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cfl average salary

The average CFL salary cap is around 6,653,964 CAD per year and some of the experienced CFL can make up to  1,129,918 CAD annually. The minimum salary given to them is 81,605 CAD per year.

CFL Average Salary 2022:

Less than 2 years81,605 CAD
More than 2 years212,522 CAD
More than 5 years313,866 CAD

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How Much Do CFL Players Make in A Year?

The league doesn’t disclose its salary information, but they do publish the salary cap for every team. This is a helpful factor to determine the CFL player salary on average. The salary cap figure enables us to subtract it from the total number of players. For the year 2020, the salary cap was 6,653,964 CAD.

Like every other sport, the athletes in the CFL are paid according to their experience and abilities. Footballers who are experienced, are paid more than those who have just entered the league. For 2020, the minimum CFL player salary has been raised to 81,605 CAD for Canadian and American players. Meanwhile, the international players can earn 56,495 CAD.

Who are the Highest-Paid CFL Players in 2022?

CFL Players Annual Salary
Cody Fajardo 1,129,918 CAD
Mike Reilly 878,825 CAD
Trevor Harris 1,381,011 CAD

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Throughout the years, we have seen the CFL in an equivalent position as the American football league, NFL. But years ago, the Canadian Football League was known for being incapable of paying their athletes a good salary package. The CFL players had so little income that most of them needed off-season jobs to pay their bills. However, things have changed in the last few seasons.

Over the past several years, the CFL minimum salary has increased annually. But, the figures are not close to that of the players of the NFL, but they still manage to earn a six-figure pay or more per season.

Highest Paid CFL Players

According to the new contract, Cody Fajardo is one of the CFL’s highest-paid players. His base salary would be 313,866 CAD, along with 15,000 CAD in housing money and 2500 CAD travel allowance and incentives. He is expected to earn 1,129,918 CAD annually in the next season. B.C. Lions quarterback Mike Reilly, is also one of the highest-paid players and earns 878,825 CAD annually. Edmonton Eskimos quarterback Trevor Harris signed a two-year contract expiring in 2022 worth a reportedly 1,381,011 CAD, which can lead him to earn 690,505 CAD per season.

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What is the CFL Average Salary By Team?

As per the information of average pay of the CFL players of different teams in 2018. The CFL average salary for the Calgary Stampeders was about 125,546 CAD ($100,000). Players of the Ottawa Redblacks earned 1,167,582 CAD ($93,000). The third sport is taken by Saskatchewan Roughriders and the CFL average salary for this team’s player is 1,155,027 CAD ($92,000). The starting salary in the CFL for Toronto Argonauts is the lowest of all teams i.e 1,155,027 CAD ($92,000).

What are the Preseason and Postseason Payments?

The preseason pay is set for 659 CAD ($525) for the players who have been in the CFL for one year. The training period is for a minimum of three weeks. Players with a time of two years in the CFL are paid 784 CAD ($625) per week, while the players who have experience of three or more years receive 910 CAD ($725) per week.

What is the salary of the losing team in the CFL?

Not all the teams make their place in the postseason, if they do so, the players are guaranteed additional minimum payments depending on the performance of that team. From statistics of 2018, if the team qualifies for the semifinal division, each player receives a minimum of 4,268CAD ($3,400). The divisional championship enables the player of the qualified team to earn a minimum of 4,519 CAD ($3,600) minimum. The Grey Cup is another big title and the team who qualifies for this league championship game allows the winning team players to earn at least 20,085 CAD ($16,000) additionally, while the losing team players each receive at least 10,042 CAD ($8,000).

What are the Bonuses and Other Incentives CFL Players Get?

Apart from the yearly salaries, preseason, and postseason play, the CFL guarantees its players to receive bonuses and performance incentives. All of this money adds up to the CFL player’s salary. Additionally, the CFL players are also entitled to benefit from medical insurance and pension plans. From the 2018 data, each CFL team contributes 5,146 CAD ($4,100) into each player’s pension plan, according to the player’s contribution towards the game. The deals and events that the games accompany are also a part of the player’s yearly income. The valuable support of the fans makes the CFL players the stars for the season.

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Final Thoughts

The athletes in CFL have now started to earn a decent yearly salary. Other than the basic pay, the incentives and bonus per season also add up to their annual salary. Plus, endorsement deals and advertisements are also a source of income for athletes. The CFL average salary is easily calculated but the addition of bonuses and other payments makes their annual pay a mere estimation. The information regarding the CFL player salaries has not been made public therefore, it is a hindrance to quote the exact figures.


What is the CFL minimum salary?

The CFL minimum salary is from $65,000 to $75,000 by 2027.

What is the highest CFL salary?

The highest CFL salary is $550,000.

What is the average CFL salary?

The average CFL salary range is from $60,000 to $100,000.

How Much Do CFL Players Make?