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Average Day Trader Salary for the year 2022 is $80,081 Per Year

Day Traders Salary

The Average Day Trader Salary for the year 2022 is $80,081 Per Year. The maximum salary given to a Day Trader is $253,000  and the minimum salary goes to the lowest of $11,000 per year. This is a huge difference, people are getting much more than this by doing trade.

Day Trader Salary 2022:

Beginner (Less than 3 years)$37,500
Intermediate (More than 3 years)$80,081
Professional (More than 6 years )$150,000

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Day Trader Salary for the Cities of the United States:

City Annual Salary
Sunnyvale, CA $99,376
Santa Rosa, CA $96,116
Williston, ND $94,565
Manhattan, NY $94,315
Cambridge, MA $93,150
Arlington, VA $92,625
Dickinson, ND $92,058
Ketchikan, AK $91,714
Vacaville, CA $91,359
New York City, NY $90,637

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