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Average Salary In Korea in 2022 is around 37.44 million won per year

According to the National Tax Statistics Annual Report 2020 issued by the National Tax Service on December 29, 2021, the per capita annual salary of Korean workers in 2022 is 27.91 million won (lowest) (approx. 34,400 USD), which is not far off from the average salary in 2021 of 37.44 million won (approx. 34,000 USD) and highest is around 40.36 million won.

Average Salary In Korea 2022:

Less than 3 years27.91 million won
More than 3 years37.44 million won
More than 6 years40.36 million won

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Average Salary In Korea 2022 by job titles:

Profession           Annual Salary
Executive Management            147 million won
Members of the Diet            140 million won
Maritime Pilot            126 million won
Surgeon            110 million won
Dental Surgeon            107 million won
Airplane Pilot         104.7 million won
Ophthalmologist        104.2 milllion won
Physician             95 million won
Korean Medicine Doctor         92.23 million won
Upper Level Civil Servant         92.01 million won
Financial Management 89.39 million won
Radiologist 88.53 million won
University Principals/ Deans 88.52 million won
Psychiatrist 87.83 million won
Otolaryngologist 87.70 million won
Plastic Surgeon 87.23 million won
Market Research Management 87.15 million won
Professor (Humanities) 86.22 million won
Lawyer 85.53 million won
Professor (Natural Science) 83.48 million won

in korea by law you have to have 15 days of annual paid relief i don’t know how many companies actually abide by the annual rules and yes i can say many koreans start to think we are working too much at the same time raising the issue of our work-life balance since then the government started 52-hour work week system that employ maximum working hour is 52 hours and a week push-up rule after setup time after 6 pm all the computer is set to shut costing vessels and they make around 100 11 000 usd let me know how this compares.