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Defense Attorney Salary in 2022 is around $132,932 yearly

The average Defense Attorney in the US makes $132,932 per year. The minimum salary for a Defense Attorney is $75,315. Defense Attorneys make the most in San Francisco at $165,005.

Defense Attorney Salary in 2022:

Less than 2 years$75,315
More than 2 years$132,932
More than 5 years$165,005

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Defense Attorney Salary in 2022 by states:

State Average Salary
Alabama 197,000 USD
Alaska 174,000 USD
Arizona 210,000 USD
Arkansas 178,000 USD
California 206,000 USD
Colorado 188,000 USD
Connecticut 185,000 USD
Delaware 174,000 USD
District of Columbia 173,000 USD
Florida 218,000 USD
Georgia 196,000 USD
Hawaii 170,000 USD
Idaho 172,000 USD
Illinois 206,000 USD
Indiana 199,000 USD
Iowa 186,000 USD
Kansas 189,000 USD
Kentucky 197,000 USD
Louisiana 181,000 USD
Maine 169,000 USD
Maryland 193,000 USD
Massachusetts 195,000 USD
Michigan 205,000 USD
Minnesota 197,000 USD
Mississippi 188,000 USD
Missouri 204,000 USD
Montana 165,000 USD
Nebraska 173,000 USD
Nevada 179,000 USD
New Hampshire 174,000 USD
New Jersey 204,000 USD
New Mexico 184,000 USD
New York 217,000 USD
North Carolina 194,000 USD
North Dakota 160,000 USD
Ohio 201,000 USD
Oklahoma 185,000 USD
Oregon 188,000 USD
Pennsylvania 211,000 USD
Rhode Island 175,000 USD
South Carolina 199,000 USD
South Dakota 163,000 USD
Tennessee 192,000 USD
Texas 207,000 USD
Utah 178,000 USD
Vermont 168,000 USD
Virginia 206,000 USD
Washington 207,000 USD
West Virginia 186,000 USD
Wisconsin 187,000 USD
Wyoming 160,000 USD

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the first thing that controls how much uh a criminal defense attorney might cost is how serious is the crime charged okay so if it’s a major felony like a rape or a felony assault or a crime with a weapon where we know that it’s likely the type of case that may have to go to a trial that’s a lot more work on a defense attorney so that’s going to cost a lot more money it would think that might cost you know 20 000 or ore on top of trial fees at least.