Computer Programmer Salary Maryland in 2022

How Much Computer Programmers Make in Maryland in 2022

computer programmer salary Maryland

Most people assume that a computer engineer or a computer programmer makes a lot of money. While this may be partially true, the fact of the matter is that the salary a programmer makes depends on which state they are in.

Question is, how much does a computer programmer in Maryland make in 2022? Let’s find out together in this post.

Based on Data from Indeed, The Average Salary of a Computer Programmer in Maryland is $79,000.

average salary for a computer programmer in Maryland

Based on statistics on Indeed, a software developer, or a computer programmer in Maryland makes an average salary of $79,000 per year. This is the average based on the last 36 months.

The national average salary for computer programmers is $74,000. This means that if you work as a computer programmer in Maryland, you will be making more than the average salary for that position. Note that some computer programmers in Maryland make even as much as $90,000, with some making as little as $60,000 a year.

Programmers who reside and work within the Washington, DC area of Maryland earn more than those who work around the Baltimore area of Maryland. Those in Washington command an average $85,000 a year salary, while those in Baltimore make an average of $66,000 a year.

$75,510 is the median salary a computer programmer in Maryland can expect. However, these salaries can range from as low as $54,690 up to $119,690. The more seasoned and experienced programmers can make up to $140,000 a year!

This figure can, however, greatly vary depending on the experience you have, and your skill set.

Computer Programmer Salary Maryland in 2022

Generally, an entry-level computer programmer can expect to get paid an average of $60,000 a year. For the experienced programmer, you can expect to be paid an average of $100,000 a year. Remember that these figures will also depend on which part of Maryland you are seeking to work in.

Similarly so, a computer programmer in Maryland will most likely make more money than his peers in other states across the US. This is because there are many technology companies within Maryland, making it an ideal place to start searching for a computer programming job.

A $100,000 Salary is easy if you have the right computer programming skill set in Maryland.

Having a strong skill set in today’s economy is a great idea. Such a strong skill set can land you a well-paying computer programming job, easily attracting a six-figure income.

On average, a computer programmer makes $102,000 in Maryland. This is way beyond the median income of the state which is $75,000. This figure is also not just for the top earners, but also for the entry-level programmers who make an average $79,000 per year. That’s the bottom 25% of computer programmers in Maryland.

To get into computer programming, start with a bachelor’s degree in any of the computer science fields, software engineering, or even programmer analyst. This gives you an easy entry point into a high-paying computer programming career. And with the right skill set, you will quickly rise to be a top earner in the field.

Benefits of being a computer programmer in Maryland

How Much Computer Programmers Make in Maryland in 2022

Being a computer programmer in Maryland comes with a variety of benefits. To start with, Maryland is the home of many large organizations and businesses. These organizations rely on computer programmers for them to function properly. This alone creates a huge demand for good and skilled programmers.

Secondly, the state of Maryland offers several tax incentives. These tax incentives are aimed at benefiting companies that hire computer programmers. The company saves money from such incentives and so opts to hire programmers to enjoy this benefit.

Finally, Maryland hosts quite a number of renowned universities and colleges that offer training in computer programming. It is easy for someone living in Maryland to acquire the needed computer programming skills and therefore succeed in this field.

You can easily learn how much you can earn as a programmer within Maryland by speaking with local businesses and networking groups.

As mentioned earlier in this post, your earning potential as a computer programmer depends on your skillset, as well as your experience in this field. Your location also plays a major role in this. Earning an average of $84,000 annually is not uncommon.

Also, note that your earnings will vary depending on the programming languages you learn and the platform you work in. Remember to always factor in the living standards of the location you are seeking the computer programming job in within Maryland to ensure that you negotiate a fitting salary.

By speaking to the local networking groups and local businesses, you will get an accurate feel of how much you will get paid as a programmer in the area. You will also get a better and more accurate estimate of the salary different programming skillsets attract. A little research will go a long way to help you get better prepared for the computer programming job in Maryland.

Maryland is more expensive than most other states in the US. Do not forget to factor in the cost of living when considering a new job here.

computer programmer salary in Maryland 2023

The salary you get is only worth so much. Ensure you consider the cost of living before accepting that salary. Maryland, being more expensive than most other states in the US, demands that you ask for better pay for your services. This will help you comfortably meet the housing cost, transport cost, and healthcare in Maryland, all of which are more costly than most other places you may go to.

All said, there are some cheaper areas within Maryland that you can consider. Do good research before deciding where to work in Maryland so that you can make an informed decision.


It goes without saying that your salary depends on your experience within your industry. For instance, a computer programmer in the financial sector will most likely earn more than one who works in the retail sector. Similarly, if you have specific skill sets, they may attract better pay. some computer programming languages and software applications attract better pay than others.

Going into computer programming is a great choice for anyone who values job security and decent pay. It is great for the person who enjoys working with computers and loves coding. With more experience, you get to earn even more.

Bottom line is, although it is quite difficult to say the exact salary figure you will get as a computer programmer in Maryland in 2022 owing to the ever-changing technology landscape, you can be sure that what you will get will be near the average $85,000 a year projected for 2023. This figure will of course fluctuate depending on company size, your experience level, and the location you are in.

All said you can be sure that the demand for computer programmers will always be there, and that you will attract good pay within Maryland.