product manager.


How much are Google product managers paid?

Google’s product managers earn an average of $198,742 a year.

How much do senior product managers at Google make?

The average annual salary for a senior product manager at Google is $227,003.

What Does A Product Manager Do At Google?

A Google product manager is responsible for managing the software product development.

On what factors does product managers’ salary depend?

The product managers’ salaries depend on experience. More the experience, the greater will be the salary of the product manager.

What is the Microsoft product manager’s salary?

Microsoft pays an average of $145,360 to its product managers annually.

How much do Product Managers REALLY make at Google & Facebook/Meta?