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Average Salary of NBA Scout in 2022 is $ 35,382 Per Year.

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Average Salary of an NBA Scout is $ 35,382 Per Year. Their salary ranges from the maximum value of $ 70,050 to $ 17,930 per year.

NBA Scout Salary 2022:

Less than 2 years$ 17,930
More than 2 years$ 31,000
More than 5 years$ 70,050

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How to Become a Scout for The NBA?

To be an NBA scout, the individual must be a basketball enthusiast and must know about the NBA. An in-depth understanding of the NBA, and understanding of the rules and regulations will help the potential scout applicant to do well in the recruitment process. Additionally, an NBA Basketball scout should at least have a bachelor’s degree. Having a higher degree is preferred as it directly affects an NBA scout’s salary. Previous coaching experience is also a plus point.

When the NBA hires a new scout they look for qualities like integrity and honesty. These personal qualities help an individual to make better and unbiased decisions. NFL hunts for scouts that can make keen discernment and levelheaded decisions and work well under intense pressure. The scout must-have qualities of a leader, someone who has a charismatic personality who can inspire raw talent and transform them into their best versions.

What are the NBA Scout Salary in the Cities of the US in 2022?

Cities Annual Salary
Richmond, CA $41,164
Stamford, CT $39,821
Bellevue, WA $39,708
Lakes, AK $37,964
San Francisco, CA $37,954
Palmdale, CA $37,437
Santa Clara, CA $37,257
Hartford, CT $37,164
Pasadena, CA $36,992
Glendale, CA $36,715

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Basketball scots undergo the vigorous process as they are responsible for evaluating young and talented players, they disguise themselves and slip in the crowds in a way that no attraction is drawn towards them. However, the job they perform requires skills and a keen eye for detail. But, there are some things you need to know about NBA scout jobs and how much do they make in a year.

What are the Responsibilities of An NBA Scout?

An NBA scout’s job revolves around evaluating the basketball players and look for their strengths and weaknesses. The scouts keep an eye on the players from the day they start playing, starting with middle school and through the professional matches. But, they pay special attention to high-school and college players.

In search of talent, they travel all across the country and even abroad, this helps them in finding the best players for their team. To determine how well the potential candidate plays they examine their previous games. It helps them to decide whether the player is good for the team or not. The NBA scouts visit colleges and universities and find fresh talent. For example, a scout from Boston University will go to private and public high schools to find recruits, etc.

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How Much Do NBA Scouts Make?

The average National Basketball Association Scout in the US makes $35,382.Those who work for professional teams, colleges, and secondary schools can earn up to $45,000 a year. However, with time and experience, the NBA scout salary can go high as $70,500. The least scouts can earn is $18,000, these individuals work in elementary and public schools. Schools and other employees also offer bonuses and compensation to scouts who find good players for the team, these bonuses eventually add up to their yearly salary.


The scouting profession is a tough one as it requires to have exceptional skills to find the right talent. They should assess how far a young player will be able to grow and develop. Such skills are polished with time and hence an NBA scout salary is dependent on it.


What does an NBA scout do?

NBA scouts are individuals who are recruited to analyze the talent of the players and the preparation and plans of opposing teams.

How much do NBA scouts make?

An NBA scout will earn a median annual salary of $35,382 in 2022.

What is the NBA scout salary in Richmond?

The NBA scout salary in Richmond is $41,164.

What is required to be an NBA Scout?

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Passion for basketball
  • In-depth knowledge of NBA

How to become an NBA scout (Ft. Antonio Williams)