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Average Salary of a Facebook Data Scientist $153,046 Per Year.

Facebook Data Scientist Salary

The Average Salary of a Facebook Data Scientist  $153,046 Per Year. The maximum salary given to a Facebook Data Scientist is $228,000 and their minimum salary is $63,000 per year.

Facebook Data Scientist Salary 2022:

Entry Level (0-12 Months)$63,000
Early Career (1-4 Years)$132,000
Mid Career (5-9 Years) $153,046
Experienced (10-19 Years)

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Facebook Data Scientist Salary in Cities of the U.S.:

City Annual Salary
New York City, NY $220,000
San Mateo, CA $180,057
Boston, MA $177,449
Juneau, AK $178,440
Berkeley, CA $155,901
Daly City, CA $165,681
Santa Monica, CA $150,538
Quincy, MA $140,217
Renton, WA $133,176
Mountain View, CA $120,705

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How much do data scientists actually make? I’ve seen a lot of different salaries out there on glass door today it said a hundred and twelve thousand dollars which means the average was 120,000. On pay scale, the average base salary was 95 000.

Then on levels.fyi, the median salary was 150,000 with a whopping 238,000 median salary. In the San Francisco bay area which is honestly giving salary of four hundred thousand dollars. They accepted it so who knows but exactly how can we tell how much data scientists make definitely depends on the kind of company you’re at today.